The club was so hot and stuffy; it was doing her head it. She feels her breath go short and shallow just like after really intensive Tuesday soccer trainings, but she masks it, twirling around playfully and posing her dark, lithe body for a wobbly camera. It flashes, temporarily blinding her round, sensitive eyes, making them water uncomfortably. Blinking it off, she looks around for a distraction to keep her entertained from her ever growing headache. Her eyes then catch a familiar flash of blond among the dark dance floor and her heart leaps to her slim throat.


His name tastes sweet, like honey on her shiny, bee-stung lips. His searching blue eyes travel through the smoggy atmosphere, like a radiating lighthouse on a foggy winter's day. They catch her own muddy brown ones and he smiles at her, beckoning her to come over and dance with him. She smiles back and like a panther towards its prey, slinks over to him, swinging her wild, mane-like black locks in what she hoped was a sexy manner.

They dance, their soccer-toned bodies flowing in a rhythmic trance. Keeping in beat with the trashy Euro Pop that was blasting continuously out of the invisible speakers, she gets sucked in, further and further into his lean, mesmerising figure.

But within a snap of a finger, she comes in, breaking the hypnotic trance and making it an awkward threesome. His attention flicks like a metronome on presto back and forth from the both of them and suddenly, the nauseating feeling comes back. Bile rushes up to her throat and she feels its acidic texture mix in with the two wines that she had stupidly consume earlier.

So like a petrified gazelle, she runs out of the smoky room and out into the cool, Germanic air. As time passes, she begins to recover, her heartbeat slowly but steadily decelerating. But a tap on her shoulder startles her, making her spin around a little too quickly. Before she could fall, a pair of strong arms catches her skinny shoulders, steadying her.

She looks up, and finds herself staring into the same, deep blue oceans that she had swum away from earlier. They search her dark, petite face, making her heart speed up again. Before the either of them knew it, they both lean in, closer and closer and closer and-

"How could you."

The icy voice cuts through the silent air, like sharp icicles and breaks the couple apart. Betrayal, disappointment, envy and distaste thickens the uncomfortable atmosphere, each one there for a different reason. But before the either of them could say a word of protest, sheleft as quickly as she came, along with her cold manner, leaving the contrasting couple behind deep in their own mess.

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