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All I Want For Christmas is You

Chapter 1

"Okay, ready Smallville?" Lois asked as she lead Clark into the main room of the house.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see what you've done with the place Lois." Even though she was standing behind him Lois knew he was smiling.

It's like when you're on the phone with someone and you can just tell when the other person has a smile in their face. Something about their voice is different than usual and you just know, and that was how Lois knew.

"Well I ah, the tree took longer than I was hoping....so I thought maybe we could decorate the rest together..."

"That sounds perfect Lois." His voice hadn't changed which meant he was still smiling. So good so far Lane, keep it up.

"Okay, on the count of three then." Glancing up at the tree Lois took a deep breath. The last time she had actually decorated a Christmas tree she had been five years old so she worked super hard trying to put together this one, one that Clark would like. "One," Please like it, "two," Please please like it, "three." Like she had agreed Lois lifted her hands from over Clark's eyes.

His expression wasn't one of happiness when his eyes caught the tree and scanned over it. After a few moment's a forced smile appeared on his face.

"Oh great, you don't like it."

"No, no Lois it's not that." Clark spun around to face her, "I love the tree, and I love the girl who decorated it even more."

Clark set his hands gently on Lois' shoulders as he spoke. It had been so long since the last time he had touched her, even this little contact just on her shoulders helped to lift her mood ever so slightly because it meant that he was really back. Clark had left a week ago to do something or another in Star City, it was only a week but it had felt like so much longer.

"Don't insult me by lying Clark...I just wanted our first Christmas together to be perfect."

"Honey, this Christmas is going to be perfect and it's not because of some tree." Clark moved his hands from Lois' shirt and slowly slid them down her sides until rested them on her hips, it was the first time that he realized what she was actually wearing. Lois was dawning a festive green t-shirt that buttoned for five buttons at the collar heading down the middle of the shirt. He couldn't remember seeing her in green many times, but this plain shirt was already one of his favorites just from the view it provided him how she only had two of those five buttons done up. "What's going to make this Christmas perfect is you being here with me, our families finally spending a day together; oh and did I mention you being here with me?" He asked as he gently pulled her body toward him and then wrapped his arms around her waist.

Then there it was, that dazzling Clark Kent smile, she just couldn't resist it and he knew that; he was using it to his advantage. So in complete retaliation Lois brought her arms up circling them around Clark's neck and pulled herself up onto her tiptoes so she could gaze into his eyes. Then instead of the snarky remark that she was expecting about her tree decorating skills Clark brought his lips straight to hers crushing her lips against his own.

The usual way he started his kisses, slow and gentle, seemed to not have any reason here, both of them knew how much one another missed each other. This kiss didn't need to be soft and tender and it wasn't; it was raw, passion filled, and hungry, but it was also over with much too fast for either of them to be completely satisfied.

"God Lois, I've missed you so much." Clark whispered after they pulled out of the kiss for air, he leaned his forehead against hers and they both closed their eyes to the touch of the others skin against their own.

There was a smile playing on the corners of Lois' lips, time for one of those infamous comebacks, "Is this all because of how disastrous my tree decorating ended up?"

Clark smiled and opened his eyes, "It didn't end up that disastrous." he looked up at the tree and couldn't help but chuckle, "Can I ask you something?"

Lois opened her eyes and nodded her head lightly, "Sure."

Clark's smile grew even wider and Lois knew that he was going to be teasing her, that little sparkle in his eyes, it was a wicked sparkle and she'd learned to recognize it by now.

"How did you get everything to stick in that one spot?"

"Oh, I bet you think you're so funny Smallville." Lois said as she took a step back shaking her head at him. She opened her mouth almost as if she were about to laugh but nothing came out, so instead, she swung her left arm and knocked him in the shoulder.

Clark started to laugh, that was definitely the same old Lois, "I'm serious," he said as he attempted to stop laughing, "I mean, two strands of lights, three things of garland, and two packages of tinsel all in about a one foot by one foot square, how did you do it..and where are all the hanging ornaments?"

"I made do with what I could find," she said as she looked over at the tree, "and don't blame me that it's all in that one spot, all that stuff was so damn tangled I spent like five hours trying to untangle them and they just wouldn't budge."

"So what, you just plopped it on the tree?" Clark asked still chuckling.

"No, I picked that spot because it's the middle of the tree, don't blame me that it's all together, maybe you shouldn't store all you're things in one bag."

"What did you expect Lois, this is a farm house, not a million dollar mansion."

