Editors Note: This is the last chapter in this story and it's kinda short. The next story I have will be a follow up on this one.

All I Want For Christmas is You

Chapter 4

Lois yawned feeling a hand on the side of her face, rubbing her cheek. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Clark smiling at her.

"Morning babe," he whispered with a soft smile before leaning in and kissing her gently on the lips.

Lois smiled feeling his lips against hers and she moved a hand to the back of his neck pulling his lips harder against hers. Clark smiled rolling her over onto her back as he moved over her and continued kissing her. Lois moved her other hand up placing it on his chest, this was definitely a great way to wake up and she could get used to it.

"Clark Kent and Lois Lane get your butts down here or we're going to start opening presents without you!" Martha Kent's voice rang through the upstairs halls and the pair began to laugh.

"Be there in a minute mom!" Clark called as he moved off of Lois and walked over to his dresser pulling out a t-shirt.

Lois got out of the bed and headed over to Clark, walking up behind him she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his back. "Merry Christmas Clark."

Clark smiled as he took Lois' hands and unclasped them from around him and then headed toward the door, "Come on Lois." he said as he inclined his head and then walked out of the room leaving Lois staring after him.

"Well a merry Christmas to you too Lois." she mumbled with a sigh as she started after him.

"Lo, you've gotta check this out!" Lucy called from her seat by the tree as Lois came downstairs. She couldn't help but smile at the sight, Lucy sitting by the tree, her dad sitting on the couch next to Mrs. Kent and Clark sitting in the arm chair on the opposite side of the tree as Lucy. She would have much rather Clark picked a place where she could sit next to him but this morning he seemed to be acting a little strange.

"What have I got to check out Luc?" Lois asked as she walked over and sat next to her sister on the floor like when they were kids.

"This." she said as she held up a small rectangular box.

Lois looked at it and then back at her sister who shook her head. Lois looked down at the box and read the tag, Mrs. Kent, of course. Lois smiled up at Mrs. Kent and then she tore into the paper. She opened the box to reveal a bracelet with a turquoise stone in it. "Wow Mrs. K, this is, it's beautiful, thanks so much." she stood up and walked over to Clark's mom pulling her into a hug.

"It's nothing Lois, something that's been here a long time and I knew Clark would want you to have it so I just wrapped it up for you. Put it on honey."

Lois smiled and nodded as she took the bracelet out of the box and slipped it around her wrist. As soon as it was in place the colored gem glowed brightly for a moment shocking everyone in the room. Lois looked up at Martha, "Are there batteries in it?"

"No, there aren't." Martha said as she looked at with a big smile then she turned her attention to Clark. Lois followed Martha's gaze and saw Clark smiling as well.

"Is there something I'm missing?" Lois asked.

"I'll tell you later Lois." Clark said with a smile as he reached under the tree and pulled out a gift and handed it to Lucy. "That one's from Lois and me."

The morning continued on that way for about an hour, then all the presents had been opened, except one. Lois stood up from her spot on the floor stretching when she was about to move to sit on the couch she noticed that everyone was staring at her.

"What?" she asked looking between everyone. That was when Clark moved from his spot in the armchair.

"Not all the presents are done Lois, there's still one left."

Lois looked under the tree, it was empty, "What's left?"

"This," Clark said with a smile as he reached into the pocket of his jogging pants and pulled out a small velvet box. He flipped the box open and took Lois' hand in his before kneeling down on one knee. "I've loved you for so long Lois. Longer than you could ever know, and for the past few months there's been nothing more that I could think of that I want more than you. I want to wake up and see you laying beside me every morning. I want to sit by the fire with you in my arms every night. I want to know that you're mine and only mine forever...Will you marry me Lois?"

"I ah," For the first time she could think of she was at a loss for words. So instead of speaking she nodded her head rapidly. Clark smiled as he stood up.


Lois smiled even wider and nodded her head again, "Yes really." she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the lips. After a few minutes Lois pulled away taking in a deep breath, she had completely forgotten that her father was there until just now and she actually began to blush as Clark slipped the ring onto her finger. Martha scurried over pulling Lois into a tight hug.

"I always said you were the daughter I always wanted and never had, now you're gonna be my daughter, I couldn't be more happy for you two."

The General got up and walked over to Clark sticking his hand out. "I never really liked you Kent but, I can see how much you mean to my little Lo and if you make her that happy you can't be too bad of a guy."

"Welcome to the family Clarky." Lucy said with a smile as she pulled him into a hug.

Clark smiled as he looped his arm around Lois' waist, "Do you see why I couldn't explain yesterday?" he whispered in her ear before kissing the side of her head. Lois smiled closing her eyes to the feel of Clark's lips against her head, this was definitely her favorite day ever.

"I love you Clark." she said as she turned looking up at him.

"I love you too Lois and, Merry Christmas."