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Once Upon A Midnight Dreary…

Chapter One:


My name: Militia Conlon. What friends call me: Metal. What enemies call me: Smiley. Yeah, I have a weird name. I can trace my family back to the 1600's. We all have very strange names. I even have a great-great-grandma named Orianna. What kind of name is Orianna? So my little brothers name: Slip. My parents had been going through some kind of 1800's stage. My older sister's name: Goditha. Okay, I'd much rather have the name Orianna. My dad's name: Pouge. What the heck?! I know. And my mom…Drum roll please: Whitney. Yes, you read right. W-H-I-T-N-E-Y. So, Pouge, Militia, Slip, Goditha and…Whitney. She sounded so out of place, in my family of misfits.

Now on to my nicknames. So, they call me Metal because I like heavy metal music. Always head banging. I'm Metal Militia. My enemies call me Smiley because it doesn't matter if I'm mad at you I'm always smiling. Smiles all the way man. The only bad thing about that is if someone made me mad and I'm still smiling at them, they tend to make me even angrier, because they don't know how to shut up. So the second part of my Smiley explanation is; I will walk up to you, and it doesn't matter what you did, I will smile and then punch your lights out. I was given the nickname Smiley on January 4, 1994. That day my arch nemesis Jacquelyn, or Jackie, pushed my last button by stealing my last peanut butter girl scouts cookie. You don't want to steal my cookies. Naturally I gave her a bloody lip. Even now she calls me Smiley. It sorta stuck. I have awesome friends, all misfits like myself. My life was…Not perfect. Whose is? But it was fine. I'm a junior in high school. It was in the middle of the year when my family uprooted all of their children and decided to move to New York. I was forced to trade Sunnyside California, for gloomy, smog-induced Brooklyn New York. Lovely. In fact we were forced on a plane just a couple of days ago. We just arrived. Last night I spent my first night in my new home. Stupid, great-aunt-whatever-her-name-was, that left this stupid building/house for us. To try and make up for it my parents gave me the biggest room. It was huge. I am not exaggerating. My room could probably fit several bunk beds. It just so happened to be the coldest room too. Great. I rubbed my eyes and forced myself awake fully.


"I'M COMING!" I yelled back at her. Stupid morning. Came too dang early. I jumped out of bed and pulled a rumpled shirt over my head, along with gray skinny jeans, and black converse high-tops. The people at this new school would have to accept me as I am. Because I don't care what they think…Well that and even if I wanted to I, didn't have enough time to make myself prettier. I ran the long length of my room to the bathroom. I was out of breath when I reached it. The room was REALLY big. The bathroom was set up for several people, like a school bathroom sort of. There were lots of sinks. There were no mirrors. Not one. That's what drove me crazy. I need mirrors. I had a small mirror hanging up on the far wall. It was a hand held mirror, but it would do for now.

I ran to the mirror with a tooth brush in my mouth while tugging my brush through my vivid white blonde hair. That was the only feature I had gotten from my mother. She was tall and slim, with hazel colored eyes, and white blonde hair. I looked more like my dad. Acted more like him too. I had long waist length white blonde hair, stormy grayish-blue eyes (that on some occasions looked silver.) I was very short for my age, and small. Delicate looking. I hated it. My personality and my looks contrasted drastically. Yes I smiled a lot. But, if you made me REALLY mad, I'd glare at you. My mom says that my glare would scare the devil away. I think she's right. I spat tooth paste into the sink, chucked my hair brush onto a near by table, and bolted out the door, down the stairs and to the refrigerator. Ah, chocolate. Thank you world's finest candy bars. Thank you. I munched on my candy bar as I ran out of the house and down the street. My school was close enough so that I could walk to it. I arrived just before the bell rang. I slouched into my seat, and held my head down. No need to seek unnecessary attention.

"HEY WE HAVE A NEW GIRL!" I heard someone shout. So much for going by unnoticed. I glanced up to see, twenty or so kids staring back at me, just then the teacher walked in, saving me from the Inquisition.

"Good morning class!" A rosy looking older lady said cheerily. Her eyes zeroed in on me. I slid down lower in my seat, hoping that if I made myself small enough I could just disappear. "And who do we have here?" She asked smiling in my direction. I sighed and straightened up in my chair. I smiled back at her. Hey, they don't call me Smiley for nothing.

"Militia Conlon." I muttered to the class. One of the students raised their eyebrow at me.

"Ya mean likes as in, a city's govahnment militia?" A girl with dirty blonde hair asked.

"Yep." I said popping the P in that word. She looked at me skeptically.

"Do ya have a nickname?" She asked with a slight Brooklyn accent in her voice. I almost laughed.

"Sure." I said mysteriously. She waited a couple of seconds.

"Well…Awr ya gonna tell me it?" She asked sarcastically.

I leaned forward in my chair. "It depends on what you are to me. Are you a friend or an enemy?" I asked smirking at her. She pursed her lips for a second and shrugged. The other pupils were now talking among themselves, I obviously wasn't that interesting.

"Friend." She nodded confidently and stuck out her hand. I nodded slightly and grasped her hand in mine, "You do have a weird name. I'm Ransom Higgins." She said sending a perfect white smile my way. I nodded thoughtfully.

"Good. Then you can choose. Usually my friends just call me Metal. But sometimes they call me Smiley." I smiled at her. She shot me a quizzical glance. "Because whenever I get pissed off, I smile. My motto is: Fight now ask questions later. I'll punch someone's lights out with a smile on my face." I explained nodding again.

"Cool." Ransom Higgins smiled. I grinned back at her.

"Ms. Higgins, and Ms. Conlon, if you're done talking we could get started on class this morning." The teacher said looking at us sternly.

