Samantha Carter smiled down at her daughter, the familiar blue eyes wide and inquisitive, gazing around the room; her tiny fists curled into balls, the night light illuminating her dabble of brown hair. Sam hummed a tune, gently swaying her child back and forth as they sat together in the rocking chair. Michelle writhed and let out a wail of annoyance and impatience and her mother chuckled, placing a soft kiss to her forehead.

"You're so much like your daddy, aren't you sweetie?" She whispered, "Impatient and stroppy, but so very beautiful."

Michelle cooed and Sam smiled. She knew what her daughter was waiting for her mother to sing her to sleep. For every night since she was born a month ago, Sam had sung to her, soft lullabies like the ones her own mother had sung to her when she was a child, but tonight she had decided on a different one.

Jack had been arrested the day that his daughter was born and Sam hadn't seen him since; Landry was trying to keep her informed as much as he could but there wasn't much he could do. Daniel, Vala, Cam, Teal'c and Caroline had been visiting daily to check on her and the baby but Sam missed Jack so much that at times she didn't know if she could cope. She had no idea what was going to happen to Jack; after all, he did kidnap a boy and that could mean a jail sentence. Today was the first night that she had been able to take Michelle home, having had to spend the month in the infirmary, having tests done on them and her heart ached that Jack couldn't be there to see his daughter come home.

But she didn't want to think about that. Pushing those thoughts away from her mind, she glanced back down at her child and began singing.

"Your baby blues, so full of wonder. Your curly cues, your contagious smile."Sam began her voice soft and sweet as she touched her daughter's nose, Michelle smiling up at her. Sam returned it. "And as i watch, you start to grow up. All I can do is hold you tight."

Jack O'Neil stood at the door way, his arms across his chest as he watched his daughter and wife together, the gentle moonlight caressing them through the window and he was sure that in all his years, he had never seen such a beautiful sight. Of course, Charlie and Sara came close but there was something that had his heart swelling with possessiveness over the two in front of him. He knew that Sam was unaware of his presence, her back to him but Michelle was staring right at him, her tiny lips curved in that smile that was so Carter.

"But you will be safe, in my arms." Sam was singing, the words ringing so close to home. "Story books are full of fairy tales, of kings and queens, and the bluest skies. My heart is torn just in knowing you'll someday see the truth from lies."

For now, she wanted to give Michelle the best childhood she could even if she had to do it by herself. She would teach her about the wonders of the universe, the beautiful skies, the many moons and all of the people that had ever saved them but it was devastating to know that one day, her daughter will see the evil of the world, of the universe and there was nothing she could do about it.

Jack could hear the sadness in Sam's voice as she sung and he realised how much all of this was his fault; their child dying in the first place, and then the stress that he caused that induced premature labour of his daughter and all he wanted to do was hold them both, reassure them that he would never let them get hurt ever again.

"Castles they might crumble, dreams may not come true but you are never all alone, because I will always love you." Jack pushed himself off the door and wrapped his arms around his wife's shoulders, burying his head in her neck and he felt her begin to cry. He pressed his lips to her skin, so softly, so gently that her body shook with sobs. Without words, he took Michelle from her arms and placed her in the bassinet before turning back to Sam. She flung her arms around him, clinging to him as if life depended on it and he joined her in tears, his fingers combing through her tresses.

They stood together for what could have been hours but Michelle's cooing pulled them away from each other, Jack kissing the tears from his wife's cheeks.

"You're impatient just like your mother, aren't you munchkin?" He smiled, picking his daughter up into his arms and Sam laughed with a sniffle, laying her forehead against his, Michelle in between them.

"What happened?" She finally asked and Jack pulled back to look into her eyes.

"I retired; for good, this time. They gave me the option to retire and I took it."

Sam nodded in understanding and a smile slowly broke out on her face in both relief and happiness.

"I love you," She cried, tears springing to her eyes again and Jack kissed her with all of the passion he could muster.

"I love you too," he said breathlessly as they pulled away and he looked down at Michelle who had fallen asleep in his arms. Quietly, he put her back to bed, placing a gentle kiss to her delicate cheek before he turned back to his wife and without words; he took her hand and led her to their bedroom where they reacquainted themselves with each other again. There was still so much they had to hurdle over, like the terrible twos and the teenage years, but they were a family and they would get through it. After all, if they could survive the past two months, they could survive anything.


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