Crossings.To Face His Past

Aaron couldn't have timed it better. He and Ami sat down both exhausted on the couch in Aaron's basement. One to two minutes later Sabin came down arguing with Rei about something. Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa arrived a few moments after that and Usagi pointed to the couch. Ami was snuggling with Aaron, not because it felt good, but because the blanket wasn't too big and they were both rather cold. Usagi hadn't yet come to this realization and yelled, "Still working over there?"
Ami face flushed a smidgen, but Aaron shook his head, "Don't say a thing."
"Wait till Minako hears of this!" Usagi said in a devlish manner.
"Usagi, did you know that it's rather nippy down here?"
Usagi nodded her head, "Of course, that's why you two are snuggling under that blanket.trying to keep each other warm!"
Aaron smirked and said, "No, we're under the same blanket because it's the only one available right now, and the only way we both fit under it is if we huddle close together."
Ami sighed and her face fell through turning redder than usual. "She's right though Aaron, this spectacle is rather funny looking."
"Never thought you would crack so easily Ami," Aaron said with a sarcastic, but shameful voice.
Ami shook her head, "I'm not cracking, just telling a statement."
" anyways, how was the shopping?" Rei and Sabin were still making petty argument over something and Aaron raised his eyebrow. "Uhh.Sabin?" Sabin and Rei were in a world all to their own. "SABIN!!" Aaron yelled seeming to fill with anger.
Sabin looked over at Aaron and looked back at Rei, "Opps, sorry about that man."
Aaron lowered his head ashamed at his friend and said with a more soothing tone, "So how was shopping?"
"Good! Good, everything went smooth. You look like you had some fun there too!" Sabin said in a taunting tone.
"If you had listened to what I had told Usagi, instead of fighting with Rei like a three-year old, you would understand the situation!"
It was almost like Sabin wasn't even listening. Once again he and Rei were arguing, and Aaron simply sighed shaking his head. Yang, Crystal, Minako, and Makoto emerged into view descending down the stairs until they were within eye contact of Aaron. Minako narrowed her eyes and gave a sadistic grin. "More work to do?" she said very sleazy sounding.
Aaron growled and turned he head toward the TV. "Don't make me start Minako. I've had to explain it enough."
After a few more minutes everyone was in the basement of Aaron's house watching TV or just catching up on the latest gossip. Aaron was in the computer room talking to a few people online that he knew and make a laugh ever now and then. It was nearing 8:30 and the sun was starting to die out after having put in a hard days work. Aaron told his friends online that he had to head off, and shut the computer down. He stopped and looked at the blank screen. Here was where this whole situation had started about a week ago. Reflecting back on his choice he pondered whether having gone in was worth all the trouble that now came flooding into his life. His mind weighed the pros and cons of the situation when he felt a warm hand grab his hand. He broke from trance and looked to his right to see Usagi was smiling up at him. "Would you like to see the sunset?"
Aaron nodded and Usagi made a light giggle showing her appreciation. They headed up the stairs; outside to the deck where the sun still fought trying to keep it's head above the horizon line. "Tis a most beautiful site to see. Why didn't you and Mamoru enjoy this occasion?"
Usagi's face was a little flush at the thought and she replied, "He and Chibi-Usa went back out for a while. That brat is always stealing my time with Mamo-chan."
Aaron snorted and made a sarcastic laugh of sorts. "Why am I not surprised at your envy of Chibi-Usa? I'm still wondering how you can let a little girl, YOUR little girl of all things, can make you feel inferior whenever she wants to spend time with your boyfriend/future husband."
Usagi took exception to his comment and pouted angered in one of the chairs. "Nice to know whose side you're on."
Aaron moaned and shook his head, "But anyways.tis a most beautiful site to behold. The sun setting bringing way for the moon to work its wonder in the night."
"Wow.when did you learn to talk so poetic?"
