Do you still love me? I understand that I must have violated your trust as readers by getting your hopes up only to not follow through with my promises. You must be angry—you must hate me. I understand that also. But if you don't, and if by some small miracle you missed me, I'd like to tell you that I'm writing again.

I'm sorry I up and left. I'll tell you that life got too rough—it took three attempted suicides and two interventions for me to get here. And plenty of therapy.

But here I am. I've come into myself—I'm almost completely different. I've grown happier and I can now write with vigor, because I've regained my confidence and contentment in life! So here's how I ended up back on this site:

Basically, I was going through all my loose ends. I saw this and I remembered how wonderful a time I had here, how nice everyone is. I read the Twilight series in a new light and got swept up in it. I knew I had to come back and apologize.

But then I knew, when I started writing this message, that I didn't just want to apologize. I wanted to get back into it again. I want to throw myself into this community a second time, and hope that nothing can drag me down again.

So I'm going to be renovating my 4 most popular stories. The rest (besides my favorite One-shots) will be deleted. And I hope you guys are willing to forgive me.

I dearly apologize. I really do. I wasn't in my right mind then, but I'd like to think that I'm here now, 100 percent. I hope I can stay that way.

Anyway, I need to get working on my stories! I hope you don't completely hate me! Like, really, putting this out is really worrying me—but I owe it to you as an author and a person. Once again, I'm sincerely sorry for all the crap I pulled with you guys. You didn't deserve it, the loyal readers you are.

Can you forgive me?

Do you still love me?