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Their first interruption came at 2:30 PM Friday afternoon and it was a good thing he hadn't been serious about shooting the person responsible. It would be very bad for his son's developing psyche for his father to shoot his mother. Rebecca called in a panic about having a big date that night and the babysitter having just been admitted to the hospital with food poisoning. Booth instantly offered to take Parker, pleased when Brennan smiled approvingly. He hated to have their time alone interrupted but he didn't get to see enough of his son as it was, he would take any extra time he could get. Luckily Brennan loved the little boy, too, and enjoyed spending time with him or their relationship could have gotten off to a very rocky start.

"Daaaddd," Parker called plaintively, walking into the kitchen not long after Rebecca dropped him off to find his dad kissing Brennan senseless. "I thought we were going to the video store." Booth reluctantly pulled away from the sexy woman in his arms and smiled at his son.

"We are going to the video store, Parker. I was just kissing Bones goodbye," he explained and Parker snorted.

"That's what you said ten minutes ago, Dad," he reminded a grinning Booth.

"Yeah, yeah. If you're finished complaining, we can go now," he told his son, ruffling his hair, then turned back to Brennan only to find Parker moving determinedly between them.

"Sorry, Bones," Parker apologized bracing his back against Brennan's legs and pushing Booth away from her while looking at her apologetically, "you can kiss him some more when we get back," he offered.

"Thank you, Parker. That's very generous of you," she told him seriously.

"Make him hurry up," the little boy begged Brennan then turned his attention back to his father, "if we don't hurry, mom will be back before we can watch even one movie."

"In that case, your impatience is perfectly understandable, Parker. Your father didn't tell me that," Brennan smoothed Parker's hair back and turned a look on Booth that told him that better not happen again. Parker eyes also narrowed and his arms crossed over his chest.

"Hey, no fair," protested Booth, "you two can't gang up on me." His voice was plaintive but his smile said he was delighted with this turn of events. Parker leaned back against Brennan and gave Booth a gap toothed grin.

"Why not?" asked Brennan, her hand resting on Parker's shoulder, her eyes innocently wide.

"Because I said so," Booth shot back, his hands coming to rest on his hips and doing his best to look intimidating as he looked between the two. He failed miserably.

"That's what he always says when he doesn't have a good answer," a giggling Parker whispered to Brennan.

"I know," she whispered back, looking down at him with love shining in her eyes. If Booth hadn't already been in love with her, he would have fallen hard and irrevocably at that moment.

"Come on, buddy, let's go get a movie," Booth held out a hand to Parker and leaned in to quickly kiss Brennan when he moved away from her to take it. Parker sighed in exasperation, grabbed his dad's hand and started to drag him out of the kitchen. Booth let his son drag him away but his eyes never left Brennan's face as she followed them to the front door. Giving her a slow, sexy wink, he opened the door and ushered Parker out. Halting him on the other side of the door with a single word, Booth crooked a finger at Brennan and she approached willingly.

"I love you, Baby," he said softly, brushing a knuckle gently across her soft cheek.

"I love you, too, Booth," she returned just as softly, unable to resist reaching up to kiss him.

"Hold that thought," he encouraged, hearing Parker start to get fidgety and reluctantly pulling away from her soft lips, "we'll take this up later." With another wink, the door closed behind him.

Brennan sighed and leaned back against the door, a goofy smile on her face, the very picture of a lovesick fool and not caring in the least. She hadn't known it was possible to be as happy as she was right now. She and Booth had wisely used their time together today to talk, well, what time they weren't having mind blowing sex, that is, because neither actually trusted that they wouldn't be interrupted. They had each answered the others questions honestly and patiently and cleared up all the misunderstandings of the last few weeks. They had also made promises to each other to always, always talk out any developing issues because neither had any desire for further misunderstandings.

Brennan couldn't believe how right and comfortable this relationship already felt. She felt like she had come home, that she belonged in a way she hadn't felt since her childhood and it was a feeling that she embraced wholeheartedly. She wasn't naïve enough to think she and Booth would never have any problems. They were both strong willed, opinionated people who had very differing views on many things and they were bound to clash, just like they always had but they now had a much bigger incentive to work it out than ever before.

They loved each other and Brennan was secure in the knowledge that nothing could ever tear them apart, if they didn't let it. The one disagreement they'd had today was about informing Cullen about their change in status. Booth wanted to do it immediately and deal with the consequences. But Brennan thought it would be better if they gave themselves a 6 month period to prove they could be a couple without it interfering with their professional relationship so maybe his superiors wouldn't sever their partnership. They had compromised on a three month trial period and, despite the knot in her stomach at the thought of them no longer being partners, Brennan knew if she had to choose, she would choose to be with Booth without hesitation. And she knew he would make the same choice. Shaking herself out of her reverie, she went back to the kitchen to finish preparing the mac and cheese that Booth had interrupted earlier.