"I can't actually," Aaron made a slight laugh and put a hand behind his head. He looked back out upon the gleaming sun still fighting for position and said to his sister, "You know.I may never see you again. If all goes according to plan."
Usagi looked to the ground most displeased his decision. She had a feeling it was for the best however. "At least I got to meet my brother," she replied looking out at the sunset.
"I would never have figured I was a prince. I mean all this time I've been around, and this is the biggest event that has ever hit my life."
"Haven't you ever had a girlfriend?" Usagi seemed most perplexed at his remark.
"No.I haven't. I've been the one helping out everyone else, thinking of others first before my own personal feelings."
"Isn't there someone close to you that could fall in love with you?"
"Usagi." Aaron didn't finish his sentence and seemed to step out of his body for a moment trying to examine how he felt.
"Have you ever tried going out with anyone? Did you ever try when we used to live back on the Silver Millennium?"
"In neither time have I or did I try."
"Back then.I don't know. Now, I can't."
"What are you talking about?! You can!"
Aaron sat silent as the sun had given up in the fight to control the heavens and dipped below the horizon once more. "Usagi."
"Don't lie to me Aaron, and don't lie to yourself. There is nothing stopping you from falling in love with someone. The only person that says can't is the quitter. Are you a quitter Aaron?" Aaron looked over at Usagi with worried eyes and Usagi repeated, "Are you a quitter?!!"
Aaron lowered his head and shook it, "No.Usagi, I'm not a quitter."
"Then you can! Don't doubt the friends you have trying to help you out and don't EVER think that you CAN'T! You CAN!"
The front doorbell rang and Aaron made a slight grunt. "Pizza's here."

A few hours later.
"Won't that damn barrier start going trippy so we can get this over with?!" Sabin said wanting to get some action.
"When Windstrom sees it he'll inform us. There is nothing we can do till then," Aaron replied.
Mamoru returned to the confines of the basement and said, "Chibi-Usa and Usagi both fell asleep in your room. I hope you don't mind."
Aaron shook his head, "It's no problem. Just as long as they don't find the stack of Playboys."
Sabin looked at Aaron with surprise, "And you didn't tell me about them?!!"
Aaron laughed, "You idiot you think I'll look at those dirty things? What kind of a human do you take me for?!"
"One who enjoys torturing people."
Aaron nodded, "That's partly right."
Mamoru laughed, "Who would have thought I'd get into something like this?"
"The government for one."
"Bad joke Aaron," Sabin smirked.
"So how far off is your prediction on when we'll be able to break through the barrier?" Mamoru inquired.
"First off the prediction was within 12 or 13 hours, and we've only burned about 9 or 10 of them. Second if it happens earlier or later then it just happens when it happens," Aaron said flipping channels on the TV.
"I still want to kick some ass!" Sabin said in a moan.
"You always want to kick some ass you goomba," Aaron shook his head.
"Yeah, well, this is a special exception!"
"And how is it special?"
"It gets my adrenaline running waiting to go after that pompous prissy of a queen!"
" have to lay off the caffeine."
"I might have a temporary solution however."
Aaron raised an eyebrow in wonder, "Oh?"
"I can beat your little head in on NHL 98."
Aaron's lust for being the best at that game kicked in, "I accept your challenge foolish human, and just because I'm so sure of myself, I'll let you have Mamoru on your team!"
Mamoru's eye twitched considering he didn't get a chance to voice his opinion on the matter. "Uhh.guys? Why don't you ask me if I want to play before throwing me onboard?"
"Come on Mamoru. Even you have to admit that all this waiting is sort of edgy on your nerves too."
"Well, yeah, of course I'm edgy waiting for the green light to go, but why get myself worked up and all bent out of shape when the time will come no matter how long I wait?"
"My thoughts exactly," Aaron agreed.
Giggling was heard from inside the computer room and Aaron opened the door up. Minako, Makoto, and Rei looked behind at Aaron and giggled some more. "Talk about perfect timing," Minako said.
