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death is not the end. It is only a small step forward into an infinite journey.

The world was very small.

Somewhere, far outside and beyond, there was death. A great, slavering death with mad, mad red eyes and tails that toppled mountains. Outside, somewhere far beyond, humans were dying in a desperate last attempt to save what they had bound their hearts too – buildings and land and families. Somewhere, outside, the greatest shinobi in all the worlds drew a line in the ground and said 'no further'.

The world was very small.

She lowered her head.

Against her chest, a tiny new life rested. It was warm and soft and had the sweetest smell she'd ever known. It smelled so sweet that tears came to her eyes and then trailed down her cheeks to tickle her awkwardly placed ears.

"I love you."

She whispered it. As she had whispered it to that tiny life since before it had been planted in her. Her throat felt tight and awkward and she still managed to smile. Against her skin, the child stirred and purred and she wondered if he would remember her scent the way she would always remember his. Her fingers moved soothingly down his tiny back, tap tap tap, and she felt the tears threaten again. He was so soft, so small, so warm… so human. She wanted to hold him against her chest forever. She wanted the world to stop. She wanted to live.

But… the world was very small…

Years ago, she had fallen in love with a human. Today, she gave him a son. A son with his hair and his eyes – and his stubborn determination, she was sure. Her fingers found and stroked, lightly tugging, at the barely there wisps of blond hair. So soft… She swallowed and tried to talk – but her voice broke.

He was dying. Out there beyond here – her Yondaime was dying. She could feel it. He was in pain, heart pain because he was finally realizing what he had to do to beat the monster that had already destroyed her entire clan and had now come for his – and he was dying.

She inhaled, sucking in tears and sorrow, and tried again. Because her son deserved to hear it – even if he never remembered.

"Your father loves you. He loves you more than his own soul." She had to whisper it because her voice wouldn't stay steady. "But I have loved you longer." She paused and rested both hands on her kit's back, looking up at the hospital ceiling and blinking until the tears calmed. "I have loved you longer," she told the ceiling, "because I have dreamed you in my dreams all of my life. You are my death, little kit, and I have always known it – and always loved you fiercely."

Out there, beyond here, she felt the first tug on the bond that her lover's pact with her all those years ago had established. Someone else – something else – was trying to take what was already hers. Her lips curved at their edges and sharp teeth showed briefly.

No one took what was hers. Not even death itself.

But her time was fading here. In this very small world.

Using what little strength she had left, she lifted the kit above her. He stirred and opened unfocused eyes of blue to squint down at her. No male kitsune was ever born into the world but he killed his mother in the process. Too much power, too different a magic, too much of a fight to keep her body from refusing him as he grew in her. Bestest sister had offered to end him in order to save her…

She had told her 'no'.

She had never been so proud of anything or anyone as she was of her son in this moment.

"They are coming for you. To take you to your destiny. And you will not cry when your father takes you in his arms for the first and last time. He is asking something very hard of you – and very great and your heart will have to be very, very large to hold all he will trust you with."

Tiny arms stretched down to her, fingers the size of nothing reaching and she quickly pulled him close and held him tightly, burying her nose in his smell. Her throat closed again but she swallowed hard. There was more she needed to tell him and little time to do it in. The magic she had laid over them to make people unconsciously avoid them would break when the shinobi came from her lover to take her child. The doctors would come and they would realize she was bleeding out and they would panic. She needed to tell her son her words now – before there was no more time.

The world was very small.

"You will be great. Greater than your father. But you must love just as greatly as he has. You must, above everything, love as he does or else your destiny will destroy you." The tug on her bond was greater. The god of death had accepted her lover's pact – an eternity spent in the Shinigami's stomach battling demons in exchange for the safety of a village. She pressed her lips to her kit's soft hair in fierce desperation and determination. "Remember my words. You must love. You must. It will save you from the monster you will bear inside you. You must love as your father has." She blinked tears. "You must love as I have loved you." For a long moment, the water leaking from her eyes took her ability to speak from her and she could only pressed her lips to her child and hold him.

Her lover would be so upset if he knew she had always known this would come and had never told him so. The thought made her smile weakly even as the shinobi appeared in the room. It was Umino and he was bleeding and dirty and smelled of smoke and despair and death. He was dying, she could smell it on him. But he had come, this one last duty to his Hokage and friend.

Her kit's first taste of the outside world and it came as it should. With the smell of battle on it. Umino's eyes were empty and hopeless as he approached and looked down at her and she knew he could not say the words her lover had sent him to say. She saved him from it, pressing one last kiss to her kit's soft cheek, rubbing her nose against his and her cheek against his. Leaving her scent on him even though she knew it would not last. Then, throat closed over, she lifted the child and offered him, first son of the greatest shinobi in the world, Fourth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Battle bruised hands closed around the soft bundle and the look of despair and sorrow Umino gave her threatened to swallow her whole. She turned her head and closed her eyes and refused to watch him disappear with her child.

The nurse came then, as if sensing the difference in the emptiness of the room and her panicked call brought the doctors. It was already too late though – it had been since she'd first dreamed of a laughing boy with whiskers on his cheeks and sunshine in the sky blue of his eyes and she smiled as they rushed around her, mouthing reassurances she couldn't hear anymore.

The Fourth Hokage's woman was dying and his only son was missing.

The world was very small.

Somewhere, out there, she felt new life flow through the bond between her and her lover, felt the renewal of purpose… and his horrible, horrible despair. He finally realized what his dream had meant. What horror he would visit upon his own son by binding the strongest monster in all the world inside that tiny, trusting body – to save a village and create a hero for the future.

She had never loved him more or been more proud of him. Her Yondaime…

One of the doctors was speaking to her, trying to get her attention – but she had nothing she wanted to tell him. She looked beyond him with glassy eyes and concentrated. Her timing must be perfect. She must not let her soul slip away before or after her lover's. It must be at the same moment – so that she could catch him – and join him in the hell he had agreed to. It was her right. She had told him once before that there was nowhere he would go that she could not find him, that she could not follow. Not even a god of death could stop her if she chose it.

And she did.

She had long, long ago.

The world was very small.

She felt the strength leave her lover and in that instant she let her own soul jump free. It left behind her body and suddenly she was gold and red and four legged and pale skinned and long hair and soft fur and everything and more than she had always been. She saw her son, surrounded by promises and sorrow, a new destiny marked on his stomach. Her heart did not hurt for him anymore. He would be great – and there would be pain – but he would triumph.

"Kushina…my cousin… do you see him now? The child that will carry your name into the world and make it good again…"

She saw an empty, ruined clearing where the world's rage had been stopped and defeated.

"Great Kyuubi… I have done my clan's duty to you, great ancestor and destroyer of my people thrice over. I have found a way to make you mortal and one day, when he is done with you, my son will kill you and free you from your madness…"

She saw her lover's fallen body, the hair still bright despite the dirt and blood in it, and – turning, her running steps led her there and even as the Shinigami closed his fingers and drew the life out of Konoha's Yondaime, the great Namikaze Minato, she threw herself forward and wrapped herself around that single soul that was hers to own and she went into the darkness with him.

"He will come…" her heart whispered it to her. "One day… he will come and free you both. Your kit-child Naruto…"

In the darkness, she smiled and then her head lifted because she heard a voice, puzzled and distant but growing closer. It said:

"Little fox?"

- and suddenly, again, the world was very, very small. Just the size of one man's arms.