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The Odyssey was in a high orbit of Orilla, receiving the extremely sophisticated upgrades from the Asgard. They are receiving these upgrades due to the fact that he Asgard were going to commit an act of mass suicide. This final act was because the Asgard were suffering from a disease that was killing their entire population. So in a final act they decided to pass on their entire knowledge base to what Thor called 'The Fifth Race' and then destroy themselves so that no one could pillage and misuse any of their technology.

Thor and Sam were in the engine control room on the Odyssey working at a Asgard console just added to the engine room with Thor just to begin to explain the new console. "The Asgard computer core is equipped with its own power source that will not infringe on your ship's ZPM. However, when the upgrades are complete, the core will be fully integrated into all the ship's systems. With the Asgard power core, naquada power core, and a fully charged ZPM, this ship will have no shortage on power and can power all the upgrades we are giving you."

"There must be something more you can do." Sam said this with tears starting to streak down her face.

With a tilt of his head Thor misreads her statement. "I assure you, we are providing you with all the latest Asgard technology, as well as a knowledge base, including our entire recorded history."

"That's not what I was talking about."

In a sad voice and a sudden realization of what she was referring to Thor answers her. "Everything that can be done, has been done. The final attempt to solve our physiological degeneration has left each of us with a rapidly progressing disease"

Continuing on Thor resumes his explanation of the upgraded systems. "If you like, you'll be able to interface with the core using a holographic representation of me, or any other Asgard on record in the knowledge base."

"I'm sorry, but that just won't be the same."

Somewhat hurt, Thor responds, "I have been working on this for the better part of a year, Colonel Carter.

"And we appreciate it, really!"

"Many on the Council did not believe we should be imparting such advancements."

"Well, I promise we will do our very best not to let you down."

"You are the Fifth Race. Your role is clear. If there is any hope in preserving the future, it lies with you and your people."

"No pressure, huh?"

"You have earned my respect and my friendship."

With more tears, Sam responds, "Well, the feeling's mutual."

"Please do not be sad. The end of my people has been a long time coming. We have made too many irreversible mistakes in our development. Hopefully, you can learn something from it. My only regret is that our physical weakness has left us incapable of helping you further."

Moved by his words, Sam Hugs Thor.


All of a sudden alarm klaxons started blaring throughout the ship. On the bridge Major Marks calls out, "Sir, three Ori motherships just dropped out of hyperspace and are approaching the planet." The Odyssey is rocked by a blast from one of the Ori motherships.

Landry contacts Sam over the intercom, "Colonel, this is the bridge. We have three contacts. Ori motherships bearing down. Sam rushes from the Asgard console to the Odyssey console."

"Sir, the hyperdrive is still offline. Diverting power to the shields."

At this point Thor says, "We must go." Thor beams away just after Carter turns to face him.

"Sir, the Asgard just disembarked. It'll take a few minutes to get the hyperdrive back online."

Landry begins to shout out orders to Major Marks. "Full sub-light. Get us clear of the planet."

"Full sub-light sir."

The Odyssey moves swiftly away from Orilla. One Ori mothership pursues it, firing on it, while the other two descend toward the planet. The ship is rocked again. Mitchell and Teal'c make their way onto the bridge.

Major Marks, "Shields are down to eighty-three percent."

Colonel Mitchell, "How the hell did they find us?" After another blast rocks the ship, he continues on. "Some reason we're not jumping to hyperspace?"

Landry is the one to answer him. "Carter's working on it."

"Sir? Sensors are detecting a massive build up of energy coming from the planet." said Marks.

Landry makes an announcement over the intercom, "Everyone hold on tight!"

Odyssey and the Ori ship move away from the planet at full sublight speed. The surface of Orilla suddenly erupts with huge explosions. After a moment, the entire planet explodes, and a huge shock wave moves out through space, destroying the two Ori ships headed towards it while it rocks the remaining Ori vessel and the Odyssey.

Major Marks calls out, "Shields are down to fifty percent."

Landry screams into the comm system, "Colonel!"

Sam responds, "Sir, the hyperdrive is now online, but we have to get clear of the radiation caused by the explosion before we can make the jump safely."

Just as she is saying this the remaining Ori mothership that is pursuing them opens fire again and scores a direct hit to the Odyssey's shields.

Major Marks screams out again, "Sir, the shields are now at twenty percent, I don't know what another hit will do to us sir."