Lois smiled, "That's why I love it here though Smallville, and it's not just a farm house, it's the Kent family farm house." she set her hands on Clark's chest and softened her smile as she looked up at him.

Clark smiled, "It's our farm house Lois, mine and yours." he said as he kissed her forehead. "Mom's living in D.C. now, she told me I could sell the place if I wanted but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, so she said it's mine...and I say, it's ours."

"It's yours Clark, I still have that apartment in Metropolis remember."

"Which you never stay at anymore, and all your stuff is here, just don't resign your contract for the next year and then you can call this our place as well." Clark smiled and shrugged a little, "I'm still gonna call it our place in the mean time."

Lois laughed as she stepped toward Clark and rested her head under his chin looping her hands around his back. "You know I love you right Clark?" Lois asked as she closed her eyes listening to his heart beat. She could hear it speed up when she had said 'I love you,' and that made her smile.

"I know Lois." he whispered, "You know I love you too right?" he asked as he set his chin on her head.

"I know." she whispered with a smile.

"Want to fix the tree." Clark asked as he moved his hand to gently rub her back, Lois let out a satisfying 'mhmm' as he did so, she hadn't realized how tense she had been and the simple, comforting, back rub made such a difference.

"I knew you didn't like the tree Smallville." Lois said with a winning smile. She knew she had won the argument now since he had said he wanted to fix it.

"It's not th-"

"Don't lie Smallville, you said you wanted to fix it, so just admit it, the tree is hideous, I am a major failure. I guess it's a good thing that I'm not a designer." she chuckled.

"Lois, I never want to hear you say that again, you are far from a failure...and you have to admit that the tree does look pretty bad." he smiled.

"Fine, let's fix it." Lois sighed as she pulled out of his grasp and let go of him. "The last thing I want is for your mom and my dad to see that sorry excuse for a Christmas tree."

Clark smiled, "It'll be fun Lois, trust me. This used to be my favorite part of Christmas when I was a kid. Didn't you used to just love decorating the Christmas tree?"

Lois stopped where she was for a moment, half way to the tree, then she began to walk again, "No Clark, I didn't."

"Really? I don't know of many kids who didn't like decorating their Christmas tree...actually I don't know of any, except you."

"Lucy didn't either."

"It must be a Lane girl thing." Clark said with a chuckle as he shook his head and started toward the tree.

"Must be," or a not having a tree kinda thing.

Lois stood in front of the tree holding the crumpled, tangled mess of tree decorations in her hands trying to unknot them. Clark walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her midsection. He leaned his head on her shoulder and started to sway with her back and fourth. He placed a single kiss right below her ear before bringing his lips up to whisper to her.

"Since you spent five hours trying to do that, why don't you let me give it a go and you just take a break."

Lois smiled and closed her eyes as Clark nuzzled against her neck. "What about the hanging ornaments, I don't know where they are so don't you have to get them?"

"I could tell you where they are..." Clark said before he placed a kiss in her neck, a kiss which quickly turned into him sucking on her supple neck as it bent away from him giving him ample access. Clark smiled as he continued to suck on her soft skin. He had missed her so much the last week he was away, he missed this as well, the scent of her mango shampoo still potent in her hair, the taste of her skin on his lips, it was one that belonged to just her; sweet, yet there seemed to be a shock factor to it that sent chills down his spine every time his lips ever made contact with her.

"You, b-better," he could see that Lois was trying to tell him something but she was having problems forming her sentences, he was getting to her, "my d-dad and your m-mom wo-won't like it if, if I h-have hickeys fr-from you." She finally managed to stutter out something, it hadn't been what she had originally been planing to say and he could tell that but she still made a point.

Clark parted his lips from her skin, "There better not be any from someone else," he said into her ear in a husky voice. "I don't care if they see any that I give you." Clark then began to kiss her neck again.

Lois leaned her head back onto Clark's shoulder and brought her right hand up setting it on Clark's neck as he continued to lather the right side of her neck with long, warm kisses. Lois felt as though her body were simply melting right into Clark's with every kiss that he placed on her.

"The, the tree..." Lois breathed as she tried to pull herself away from Clark very unsuccessfully.

"The tree can wait." Clark grumbled as he picked Lois up in his arms and walked her over to the couch setting her down on her back and then placing a knee and a hand on either side of her he crawled over her. "I've wanted to do this with you ever since I kissed you last New Years Lois, that was the night everything changed and I couldn't hide it anymore, that was when I knew you were the one." he whispered before placing his lips on her collar bone.