"Yes Mrs. Applebaum; we're finished. Sawry." Ransom apologized. Mrs. Applebaum's eyes softened.

"Very well. Now class I'd like to discuss Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven…" I didn't get to hear the rest of what she was saying because someone patted me on the back. Patted me on the back! Did they have a death wish? Seriously, did they? I twisted around in my seat, and came face-to-face with a brown curly haired girl, with chocolate brown eyes. I gave her a WTF look. She smiled and then looked away. I shrugged and turned back around.

"Could you answer my question Ms. Meyers?" Mrs. Applebaum asked firmly. The girl behind me gulped.

"Uh, could you repeat the question?" She asked her voice sounded like a little girls.

"I asked, 'What do you think the poem is about?'" She repeated. The girl swallowed again.

"Uhhhh, a…Bird?" Her voice rose a little on the last word making it a question.

The teacher frowned. "On the surface but, what was Poe trying to get across?" Mrs. Applebaum asked. I glanced around, no one raised their hand. "Ms. Conlon, do you know what it's about?" She asked hopeful. I chewed o my lip.

"Well, he talks about a woman, named Lenore, in a lot of it. So I'm guessing that he lost this Lenore and he was in love with her, and now he's hurting, and he's sorta trapped in his own mind, going in circles like a crazy person. Because he talks about the bird never leaving, so I think the Raven represents his grief and sadness." I muttered nodding to myself. Mrs. Applebaum's eyes were bright.

"Yes! Thank you Ms. Conlon! Take notes class; she nailed it in the bud!" She laughed happily. My eye twitched because once again all eyes were on me. I slid down further in my seat. "Okay class, we'll be working in groups today: Ms. Conlon, Ms. Higgins and…Both Ms. Meyers and Ms. Delancy will be working in one group…" I stopped paying attention after that. What kind of last name is Delancy? It sounded uppity…

"Oh, and Ms. Delancy, would you be so kind as to show Ms. Conlon the ropes?" Mrs. Applebaum asked.

A cutesy little girls voice sounded from behind me, "Of, course I will Mrs. Applebaum! You know how I love showing around new people!" Ms. Delancy said. Mrs. Applebaum nodded, but there was something off about the girls' voice. It held just the faintest smidge of sarcasm. To my left Ransom groaned. I turned to her raising an eyebrow in question. She shook her head and mouthed, 'Later.' I nodded. Then chairs were pulled up around my desk and the girl who was behind me nodded in my direction and then looked away quickly. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion. Then the girl with the weird last name sat down, and beamed a smile my way. It seemed fake.

"Hi! My name's Octavia Delancy! What's yours?!" She asked with a lot of peppiness. It was forced. I could tell. I blinked.

"Conlon…Militia Conlon." I mumbled. Hey, I give myself points for just responding to her. I mean, she was wearing a tank top, a skirt, barrettes, and dangling earrings, all of which were a lavender color. When Mrs. Applebaum nodded her head in approval, and walked over to another group Octavia turned back to me with a completely different expression on her face. It was malevolent. Whoa. Who flipped the switch?

"What kind of a name is Militia?" She sneered. I raised an eyebrow. I could say the same thing… "Okay listen, I run this school. And believe me, you want to be on my good side. If you push too many buttons I could ruin you. I could destroy you. But, I don't want to have to. I'd rather have you on my side." Her expression said otherwise. I started to smile. She was trying to order me around. I was a Conlon, no one ordered me around. It just wasn't…Natural. "So, anyways, if you stay out of my way, there wouldn't be a reason to destroy you. Okay?" All of a sudden the sweetness was back. She was switching moods so fast she was giving me whiplash. I glanced over at Ransom who was glaring at Octavia. I understood. This girl was a bully. She beat down the weak. I pursed my lips.

"Don't trust her. She's a bitch." Ransom muttered.

"Excuse me?!?!" Octavia growled. A fake innocent expression appeared on Ransoms face.

The Meyers' girl looked shocked. I had to press my lips together more firmly to keep from laughing. I knew by then my face was red.

"Oh, I'm sooo sorry Octavia!" She cried. Octavia looked taken aback.

"That's more like it." She muttered nodding.

A smirk settled on Ransom's face, "I forgot backstabbing. Again, sooo sorry your Highness." Ransom laughed. I restrained myself.

Octavia's face got red, and she turned to me, "What is your decision?" She growled, obviously so not amused by Ransom's little joke. I sure was. That should already tell you something right there.

I very carefully shook my head at her. Her eyes narrowed, "Very well then, Melody? Would you do the honors?" She asked the Meyer's girl. She looked around nervously, and was about to shake her head when she was kicked in the knee, and thus with a high-pitched yelp she pulled something, a string maybe? And with that, I felt something go splat on my head. It was wet. It ran down my face, and was the color of blood. It was only paint though. I closed my eyes, and pursed my lips. She was going to die. But not today. All of the class erupted in laughter, and my eyes snapped open as I stood up.

I bowed and then curtsied, "Thank you, thank you very much!" I said giving my best Elvis Presley impersonation, and doing one of his dance moves. The room went silent. Then applause surrounded me, as I smirked. Didn't work out quite how you wanted it to huh, Octavia? I thought as I saw her face. The look she gave me was priceless. I took mental pictures.

"Settle down!" Mrs. Applebaum admonished.

Ransom grasped my arm, "How did you not try to punch her lights out?!?!" She asked in awe.

I smirked, "It's all about the way you spin it!" I winked at her, "No matter how bad, or humiliating a situation is, it just depends on how you look at it!" She nodded in understanding. I smiled.

This was going to be a start to a beautiful friendship.

I could tell.


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