General Landry contemplated his options and made his decision. "Colonel Carter, regardless of the risks we need to jump to hyperspace now, we won't survive any other way. Be ready to make any repairs that are necessary, Landry out. Major Marks, plot a course for Earth and jump to hyperspace."

"Aye sir" rang out from engineering and the bridge alike. Ten seconds later a hyperspace window forms in front of a fleeing Odyssey but instead of a bright blue purple color it was a dark blue and greenish color. No one knew but that was from the radiation from the planet that exploded just moments ago. It would have got the ship to their destination, the ride just would have been a little bumpy. As the Odyssey was entering the hyperspace window, the Ori tried to take on more shot at the fleeing ship, but it missed. Instead it hit the hyperspace window itself. Upon impact it changed the very nature of the hyperspace window itself and changed the color from a blue green to a red yellow. That was the last thing any of the crew seen before they were all knocked unconscious.

Sam was the first person to come back to consciousness on board the Odyssey. As her mind was beginning to sharpen she wondered what happened to everyone else. With that thought in her head she began to manipulate the controls in front of here. They were the advanced Asgard controls that was tied into the entire ship. First activating the internal comm's, she tried to reach the bridge. "This is Colonel Carter to the bridge, anyone please respond." No one answered her. So she tried the entire ship. "This is Colonel Carter to anyone, please respond." Still no answer.

Sam brings up the sensor files for the time of the fight to the current time. She has a theory but needs some other input and quickly. With a sudden jolt Sam has the perfect solution. Accessing the Asgard console again she finds what she needed and executed the program.

Thor materialized in front of her. It was a completely lifelike image of Thor. "Greetings Colonel Carter. It is shocking to see you so soon."

Sam was shocked. She didn't expect the hologram to actually know who she was.

Thor tilted his head to the side in question-like manner and asked, "Are you alright Colonel?"

Finally closing her mouth she just comes out with it. "I fully expected you to look like well... you but you are more than that. It seems like you are alive and well with what, you asking me if I'm alright and you saying that its shocking for you to see me so soon."

"My apologies. What I'm sure you was told was that i am a holographic representation of myself because I am a downloaded copy of myself, knowledge and memory included. while i don't have a physical body, I am considered a representation because i can be manipulated since I am in a computer memory core. Their are safeguards because of the level of sensitivity needed while working with individuals consciousnesses. But my memory is current to right before you arrived in the Odyssey, every consciousness was updated at that time as well."

"So you 'are' Thor?"


"We can talk more about this development later but right now the crew is unconscious and while the sensors says that everyone is alive, they are all unconscious for unknown reasons. What's your theory on what happened. "

Taking several seconds to analyze the sensor files, Thor responds. "According to this data, you entered an unstable hyperspace window while trying to escape an Ori attack. The radiation from the destroyed planet created a flux in the hyperspace window that while it would have let you make it to your destination, the ride would not have been smooth. The Ori beam weapon, when it hit, made you end up in what I believe is a alternate universe. Based on the scans, the quantum signature of the surrounding space differs from our own and as you know the quantum signature should be the same for everything is the same reality. And as far as the crew, the transition from one reality facilitated this as well as the radiation. When the vessel crossed the shock to their systems were to much and knocked everyone unconscious. You were shielded by being in this room. so you weren't affected as severally as the rest of the crew."

"Once i seen the difference in the quantum signatures, thats what i thought to. How long will the crew be out for and can you operate anything as a hologram?"

"Based on the levels of radiation, and when you woke up while taking into consideration the shielding of this room i would say an additional hour. I can operate this console and anything connected to it. What do you need?"

"I'm going to the bridge, once i get there we can get the ship under control and wait until everyone wakes up."


An hour and fifteen minutes later everyone started to wake up. Sam and Thor managed to get the ship to full operational status with the shields repaired and at full power. The weapons were fully functional as well as the hyperdrive, sensors, and stealth systems.

Fifteen minutes later, General Landry and SG1 was in engine control room, by the Asgard core console listening to Thor telling them what happened.

Daniel said, "Is there a way to get back." while Mitchell said, "Where are we." Vala looked sad and Teal'c looked... well calm as ever. The General was just waiting for an answer since those were his two question anyways. Looking at everyone in turn Thor answers, "Recreating the exact circumstances of what sent us here would be almost impossible so no, i don't think that there is a way to return. As far as where we are, we are in the galactic void, on the other side of the galaxy from Earth, It will take a day to get there at max speed."