Fifteen minutes later, she was just slipping the mac and cheese into the oven when a dejected Parker walked into the kitchen in front of his frowning father. Uh oh, it looked like trouble might be brewing between the two. Raising a brow at Booth, Brennan had no idea what the return eye roll was meant to convey so she turned to Parker.

"What's wrong, Parker?" she asked softly, squatting so that she was on his level and felt her heart melt at his trembling lower lip.

"Daddy took too long and the movie I wanted was already gone," he whined, giving her a pitiful look. Brennan noticed Booth rolling his eyes again but kept her attention on the pouting boy, reaching out to pat his back in sympathy.

"That's too bad, Parker, but, surely, they had another movie you haven't seen yet?" Parker crossed his arms over his chest and shot his father a hostile look then leaned against Brennan, laying his head on her shoulder.

"Yeah, Bones, they had lots of movies but my dad wouldn't let me get one," he whispered pitifully in her ear. Her eyes shot to Booth, who was watching them calmly, apparently waiting to see how she would handle this one. She had no idea what to do, but she wasn't averse to giving it a shot.

"It's really not like your father to take away a treat, Parker. Did something happen that I don't know about?" Booth was impressed at her insight and had to hold back his laughter when Parker shot her a disgruntled look at not finding her quite as pliable to his will as he had evidently expected. Booth knew exactly what his son was doing. He had been punished, didn't like it and was trying to go around his father to get his way. Booth knew he should probably step in but Brennan seemed to be doing fine on her own and this was something she was going to have to learn to deal with. After all, Parker was his son and would always be a big part of their lives. Besides, it would be good practice for when they had their own children.

"You could take me to get a movie, Bones. Please," Parker encouraged, slipping his arms around her neck and giving her a pleading look, followed by his very own Booth charm smile, completely ignoring her earlier question. Brennan might not have much experience with children, but she knew when she was being played by an adorable eight year old. And, unfortunately, she knew what she had to do about it.

"I'm sorry, Parker," she told him sincerely, "but I can't do that. I'm sure your father must have had a legitimate reason to withdraw his offer of a movie and I won't countermand his decision." Parker shot her a narrow eyed glare but his little snit was stopped in its tracks by the sympathy and caring on her face.

"Fine," he sighed and Booth wanted to laugh. He had been truly impressed with how Brennan had just averted that little meltdown without any assistance from him. She was going to make a great mother when she was ready and Booth couldn't believe how much he was looking forward to that day. He wanted to watch her grow big and waddle around with his child, to be there to rub her back and feet when they hurt, to hold her hand in the delivery room as they welcomed their own little miracle into the world. He wanted to raise a family with her and then grow old with her. But more than anything, he wanted to come home to her like this every night for the rest of his life, to have this time that was just theirs, which no one else could ever touch or intrude on.

"Would you like to help me finish dinner?" Booth looked up to find Brennan, once again on her feet, speaking to Parker. The little boy grinned up at her and nodded enthusiastically, apparently over his temper tantrum. Pointing at a stool at the counter, Brennan brought over the lettuce she had already washed for salad and showed Parker how to tear it. Booth watched with a smile as his son meticulously followed instructions, concentrating so hard, his tongue was sticking out the side of his mouth. Brennan walked over and bent down to check the mac and cheese in the oven. When she straightened, two strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back against a hard chest, his hands automatically going under her shirt to splay possessively over her abdomen.

"What can I do to help?" he asked, nibbling the side of her neck.

"You can stop that," she answered breathlessly. Sighing, he rested his chin on her shoulder, hugging her tightly.

"Ok, ok, I'll behave," he groused. Parker giggled and Booth and Brennan looked over to find him looking at them with amusement.

"What's so funny?" asked Booth suspiciously, knowing his son was still upset that he had refused to let him get a movie when Parker had pitched a fit in the video store after finding the movie he wanted wasn't available.

"You got in trouble with Bones," his son informed him cheerfully and Booth knew he would now be forgiven. Parker would see a scolding from Brennan as sufficient punishment for his father and the kid didn't know how to hold a grudge, thank goodness. Seeing that Parker was finished tearing lettuce, Booth reluctantly released Brennan and motioned for Parker to hop down from his stool.

"Come on, buddy. Let's set the table for Bones." Getting down plates and silverware, he followed his son into the dining room.