"Oh great, I'm afraid to ask what you girls are up too."
"We're only talking with some of your online friends," Ami said reading and typing a reply to one of the messages.
"Many of them seem to have crushes on you!" Minako said with sly eyes.
"Don't even think about it Minako." Aaron narrowed his eyes trying to diffuse whatever scheme she was thinking.
"Man.aren't we the party pooper!" Rei taunted.
Aaron made a low growl and motioned Ami aside from the chair. She gave up the seat and Aaron cracked his knuckles, and then started typing replies to his friends. Aaron opened a browser window and when to his e-mail. "A little privacy please for the password?" Everyone turned their heads away and Aaron mocked a bunch of keys incase someone was peaking. After putting in the correct password he let the page sort through and display what he had. "Well, well, well.rather odd hearing from her."
"Who is it?" Rei questioned.
"A.friend of mine who lives here in town."
Aaron skimmed the e-mail and raised an eyebrow stating, "If I didn't know any better I'd swear she was genuinely worried about me. Talk about masking your feelings."
Minako heard the word feelings and said, "So this girls like you?"
"No Minako, you won't do anything."
"Aaron." she said in a playful tone.
"No!" Aaron said putting his foot down. "You are not going to play matchmaker alright?!"
"Settle down Aaron! No need to take it out of hand. She understands," Makoto said.
Aaron got up and started to walk out of the room. "Aren't you going to reply to her?" Ami asked.
"No.after this is over I'll reply."
"Are you that heartless." Aaron turning around and giving her a cold, pissed stare cut off Minako.
"When I'm through with this mess I'll reply.and it's none of your business to begin with so don't stick your nose in."
Aaron left the room and Rei's sixth sense was kicking some serious vibes about. "Something is giving off some harsh vibes!" Rei thought.
"What were they all giddy and giggly about?" Sabin asked.
"Just some friends of mine. That's all. Give me a minute to retrieve Playstation from my room. Hopefully I don't wake the living dead."
Mamoru smirked trying to feign a laugh and Aaron disappeared up the stairs.

An hour later.
"It's all tied up 5 to 5, with thirty five seconds left and the puck in your zone. Prepare to get beaten!" Sabin called the action.
Aaron threw the puck to his player and streaked down the ice. After a few shots that the goalie blocked, Aaron let a shot rip that hit the left sidebar and crossed the line with 2 seconds left. "What about getting beaten?" Aaron said with a sure felt smile.
"There are still two seconds. I can still beat you!"
They got to center ice and Windstrom went off, "Insertion area opening. Prepare for rapture opening."
"NOOO!!!" Sabin moaned as Aaron turned the power off.
"Quickly everyone! Get ready! I'll go get the corpses from upstairs!"
Mamoru nodded and changed into Tuxedo Kamen, and Sabin into Zerto. The Inner Senshi changed as well, and the portal opened crackling with energy. "Where are Aaron, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa?" Ami asked, as time was important.
"GET UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!" a massive yell was heard from upstairs.
Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon were scene scampering down like they had seen a ghost appear and it scared the holy hell out of them. MetaSigma came running down yelling at everyone to get into the portal before the thing closed. Everyone scampered like Meta was on a warpath and crossed as fast as they could. A split second after Meta had gone through, which he was last, the portal closed sealing them inside the castle.

Inside the castle.
"Been a while since I was here.not something I like remembering if you know what I mean Tuxedo Kamen."
"I know what you mean Meta. Remembering what you did when you were under influence and having to return where you started from isn't the best thing in the world," Tuxedo Kamen agreed.
"I remember where ever thing is however. Follow me."