Lois closed her eyes as she took in a shallow breath feeling Clark's lips over her skin, and it wasn't just his lips anymore now he was using his tongue as well. She opened her mouth to call out to him, to get his attention but nothing came out and instead Clark leaned up and captured her lips with his. Clark heard the noises escaping from deep in Lois' throat, he could only describe it as she was purring, god that sound was driving him crazy.

Clark moved a hand slowly down Lois' side until it was at the bottom of her shirt. His hand ran over the already exposed mid-drift and then he started to push her shirt up. Lois jumped feeling Clark's hand slip under her shirt and move the material up; her formerly fogged mind instantly cleared and she pulled away from him blushing a deep read.

"Clark..." she looked so torn, she wanted to do this with him, she had missed him so much when he was gone but then at the same time she didn't want to do it with him, she didn't want to ruin what they already had by moving too fast.

Clark smiled slightly as he gazed down into Lois' eyes. He removed his hand from under her shirt and reached up brushing some hair out of her face, "Alright Lois." he said as he leaned down kissing her one last time before moving off of her.

"I'm really sorry Clark." Lois said as she got up from the couch.

"Don't be sorry Lois," he said with a smile the truth was that yes while he was away all he was thinking about was Lois, he had fantasized about the moment when they would finally take their relationship to the next level by getting more physical; but he also couldn't stop thinking about how he might hurt her if they took it to that next level, he just didn't know and he didn't want to take that risk. He was relieved Lois had stopped him because he knew that he didn't have the will power to stop himself; the second he had seen Lois he knew something like this was bound to happen. "that doesn't matter to me, I love you even without sex." he said as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "Whenever you're ready, that's when we'll try, no matter how long it takes...Ready to fix that tree?"

Lois nodded slowly, "Yeah, when is your mom getting in anyway?"

"Two days, your dad?"

"Next week, he's supposed to be flying in with Lucy on Christmas Eve."

"How long are they staying?"

Lois chuckled, "Clark don't you remember, you were the one who told him he could stay as long as he wanted, Lucy too."

"I said what?!" Clark's voice cracked, if he had said that to the general he was stupid because he would never leave, not while Lois was living here.

Lois smiled, "I'm joking Clark, they're leaving the day after New Years."

Clark nodded his head, "Yeah mom too, that day is gonna be full of goodbyes." Clark said with a sigh, although in reality he thought it was going to be an eternity for all those people to be there, and Lois had already made it clear that while the family was there they were going to be sleeping in different rooms. It didn't seem fair, he had only just gotten back and he only had two nights to sleep with her in his arms before they were separated once again. He was starting to wonder if she would even let them hold hands while the families were here because the way things were going Lois was adding more rules by the day. She had already informed him of ten rules she had come up with while he was away and told him she wasn't done yet.

"Sixteen days is going to be like an eternity to not have you sleeping next to me." Clark said his voice sad.

Lois smiled, "Somehow I think you'll get over it."

"Where are we going to put everyone anyway?"

"Well you can have your room, and obviously your mom gets her old room. I figured my dad can sleep in the spare room, Lucy can have the couch, and there's a roll away cot in the storm cellar that I can use."

"Lois, no way are you sleeping on that cot. It's dusty, and old, and falling apart. You can have my bed, I'll take the cot."

"Clark, you don't need to be a gentlemen on this one I'm not taking you're b-"

"Our bed." Clark interjected with a smile. "Lois you've been sleeping there for months so it's officially yours too."

Lois smiled and laughed a little, "Okay, well I'm not taking our bed and letting you sleep on that cot Clark, like you said it's dangerous."

"So...maybe you should just stay in that bed with me then." Clark said with a hopeful smile.

"Or, I can stay with Chloe at the Talon,"

"Oh no you don't Lois, there's already going to be rooms between us the last thing I need is for there to be a town between us. I want you here, under the same roof."

Lois smiled, "Well, I can just sleep in the chair,"

"Lois you know that if I let you sleep anywhere not comfortable my mom is going to lecture me to no end, besides she'd probably offer to let you sleep in her bed with her before letting you sleep in that chair and I must say I would be highly offended if you agreed to that."

Lois laughed and leaned up to kiss Clark, "Trust me Clark, there is nowhere else I would rather sleep then in your arms."

"Then why are you refusing to?"

"You realize that the General is going to be here right, the last thing I want to explain to him is that we sleep in the same bed, his mind is going to jump to sex."

"So what if it does Lois, you're a big girl now, you don't need his permission to do anything."

Lois sighed, "Fine, we can share the bed, but both of us have to be fully clothed at all times, that means even a shirt for you." Lois said as her eyes moved from his face down to his chest that was still covered by his current shirt.