"Dad, are you going to be kissing Bones all the time now?" Brennan stopped what she was doing at Parker's nonchalant question.

"Every chance I get, Parko," Booth said cheerfully. "Is that a problem?" Brennan could hear the concern in Booth's voice and had to admit that she was more than a little curious about why he was asking. Quietly moving toward the doorway, she stood just out of sight and watched father and son, her heart melting as Booth pulled out a chair, sat down and focused his full attention on his son.

"Maybe you shouldn't try to kiss her so much, Dad," Parker suggested, looking at Booth earnestly. Booth was taken aback by the comment. That was certainly a direct about face from Parker thinking it was about freaking time her kissed her to thinking he shouldn't kiss her and Booth knew there had to be something behind it.

"Parker, does it bother you for me to kiss Bones?" Parker shook his head vehemently, looking everywhere but at Booth. "Then what's the problem?" Booth asked raising his sons face so Parker was looking at him. Parker shrugged, sighed, bit his lip then blurted out what was bothering him.

"Mom told Captain Fantastic that she broke up with him because he was always touching her and trying to kiss her even when she didn't want him to and no woman likes to be manhandled," Booth sighed at the words, realizing that the squints weren't the only ones who talked way too much in front of his impressionable son. It was obvious that he had overheard Rebecca say those exact words to someone. "Bones didn't want you to kiss her in the kitchen, Dad, and if you keep trying to kiss her too much, she might break up with us. So, just lay off with the kissing, ok, Dad?" Booth sighed and lifted Parker onto his lap.

"Parker, I don't know why your mom broke up with Brett, but I promise you that Bones isn't going to break up with us for any reason." Parker's eyes narrowed but it never even occurred to him to doubt something his father spoke as the truth.

"Never?" It didn't hurt to make sure, even when you were eight.

"Never, Parker. I will never leave you and your father," Brennan's hand came to rest on Booth's shoulder and she answered the concerned child before Booth could.

"And just for the record, Parker, Bones likes my kisses. She can't get enough of them," Booth assured his now giggling son. Parker looked up at Brennan then gave his father a doubtful glance.

"I don't know, Dad. She doesn't look like she wants to kiss you right now." Booth looked over his shoulder and did a double take. Brennan was blushing and glaring at him at the same time and he found that unbelievably endearing. Winking at her, he held onto the hand that had been resting on his shoulder when she tried to pull away.

"What's this?" Parker asked with interest as he hopped out of Booth's lap and a toy store bag fell out of the chair beside him. "Can I look inside?" he asked Brennan excitedly and she felt bad that she hadn't thought to pick up something for him when she had made the hurried stop.

"It's something I picked up for your dad, Parker, but you can look," Booth gave her a quizzical look and began to laugh heartily when Parker pulled a game of Clue out of the bag.

"Cool," praised Parker, "can we play after dinner?"

"Sure. Why don't you take it into the living room and we'll play in there." Booth was still laughing so Brennan had to answer him. Parker darted off to do as he was told and watch TV until dinner was ready and Brennan tugged on her hand but Booth refused to release her. In the next instant, she found herself seated in his lap, wrapped securely in his strong arms and he was no longer laughing. He was looking at her with brown eyes slowly turning to black as his body very obviously responded to her proximity. His head lowered and she pushed against his shoulders before his lips touched hers because she knew she would be lost then. "Booth, let me go. You don't want to worry Parker." Booth snorted, his forehead coming to rest against hers.

"Parker is fine, Bones. He's watching TV," he assured her, his hands moving to the bottom of her shirt and moving underneath to rest on the bare skin of her back. "Kiss me, Baby," he requested huskily, "you know you want to." Well, yes, she did know that but it wouldn't hurt him to start learning he couldn't always have things his way. It wouldn't hurt him to start learning about delayed gratification.

"Maybe I don't want to," she countered. He laughed huskily, his lips brushing slow, lazy kisses along her jaw toward her mouth.

"Oh, you want to all right," he assured her, pausing at the corner of her mouth for his tongue to dart out and trace her bottom lip. God, yes, she wanted to kiss him. She wanted him to lift her onto the table and do all sorts of things it would be inappropriate for Parker to see to her. To hell with delayed gratification. With a whimper, she wrapped her arms around his neck and meshed her lips with his, instantly immersed in the steaming vortex of passion that seemed to form whenever they touched each other. Booth was sucked in just as swiftly and had to force himself to raise his head and release her from his clutching hands when the oven timer went off several minutes later. Her head came to rest on his shoulder and his cheek rested atop her head as he held her tightly and they both tried to regain control of their breathing.