Yang, Crystal, and Tah were not with the group as Meta had advised.more like forced, them to leave when they found out they couldn't use their powers in their dimension. They would do nothing more than hinder their progress. Meta was harsh sometimes, but he only did it when he had to get a point across and they didn't listen the first time. All three of his friends had left with tears in their eyes hoping for the best and praying for his safety. "Well, well, well, Meta.don't know how you did it, but you've made it inside. Now it's time to get my revenge on you, and the remnants of he White Moon as well!" the Queen laughed and the main chamber she was in began to change into a coliseum for the final fight between her and her accursed foes.
"There's that spiking negative aura again!" Mars felt her body twitch. "Where is it coming from?"
"Hold on you feel a slight tremor?" Meta stopped and shifted to one knee feeling the ground.
"I don't feel it shifting at all," Jupiter shook her head slightly showing her brown hair shift from side to side.
"Wait.I feel a slight movement," Tuxedo Kamen said.
"Hey.I feel it too," Minako's hand felt the small vibrations.
"It stopped."
"So what now?" Sailor Moon asked.
"We keep going. We're nearing the throne room, unless she did a complete reassembly of this place in one day in which case we're totally lost," Meta said.
Everyone followed Meta once more until he stopped once more. "Now what is it MetaSigma?" Chibi-Moon questioned his stop.
"She's very near. I can feel."
Rei nodded, "I can feel her as well." What Rei failed to mention was that she also felt the other ominous aura, but it was so strong it felt like it was coming from all directions.
"The final battle begins now you guys." Meta said moving the group inside the throne room.or what it was now. It looked more like a coliseum that the ancient Romans had used more than anything else. "Hopefully she won't release the lions on us," Meta said looking around wondering where the Queen might be positioned.
"I see you are more resourceful than I had thought members of the White Moon."
Meta turned around and fired a shot that the Queen simply flicked away with her hand. "Stupid've caused enough pain to everyone.why don't you just die!" Meta fired another shot.
The Queen smiled and flipped that one off her wrist as well. "Don't let your emotions overrun you Meta! It might be deadly!" The Queen laughed and Meta growled firing more shots at the Queen in anger.
"Meta! Calm down!" Sailor Moon grabbed his arms. Her grip did little to prevent him from blasting away like a madman. The rest of the Inner Senshi tried to restrain him, but to no avail did they get him restrained. Finally all his friends were able to hold him least they thought.
"Come now Meta.are you going to let these little pests hold you back?!"
"Don't listen to her Meta! She's trying to warp your mind!" Mercury said.
"No Mercury.she's right.everyone is trying to hold me back, prevent me from something that should have been mine long ago!" Meta screamed and energy discharged from all around his body.
Rei could feel the massive aura erupt to even stronger proportions before she realized where it was coming from. Meta. The energy pushed everyone back against the walls and held them there as Meta's emotions started to take full control of his body. "You see? They tried to shun you from what was rightfully yours! Do you remember your old home? The way the council shunned you from taking your place at the appointed time? The way they wanted you DEAD?!!"
Meta turned around and looked at the Queen showing a blazing anger lighting his eyes like bonfires. "I've had enough of your talk! You are holding me back as well!"
The Queen's expression turned to one of fear as Meta's body began to glow with dark, disfiguring energy. He aimed the barrel of his gun at the queen and yelled, "MOONLIGHT BLAST!!!!!" The massive wave of energy threw him back about 50ft and the Queen was blown away clean. The energy holding everyone else in place fell and they landed on their feet looking into the pure anger that had emblazoned Meta. Rei was in pure fear as the aura around his body spiked rapidly like a time bomb.
"Aaron! What is wrong with you!?" Sailor Moon yelled at her brother.
"Usagi.back on the Silver Millennium I was the first born to Queen Serenity. For a number of months my mother shielded me from the council, as they wanted me to be executed for being the first male born to the Silver Millennium Royal Family. When you were born, the council forgot about me completely and worked as hard as they could trying to prepare you for the day you would ascend to the throne. Was I given a chance to live? To be given my heritage? I was to be KILLED!! I was SHUN from my heritage!! How do you expect me not to fell angry.NOT to feel UPSET! I WAS NEARLY ROBBED OF MY VERY EXISTANCE!!! Because I couldn't do anything about it then.I will now.I will destroy you!"
