Outbreak: Chapter Two

The helicopter lands on the pad directly outside of HQ. The HQ is surrounded in high walls with a constant patrol of heavily armed guards. I step out of the chopper and walk to the doors. The guard in front sees my uniform and steps aside. I walk into the building.

"First Lieutenant Carter. Welcome back. I assume your mission was a success?" says Commander Wallace.

"Yes, sir." I reply.

"And you brought back the experiment?" he asks. I reach into my bag and pull out the Pokeball with the Mightyena inside.

"Very good, Carter." He says. "Professor Oak will want that. You should take it to him. He's in lab A-2."

"Thank you, sir. Always happy to help." I say. We salute each other and then I walk past the lobby to one of the many doors. I see the one that says 'Labs' and walk in. There's a long hallway with white walls and white, tiled floors. I go down until I see the door marked 'A-2' and I go inside. Professor Oak is standing by a large computer screen. The computer has a panel with a Pokeball sitting on it.

"Professor, I got the test subject you needed."

"Ah, yes. Very good." He said. "Did you add its data to the Pokedex?"

"Yeah." I say. "It's a Mightyena. It was at the apartment district by the schoolyard."

"Hmm…" He sat the Pokeball on the panel and a picture of the Mightyena appeared on the computer screen. "This will do very well in my research. In the meantime, I want you to find a Pokemon for me. We've named this one Charizard. You may need these. It's an advanced kind of Pokeball. We call it the Great ball. It can be used to catch stronger Pokemon." He said as he handed me a Pokeball. Instead of being red and white, this one was blue and white.

"Alright, professor. I'll get to work on it tomorrow." I say. I walked out of the room and down the hall, back into the dark-gray tiled lobby floor. I head up the stairs to the barracks and go to my cot. I drop my bag and gun by my bed, take off my body armor, my coat, and my boots, and lay down on my cot. I fall asleep shortly later.

The next day. It's noon and I'm heading to a forest that's near Rustboro. I'm in the same helicopter with the same pilot. I can see several thick trees when I see a glow on the horizon. We keep flying towards the glow when I see it. The entire forest is set on fire. The Charizard I was sent to find is flying above the blaze. It's a dragon-like creature with orange scales and huge wings. The inside of the wings are a blue color and the monster's head is like a lizard's. It has rows of razor sharp teeth. It spots our helicopter and flies at it.

"Hurry, get away!" I yell to Sergeant Ramirez.

"I'm trying! It's too fast! I'll do what I can but-"

Impact. The helicopter shakes. I fall to the gfloor. I look up and see the glass in the cockpit broken. Ramirez is slumped in his chair. Blood leaks from a wound on his temple from where the beast bashed its tail through the glass and into his head.

"Ramirez!" I yell. The helicopter shakes and then starts going down. I take control and manage to keep it from falling. I pick up the radio and call in HQ.

"This is First Lieutenant Carter. I need back up. Is there anyone there?"

"Carter, what's your status?" I hear Commander Wallace say.

"Ramirez is down. The Pokemon killed him. I need backup." I say.

"I'll send in a squad. We can track you with the helicopter's radio signal. Just hold tight and we can get there in a few minutes." He says.

"Alright. Thanks, sir." I say. Another crash. The monster hits the side of the chopper. It can't take much more of this before going down. I see a clearing where the fire has burned away the trees. I land the helicopter there and get out, carrying my bag and my gun.

I take aim and fire into the creature's chest. It roars and spits a blast of fire at me. I jump out the way and roll along the ground just in time. The flames engulf the helicopter and the area I was standing moments ago. I fire more shots at the Charizard. It flies at me and puts its head low like it's going to headbutt me. I keep shooting at it and walking backwards. When it gets close, I roll to the side and dodge it. I turn around and fire at it. I see it prepare to blow another blast of fire. I run behind the charred remains of the helicopter and hide there. The flames hit the other side but I'm safe. I grab a normal Pokeball out of my bag and throw it at the Charizard. The flash of light engulfs it and it's trapped within. I run to where the ball fell and grab it. Just then, there's another flash of light. I fall backwards onto the ground as the Charizard flies back into the air. I grab my M16 and keep shooting into it. Just then, a round of shots from a .50 Turret pelts the creature, sending it to the ground. I look up and see a helicopter above me with a gunner at the turret. Without wasting any time, I grab my Great Ball from my bag and catch the Charizard. Being pelted with that many bullets already knocked it out. It didn't even put up a fight.

I radio in the helicopter and request an extraction. I pocket the Great Ball containing the Charizard and climb aboard the helicopter.