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The thick crack of her knuckles hitting Draco's pointy face proved to be more satisfying than she could have thought. She knew she'd pay for her actions but the opportunity had been so perfect and the look on his face so priceless that it didn't concern her much. She could deal with a bit of punishment if it's caused by such warm satisfaction.


She struggled against him fruitlessly. It would irritate him, she knew, it always did. Her hand slipped free from his grasp and she dug into his flawless pale flesh so hard she was sure she'd drawn blood. He ripped her hand from him and pinned it back down above her head. "You better stop, you filthy little mudblood bitch, before I petrify you and this becomes far less enjoyable for you." She stilled at his words, knowing they were true from past experience. It was one of the reasons she was so willing to hit him when he spouted all that filth. "That's better isn't it? I know you like it when I do this." He shifted his angle of penetration and her breath caught in her throat. He was wrong. She FUCKING LOVED when he did that. She'd never tell him. His ego was inflated enough. If she had a stronger will she'd be one less thing to pump him up.

"You hypocritical bastard. You know, I hate you on principle." I moved my hips to allow him better access. "You strut around school like you're better than everyone else and never shut up about your pure-blood status yet every time you can get me alone you fuck me like you can't get it anywhere else. You're a self-loathing, hypocritical prick. You and your like are the reason the world's gone to shit." She carefully rolled him onto his back so she could be on top and placed his hands on her pert breasts.

"You're this biggest hypocrite of us all aren't you Granger?" She paused at this and, for an instant, disappointment flashed across his face. "Do your friends know how easily you get slick and wet for me? Do the know you moan like a whore for me every time you get a chance? Do you tell them that you're a worthless dirty little tart with a taste from abuse or are you just the sweet innocent smart Hermione Granger for them?" He squeezed the soft tissue he held in his hands hard enough to force a whimper from her lips. She started to rock on him again, despite herself, as he continued to squeeze and release, every time digging into her skin and drawing moans and whimpers. It wasn't long before they both lay panting in each other's arms, hearts racing and skin slick with sweat and bodily fluids.