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Chapter 4:

A few days later…

Neal was torn away from his book by an incessant knocking on his bedroom door.

"Coming," he called as he marked his page and stood.

The knocking continued, irritating Neal.

"I said I'm coming," he yelled. He marched up to the door and pulled it open.

"All right. What do you wa –"

He sentence was cut short by the sight before him.

"Hey, Caffery," Peter said hesitantly.

"Peter?" Neal asked with surprise. He stuck his head out of the room and looked around the hallway outside.

All he saw was Peter holding a cooler that no doubt contained a few beers and maybe a some of Peter's favorite snacks.

"Is something wrong? Did something happen?" Neal asked, his voice rising an octave below panic.

"What? Oh, no no. Everything's fine," Peter assured. "It's just… well."

Neal raised his brows expectantly.

Peter took a deep breath. "It's just that, El's flight has been postponed and she won't be back until tomorrow. And I was thinking, since I – or – we don't have work today that I could come over and watch the game or something."

Neal's expression brightened as the worry was washed from his features. He laughed openly.

"You should have said that in the first place," he scolded lightly. Peter shrugged helplessly.

"Come on in," Neal invited as he stepped aside. "I can't refuse family,"

Peter froze in surprise for a moment but then his face broke out in a grin as he stepped inside. Neal closed the door behind him.

"And if I recall," Neal's voice resounded from within, "I owe you a big one."

He was an ex convict and he was an officer upholding the law. But they knew that if one went to the other's house, he would welcome him in.


Now that's the end. Hope it was warm and fuzzy enough for ya. ^_^

**NOTE**: the part about owing Peter a big one is a reference to chapter 2 in which Peter said Neal owed him big time before he said good night. In case you forgot.

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