"Deal." Clark said with a smile.

"Now for that tree." Lois said as she headed over to the tree and grabbed the tangled mess. "Now for this mess." she mumbled to herself.

Clark smiled as he watched Lois struggling with the huge pile in her hands, she was just making it worst but she was adorable as she did it. Clark ran and got the hanging decorations and quickly ran back, "I got them, they were in the closet Lois." Clark said with a smile as he held up the box.

Lois looked up from the objects in her hands and sighed seeing the box, "I swear I looked in there." she said with an embarrassed smile as she walked over and took the box from him and plopped the mess of lights and garland into his hands.

Lois walked over to the couch and set down the box and turned back to face Clark who was holding two, untangled strands of lights in one hand and some untangled garland in the other.

"But, how did you?" Lois looked at him dumbfounded, how was that even possible that whole thing was a huge mess and in a matter of seconds he had it all straightened out.

"I'm magic." Clark winked at her as he walked over setting the stuff down on the coffee table, "Plus, I have years of experience untangling those things."

Lois smiled and walked over picking up one of the strands of lights, "Okay, well you're going to have to show me how to do this Smallville because I've never done it before."

Clark smiled, "Really?"

"Really." she said with a chuckle as she shrugged her shoulders, "Got a problem with that?"

"Not at all." Clark said with a smile as he stood behind Lois and walked with her to the tree, he took her hands in his. "Okay, well first we'll stick the end of it right up here at the tip." he brought her hand up to the top of the tree and had her release the strand there. "Now, we walk around the tree, and we slowly move it down until we run out of length." It wasn't until he was finished explaining that he realized what he had said sounded like, luckily Lois wouldn't think like that though, well hopefully.

Lois started to chuckle as Clark finished speaking, "You know Clark, you make decorating the tree sound so dirty." she said with a smile as she looked over her shoulder at him. Clark began to blush but Lois just smiled, she didn't mind she knew she was like that all the time, sometimes things just slipped out like that.

Lois and Clark walked around the tree until the one strand of lights had run out, then Clark took the other strand and started around. Lois followed behind him with a strand of garland and Clark followed her with the other garland once he had finished with the lights.

"Now for the fun part." Clark said as he opened the box revealing all the hanging ornaments for the tree.

Lois walked over and picked up one of the ornaments and a huge smile spread on her face, "Awe, Clark, you were so adorable when you were little," she looked up at him, "what the hell happened?"

"What happened is the question indeed...but whatever it is I'm glad it did because now I've got you."

Lois smiled and hung the ornament on the tree, "I'll tell you what happened Clark, you grew up." she said as she moved her hands sliding them up his chest and then gently kissing him on the lips before going back into the box for another ornament.

"You know Lois, we're going to have to get you some ornaments all your own. We can get some done with pictures too." he said with a smile as both of them continued to hang up the ornaments. "We could do one with a picture of us together."

Lois smiled, "As in a couple ornament?"

Clark shrugged, "Yeah, I guess that's what it would be." he said grabbing another ornament.

The two continued like that until all the ornaments were hung on the tree. They talked about little things here and there, nothing really important just small talk really. Lois was hanging the last ornament on the tree, it was a homemade one with a picture of the whole Kent family, Clark and both his mother and father. Lois smiled, they all looked so happy, Clark came from such an amazing family it was no wonder he was such a great guy. As Lois was lost in admiring the tree Clark came up behind her, he wrapped one arm around her waist and set his head on her shoulder.

"I think it's time for the last decoration on the tree." he whispered to her with a smile.

"What's that?"

"Lois, it's the angel of course." he said as he brought his other hand around her and it was holding the angel that had been dawning the Kent family Christmas tree for as long as CLark could remember.

Lois smiled, "Right, go on and put it on then." she said taking a step back so that he could get in front of the tree and put the angel on top but Clark grabbed her hand before she could get too far and pulled her back toward him.

"I was thinking, maybe we could do it together..." he said with a gentle smile.

"Clark I may be tall but I'm not tall enough to reach the top of that tree."

"I don't think I am either Lois, so, how about I lift you up and you put the angel on."

Lois smiled and nodded as she took the angel that Clark offered to her. Clark set his hands on Lois' waist.


Lois smiled and nodded her head, "Ready."

Clark lifted her up easily, he could have lifted her with one hand no problem but he wasn't going to let Lois know that, after all he could lift a tractor one handed too. Lois reached up setting the angel on top of the tree.