Sailor Moon stood in place unable to think of anything and her eyes felt warm and watery. She looked up from her darkened position and said, "You're was wrong of them to shun you, but killing me will not change what happened so long ago!"
"Do you think I care about what happened then?!!" each word biting like the cold winds. "You never had to know what it was like foraging for everything. You were simply handed everything that you needed to live! I had to fight, and claw, and take what I needed to survive! Enough talk.I will now kill you.and make my life comforting once more."
The Inner Senshi stepped in front of Sailor Moon and Mars said, "There is no way in hell we'll ever let you kill our beloved Usagi-chan. You'll have to take our lives first."
"Usagi-chan means more to us than that of the entire world itself. Without her none of us would have meaning in life. We would be lost souls," Jupiter said.
"Usagi-chan has given us the hope time and time again to keep this planet safe, there is no way we'll let you take her life!" Venus spoke.
"Then I will dispose of you Sailor Senshi as well.whoever stands in my way of killing the Princess, will be killed!" Meta raised his hands to the sky and charged up the barrels.
"Mars, Flame Sniper!!"
"Mercury, Aqua Rhapsody!!"
"Jupiter, Oak Evolution!!"
"Venus, Love and Beauty Shock!!"
Meta sucked up all the energy that impacted his armour and the weapons on his arms charged ever brighter. "More! More!!! I will kill everyone now!!"
"Aaron! Please! Stop this! You'll kill yourself at this rate!" Sailor Moon pleaded.
"Moonlight.BLAST!!!" the barrels of energy impacted the ground and everything went flying.
"Aaron! Stop this!!" Sabin screamed as best he could from he impact he took.
"Sabin, why do you side with these people?"
"Because, it's not their fault what happened in the past!"
Meta shook his head, "How wrong you are see, if Usagi had never been born.then the conflict of who takes the throne doesn't exist. I would have been given my rightful heritage instead of being held between life and death my whole life!"
"Aaron." Sailor Moon said with a short breath, "You have to understand.we love you.mother loved you."
"Aaron.please.I know you feel angered, but you will never get complete revenge. So you'll go on.and on.and you're life will have no real meaning."
Meta raised both his barrels to the sky and began to charge them again, "That's not's.not TRUE!!"
"Aaron.please.let your life have meaning.let us help you!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Meta fired both his half-charged barrels at Sailor Moon enraged trying to withstand the power of his emotions.
"Silver Crystal.please! Help release my brother from his anger!" The Silver Crystal formed a shield and dissipated both the blasts Meta had fired.
"Sailor Moon!!" Chibi-Moon screamed, "Don't use the Silver Crystal! You'll die! (Boy that line sure is clichéd whenever she pulls that thing out).
Sailor Moon turned her head and had a calm, contained look. She warmly, like water, replied, "Don't worry, I won't die." (Another clichéd reply)
The light of the Silver Crystal extended the shield around Meta as well. No only time would tell whether brother and sister could make things right. "Usako.please be Ok."

Inside the shield.
"My feels.more soothed," Meta said having a better grasp over his emotions.
"Aaron.why can't we just live happily?" Aaron held no reply to her question and she said louder, "Aaron.why can't you forgive everyone?"
Aaron's usually hard, stone-face was like putty and a frail, ashamed mask overshadowed it. "Usagi.they."
"They what.caused you pain? Suffering? Abandoned you?"
"They.treated me like I was a bill on the floor of Congress. They held no respect for me.ever. No matter what I did they turned it aside because I was a male, and when you were born." Meta's voice creaked and trailed off.
"That happened a long time ago Aaron. Things have changed since then. Don't you realize that you have been given a second chance to make your life account to something?!"
"A second.chance?"
