Screams fill the air below my helicopter. I can hear the pilot's radio to the left of me. Several marines on their radio sets are reporting that the monsters are unstoppable. They say that no matter how many times they shoot them, they only faint, but within minutes…

They're back and angrier than ever…

Outbreak: Chapter One

"Sir, we're at the drop point."

"Nicely done, Sergeant. I can take it from here." I strap my M16A3 to my chest and throw my bag over my shoulder. I put on the parachute by the door and, with a nod towards my pilot, Sergeant Ramirez, and jump out.

At about 70 feet above the ground I pull my parachute. I'm falling towards the apartment district of Rustboro City. I land on the roof of a school house, now burnt and covered in patches of black. The windows are broken and there are several holes in the walls, but it will do as a fortress. I unhook my parachute and walk to the edge of the building. There's a short wall at the edge. I lean on one knee and prop my M16 against the wall and look through my scope.

Blood stains the grass on the school's campus. There are bodies of marines and police officers scattered along the ground. They're ripped to shreds with teeth marks on what's left of them. Then I spot one of the monsters. It's a black wolf-like creature, but it's larger than any normal wolf. I reach into my bag and pull out a small, red, rectangular device. The first Pokedex created by a scientist in Marine Corps. I flip open the cover and switch it on. The screen lights up. I aim the built in camera at the wolf.

"Mightyena, the wolf Pokemon," an automated voice says. "They tend to have a very loyal nature. In the wild, they hunt in packs and follow an experienced leader." I shut off the Pokedex and put it back into my bag. Then I put one finger on the trigger of my gun, take careful aim, and fire a burst of shots into the Wolf's head.

These monsters (or 'Pokemon' as the scientists of Marine Corps have named them) are known to be extremely strong. My bullets only hurt it, but it's far from dead. The beast stumbles back and looks up at my vantage point on the schoolhouse. It runs at me. I take a few more shots. One of the bursts goes into the head, one hits it in the side, and another hits the leg. The creature is weakened and comes at me with a limp. I sit my gun down and reach into my bag. What I produce is a small ball, half red, half white, with a small circle in between the two colors. I press the circle and the ball goes from about the size of a quarter to about the size of my fist. I stand up and watch the Mightyena. It sinks its claws into the building and bounds up. I step back several yards to put space between us. It jumps onto the rooftop. I take careful aim and throw the ball at the Mightyena.

There's a blinding flash of light. I raise my arm to shield my eyes. When I look back, the monster is gone and in its place is the ball. It twitches around as if the beast trapped inside were trying to break free. After three times, the beast loses the battle and the ball clicks shut.

"First Lieutenant Carter! That was amazing!" I hear Ramirez say on my radio. "I was watching from the helicopter and the way you executed the mission was flawless! I'm gonna land on the building. Get ready for extraction."

I grab the ball and put it in my bag, then sling the bag over my shoulder. I strap on my M16 and stand back. The helicopter lands in front of me and I climb in and take a seat. Pleased with my mission success, I stare out at the city below me as we fly back to HQ.