"Alright now Lois, you have to plug one of the lights up there into the bottom of the angel because she lights up."

Lois nodded as Clark instructed her on what to do, she reached up trying to find the first light on the one strand and when she did she fumbled around until she was able to plug it into the bottom of the angel.

"Okay Clark, I got it." she said with a smile and Clark lowered her back to the ground.

Clark moved to the plug outlet and Lois took a few steps back looking at the tree. Even before Clark plugged it in she had to admit that it looked a million times better than when she had done it by herself. But the real magic happened when Clark plugged it in, he came and stood next to her looping an arm behind her.

"We did good Lois."

Lois smiled and nodded, "It's the best looking Christmas tree I've ever seen Clark."

Clark smiled and leaned over kissing her on the side of her head. "It'll look even better once we have some ornaments with pictures of you on it."

Lois laughed, "I'm not really photogenic."

Now it was Clark's turn to laugh, "Yeah Lois, and I don't have dark hair wither." he said with a smile as he pulled Lois against his side.

Together the two stood there in that living room, their bodies pushed together held that way by Clark. They stood there staring at the Christmas tree that they had assembled together for their first Christmas together. Their first time decorating the tree together, but definitely not their last.

Clark turned to look at Lois, she was staring at that tree with amazement as if it had been the first Christmas tree she had ever seen. Her eyes were wide, her mouth was slightly a gape, the lights from the trees were sparkling off her eyes like a kid in a candy store. God she was astounding, her there with that look of pure amazement radiating from her, to see that look on her face he'd go to the end of the world and back; although that wasn't really saying much considering his powers but he meant it as a large gesture.

"God, she's so beautiful." Lois breathed to himself, but Lois heard him and turned to look at him smiling slightly.

"Why Clark, are you talking about me, or Shelby?" she asked as she noted the dog whom was laying in the corner of the room on a fluffy chair.

Clark chuckled, "Definitely you, although that's not to say Shelby isn't an attractive dog."

Lois smiled and looked around the rest of the room, "Well, we have the tree done, what do you say to we start working on the rest of this place?"

Clark shook his head, "We can do that tomorrow, mom's not going to be here until the day after that so we have all day. Right now I just want to sit with you in front of the tree." he said as he sat down on the floor and pulled her down next to him.

Lois smiled over at Clark as she leaned against his chest and he draped his arm around her back resting his hand on her hip. "I want to do this with you every year for the rest of our lives." Clark said as he set his chin on Lois' head.

"I don't object to that." Lois said with a smile.

"Good because now that I have you I'm not letting you go."

Clark sat there holding Lois like that for what seemed like such a short time but when he glanced up at the clock it read 4:00 am. 4 AM?! Where had the time gone? He looked down and for the first time noticed that Lois was already asleep. He hadn't noticed that until now, he had spent the last hours rubbing his thumb on her hip gently, day dreaming about a future with Lois. He knew he would have to talk to his dad before he moved on to the next step with her, but he already knew that he wanted to marry her. If his father told him that an intimate relationship was impossible then he wouldn't allow himself to follow through with what he truly wanted, he wouldn't propose to her. It wouldn't have been fair to Lois if he did that. Humans were sexual beings and he sure felt like one since he had been with Lois but in reality he had to always remember that he wasn't a human like her, that he could hurt her, kill her even. That was why the talk with his father was so important. He was going to have to talk to his father before Christmas and just pray that his answer was what he wanted, December twenty fifth could go from being the best day of his life to the worst day all with a simple word from his father.

Clark sighed and shook his head trying to eradicate the thoughts from his head. He needed to focus on the now. Now he was with Lois and that was what mattered. He took in a deep breath as he carefully lifted Lois into one arm and then pushed himself up off the floor, he carried her upstairs to their room and laid her in the bed gently then changed himself into a pair of running pants and crawled in bed next to her. Clark rolled Close to Lois and wrapped his arms around her gently rolling her toward him and she snuggled into his chest causing Clark to smile. Even though she didn't know she was doing it and would probably snuggle with a cactus in her sleep it didn't matter because right now it was him that she was with. It was his bare chest that was getting goosebumps from the warm breaths she was breathing on his skin. It was his nose taking in the scent of her mango shampoo. Right now it was just him and Lois, like he knew it should be.

"Good night Lois," Clark whispered as he leaned down and kissed her gently on the top of her head. "I love you...more than you could ever know."

Clark curled his head above Lois' on the pillow, burying his face in her hair so that he could inhale her scent and feel her there completely all night. Soon after closing his eyes Clark had fallen asleep as well.