"Yes Aaron.please.forgive what happened back then and live with the present."
Meta grabbed his head apparently in pain and screamed firing a blast at his sister. It blasted her in the chest exposing her bare skin, but she held her ground and kept telling him to forgive the past. Meta fired another shot that knocked her off her feet and the shield fell. "The whole world will feel the pain of the past!" A massive portal opened at the top of the coliseum and Meta aimed his weapon at the center of it. "When this blast ruptures the barriers within the portal, it will trigger a chain reaction in every dimension that will make the universe implode on itself and kill everyone!!"
"Aaron." Sailor Moon said weakly looking at her brother.
Both of Meta's barrels struggled, and slowly pointed toward his own body. " I DOING?!!!!" The barrels blasted him point blank sending him flying into a wall and the portal slowly closing. Meta looked up and said faintly, "No one will be able to shift through dimension if I'm not alive." A wave of energy appeared under the slowly closing portal and it began to seal it up like a can of sardines. The portal closed and Meta laughed, "Now no one will ever be able to get back home!"
Meta's armour disappeared and Aaron lay nearly dead at the side of the wall. The terror was least that's what everyone thought. Sailor Moon struggled to her feet and ran over to Aaron. "Aaron."
Aaron looked at her through weak, narrow eyes and said, "Usagi.I' from my past.from the pain it has caused me.thank you.for helping me see my error."
The rest of the group, a bit battered, watched as Usagi hugged her brother crying like a little child. "Should we?"
"No.let them be together for a few," Tuxedo Kamen interrupted Mars.
"Usagi.I'm.sorry, but.I don't think I'm going to be.seeing you again."
"Aaron.don't say'll be won't die."
"''s too late to save me." Aaron's eyes fell and he died in her arms.
"Aaron.Aaron! AARON!!!!"
Everyone ran over noticing that something was wrong. They found out Aaron had not made it through the fight. Sailor Moon rushed into Tuxedo Kamen's body and cried screaming profanities at the ceiling for the loss of her brother. Once had been sheer hell.twice.well, it was close enough to drive her to suicide perhaps. Aaron's body slowly disappeared and the place was completely darkened in emotion. Everyone had tears in their eyes no matter how hard they held back. A few seconds later a portal opened up where Aaron's body had been, and everyone in their despaired state went through it. The portal led them back to Tokyo just outside of the park where Mamoru, and Usagi used to see each other before school.
"Sailor Moon, the world is safe once more."
Sailor Moon shook her head, "It's safe, what cost is it safe for others to have a future to look forward to?"
She looked skyward hoping the moon might provide an answer to her question, but as beautiful as it was, it was dead silent.

The home of Aaron Tsukino.
Aaron's room was quiet and darkened since the shades were covering the sunlight beaming from the sky. The room still had a distinct odor to it, but its host would no longer inhale that odor. It looked like the perfect place to let yourself just fall asleep without being disturbed. Aaron's mother opened the door to the room and saw someone in a position that looked more like they had half fallen off the bed. "Shane." she nudged him.
Aaron mumbled something about having to forgive his past and the rest of his body fell off the bed. He slowly moaned and opened his eyes a little. Seeing that something was out of the ordinary he jolted his eyes awake and looked around like he had seen a ghost or some other sort of supernatural phenomenon. "Mom!" Aaron touched his body to make sure it was really himself and not just a dream he was experiencing. "I'm alive! I'm alive!"
Aaron's mom looked at him puzzled and said, "Ok.I think you woke up too quick."
Aaron because cognizant that his mother was in the room and said, "You're right.I think I did."
"Well, I'm off the you want anything?"
" about something to drink." His mother nodded and left the room creating the barrier of comfort once more. Aaron looked around and didn't know how it happened, but he was back home and alive. The final battle he had endured still rang fresh in his mind and he suddenly wondered, "Wait.if I'm alive.then.what happened to everyone else?"