Brennan finally became aware of the insistent beep of the oven timer and shakily pushed herself out of Booth's lap to rescue their dinner. Booth would have offered to help but there was no way he could comfortably stand at the moment. In fact, sitting was pretty damned uncomfortable. He would have thought the sexual marathon that they had indulged in over the past 24 hours would have cooled their desire for each other, at least a little. But, it had had the opposite effect. Knowing how good they were together just made him want to experience it over and over and over again and it was obvious that he had the same effect on Brennan. He knew that was one part of their relationship that they never had to worry about, they would always be eager to make love with each other. Silently telling himself to pull it together, he started reciting sports stats in his head so he would be presentable when his son rejoined them.

Two hours later, they were well into their second game of Clue when Rebecca came to collect Parker much earlier than expected. Parker, of course, whined that he was winning and wasn't ready to go. But Rebecca had apparently had an exceptionally crappy date and was in no mood to put up with the little boy's antics. She was by no means inappropriately sharp with Parker, she just used her no-nonsense do as I say mother's voice and he obeyed instantly. Within 10 minutes of her arrival, Booth and Brennan found themselves alone again.

Brennan turned away from closing the door and found herself pinned between the hard door and an equally hard chest. She looked up but Booth didn't give her time to protest as his mouth swooped in to claim hers, kissing her ravenously as if he hadn't tasted her sweetness in months or years rather than minutes. Melting against him with a sigh, she wrapped her arms around his neck, opened her mouth and let him take what he wanted, encouraged him to plunder at will.

Brennan had no idea what the vibrations against her back were until Booth groaned against her mouth and pulled away, cursing fluently. She then realized that someone was pounding on her front door, demanding entrance. With a frustrated groan of her own she wiggled around until she was facing the door and could look out the peephole. Booth hadn't bothered to step back as she was turning and he pressed in even closer, his mouth already attached to her neck. Brennan had to force open her drooping eyelids and look through the peephole twice before she recognized the visitor.

"It's Angela," she gasped, her back arching as Booth's hands firmly slid up her abdomen.

"Ignore her and she'll go away," he ordered, his hands and lips never faltering in their exploration of her body. Brennan, who knew just how relentless her best friend could be, was less sure of that but she decided to go with Booth on this one. Leaning back against him, she raised both arms over her head to encircle his neck and pulled his head down for a deep, wet, tongue thrusting kiss that had them both moaning. In the process of swinging Brennan up into his arms to carry her to the bedroom, Booth paused when Angela's knocking became even louder.

"Come on, Bren, open the door. I know you're in there," Angela called impatiently.

"Booth, I have to answer the door. If I don't she'll just stand there and knock all night," Brennan panted and Booth sighed, knowing she was probably right. Reluctantly sitting her down, he began to straighten his clothing as Brennan quickly did the same thing.

"Wait," he hissed as she reached to open the door. With his body in its current state, Angela would know what they had been doing the instant she walked in the door. Not that he really minded Angela knowing that he and Brennan were in a relationship, he would just rather not have her eyeing the merchandise. Walking back into the living room, he sat on the sofa but that really didn't help so he slid down onto the floor so that the view of his bottom half was blocked by the table. Brennan stood with her hand on the doorknob, rolling her eyes at his modesty while Angela continued to pound on the door. Booth finally got himself settled satisfactorily and nodded for Brennan to let the artist in.

"Sweetie, I was beginning to wonder if you were all right," Angela sailed right past Brennan and stopped in her tracks when she saw Booth. She turned to Brennan, her eyes wide and apologetic, "I'm so sorry, Bren. I just need to pick up that dress and those shoes and I'll get out of your way." She gave Brennan a slow, knowing smile and then turned it on Booth. Booth was watching Angela's face closely to see just how much she was picking up on and he found it hilarious when her eyes fell on the board game spread out over the coffee table. The knowing grin faltered then disappeared completely to be replaced by shock and incredulity. Not noticing anything amiss, Brennan headed to her bedroom to retrieve the items Angela had requested.

Angela stared at the game of Clue spread out all Brennan's coffee table and was, for the first time in her memory, speechless. Her eyes darted from Booth back to the game back to Booth, not believing what she was seeing. She just couldn't believe that he was stupid enough to want to play board games with Brennan when the anthropologist had offered him everything. But the evidence that he was, indeed, that stupid was spread out before her disbelieving eyes. And Angela had worked with scientists long enough to know the value of evidence. And this evidence told her that these two were obviously beyond her help. She had no idea what their problem was and, at this point, she didn't want to know. She was out of this. From here on out, these two were on their own. They could figure this out, or not, but it was no longer her problem.

"Bones told me that you suggested she pick up the game, Ange. I really appreciate that." Booth grinned at her innocently and Angela didn't know whether to laugh hysterically or give him a piece of her mind. No, she decided, she would do neither. She would collect the items that she had come for and politely be on her way, leaving these two to whatever the hell they got up to when they were alone. But, if Booth turned down sex in favor of playing Clue, you had to wonder what he would trade for a good game of Monopoly.

"Um, yeah, sure, Booth," Angela answered absently, looking down the hallway and praying for Brennan to hurry before her curiosity got the better of her and she started asking questions. Her prayers were answered when she saw Brennan hurrying toward her with a garment bag and a shoe box. Grabbing the items with more haste than Brennan had ever seen from the artist, Angela headed for the door throwing a wave in Booth's general direction. Brennan's voice halted her just as she reached for the doorknob.

"I got you something at the toy store, Angela," Brennan told her softly holding out a bag. Angela blinked at her a couple of times then slowly reached out and took the bag, smiling a little quizzically.

"Um, thanks, Bren," she murmured after looking into the bag, "but it's not my birthday."

"I know," shrugged Brennan, "but I decided it was time for you to get a clue." Angela noted how her friend stressed the last few words but she had no earthly idea what Brennan was talking about so she just smiled, nodded, and thanked her for the gift, quickly leaving the apartment.

"Oh, Baby, did you just make a joke?" Booth asked coming up behind Brennan as she stood watching Angela make her way to the elevator and slipping his arms around her waist.

"I just tried but I don't think it worked," she sighed, leaning back against him.

"I think I can help you out with this one," he offered softly. She had already told him what she intended to do and he was afraid that Angela wouldn't get it but he was more than happy to lend his assistance.

"How?" She asked looking at him over her shoulder. With a wicked grin, he slowly turned her to face him and stepped forward into the doorway of her apartment far enough that they could be clearly seen from the elevator. "Booth, I'm not going to make out with you here in the hallway," she objected.

"Okay," he agreed, his hands coming up to cup her face tenderly, his head lowering toward hers.

"I mean it, Booth," Brennan warned but her breathless voice lacked conviction.

"Um hm," he murmured as his lips softly brushed across hers, then came back for more. Within seconds, his hands had speared into her hair and she had wrapped herself around him and neither of them was giving a second thought to Angela.

Angela's steps slowed as she approached the elevator, her mind going back to Brennan's words. Brennan had said it was time for her to get a clue not it was time for her to get the game clue which was what was in the bag. What did that mean? It had to mean something or Brennan wouldn't have said it. Then again, maybe not. Maybe whatever wonkiness that was affecting Booth was also starting to take its toll on her best friend. God, those two were starting to give her headaches, she thought rubbing her temples lightly as she stepped into the elevator. Get a clue, get a clue, get a clue ran through her head like a chant as she punched the button for the lobby and waited for the doors to close. The proverbial light bulb went off just seconds before the doors slid together. Angela gasped and her gaze darted back toward Brennan's apartment and she saw what were very obviously two lovers entwined in a passionate embrace. And if they didn't take it inside soon, they were going to be arrested for public indecency. Clamping a hand over her mouth to hold in the squeal, she craned her neck to get a better view until the elevator doors closed in her face. Removing her hand from her mouth, Angela let out the squeal that she had been saving for this particular situation for over five years. Brennan jumped and Booth winced as an almost inhuman sound streamed from the elevator and echoed eerily down the hallway.

"Was that Angela?" Brennan gasped, tilting back her head and looking at him quizzically.

"It must have been but I didn't even know that people could make sounds like that," Booth shuddered as that sound continued to echo around them. "Damn, I hope no one was in that elevator with her or they're likely to be deaf for life."

"I would think that they would require medical assistance, at the very least," Brennan nodded her agreement. "Maybe we should check, Booth." Brennan looked toward the elevator in concern, pulling out of his arms and starting in that direction.

"Uh uh," catching her hand, he pulled her into the apartment, firmly closing and locking the door behind them.

"But, Booth, someone might be hurt," she objected.

"Angela can handle it," he assured her, leaning down to stop any further objections with his lips. Trading deep, wet kisses, he slowly backed her down the hallway toward the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothing in their wake. They had had enough interruptions for one day and now it was time for them. They both knew that there would always be interruptions but, now, they also knew when those interruptions were over, they would both be exactly where they wanted to be, where they belonged. Together. In each other's arms.