No one spoke fro several minutes, they were all digesting the information that Thor just told them. Finally, General Landry spoke. "Alright folks, here's what we are gonna do. We are going to proceed to Sol at best possible speed. As soon as we drop out of hyperspace outside of the solar system, we will cloak and proceed to Earth and access the situation. Once we get more information we will decide what we are going to do."

Everyone nodded and went to their stations. Sam returned to the Asgard console and asked Thor a question. "Thor, say we are stuck here, what would your opinion be on our best course of action?"

After a moment of thought Thor responded. "If it were me, I would ascertain the local planets and their level of technology. Then i would search in unclaimed territory for raw materials and set up some kind of base with a defense and sensor network. After that is set up, the options available will be more numerous than just relying on assistance from local worlds"

"How would we go about creating a base without having to dismantle the ship. We don't have the tools or infrastructure to facilitate such a project or the manpower."

"The transporters, in their full capacity are able to take energy and change it to matter, any matter thats programmed into the computer. While it can create any material, the energy consumption varies greatly between the materials you are creating. The energy needed to create one ton of naquada is the same as creating twenty five tons of iron. The energy requirements is to great to convert energy into those raw materials, especially when they could be mined."

"So your telling me that as long as we have energy we can create whatever we need?"


"Would it be a strain to create a couple of probes to scout out possible unclaimed resources?"

"While it will cause some strain on the Asgard power core, it is well within tolerable levels and necessary in my opinion. Would you like my help in creating a probe that will be of the most use for you?'

"Any help you can give would be great."


General Landry walked onto the bridge and started issuing orders before he got to his seat. "Major Marks, activate all stealth systems minus the cloak and bring shields to full strength. Major Womack, plot a course to Sol, best speed. Get us back in the Milky Way.

"Aye Sir." sounded from both officers. As Major Marks activated the tactical systems, Major Womack moved the ship forward. With a deft maneuver, the Major brought the Odyssey around 180 degrees to line up the right direction for Earth and the opening window of blues and purples for hyperspace.

"General Landry Sir!"

"Yes Major Marks?"

"Apparently the Asgard devised a way to scan normal space while traveling in hyperspace. The range is limited but i am getting sensor readings of local space."

General Landry was about to respond when he heard Colonel Carter speaking to him over the intercom.

"Sir, Thor just informed me that by using the Asgard transporters, we can create anything as long as we have the energy. We both feel that the best course of action would be to create several probes that will scout the galaxy and search for mineable ores like naquada and neutronium. These probes will also look for a suitable base of operations for us as well."

"How long until these probes are ready?"

"We just have to configure already existing designs to suit our needs; once that is done it will only take a few minutes to fabricate them. Give us a half hour and we will be ready sir. In order to launch them we will need to drop out of hyperspace."

"Alright Colonel, you finish the probes and we will drop out of hyperspace to deploy them. Landry out."

A half hour later the Odyssey was dropping out of hyperspace to deploy the newly developed probes. Measuring six feet from end to end and with a central cylinder of two feet in diameter, it had a ring in the center that spun around the central shaft. The ring had a five foot diameter and was held in place by thin but incredibly strong spokes. The ring contained all of the sensitive equipment such as powerful Asgard sensors, subspace communications and the computer core. The central shaft contained a naquada reactor, shield and cloaking generators, hyperdrive and sublight engines. To ensure that the probes technology wasn't compromised, they were set to self destruct if the probes themselves were hindered or threatened in any way and couldn't escape.

It took fifteen minutes to deploy all six probes and to get their search patterns set. Sam and Thor programmed the probes to operate independently but to act as a unit if needed, such as forming a relay to transmit urgent data to the Odyssey if it was deemed necessary. The base program though was to just search their designated part of the galaxy and to rendezvous with the Odyssey in the Sol. Barring any unforeseen problems, the search would take one month.

Just as Major Womack was about to return the Odyssey back into hyperspace on their way to Earth, Colonel Marks was alerted to something on the sensors. "Sir, we are picking up a distress call. Its originating roughly one hundred light years away. Its audio and visual sir."

"Lets see it Major."

".....First Minister Kellan, to anyone that can hear this and can help. please we are in dire need. There is a missile headed for our world that just destroyed our only defense fleet and it cant be stopped. We are estimating the casualties will be around two million lives! Please help us..."

After listening to the distress call, General Landry starts issuing orders. "Major Marks, sound battle stations. Major Womack take us to the location of the distress signal." Activating the intercom, Landry continues to issue orders. "SG1, report to the bridge, prepare for a first contact situation. Thor, I'd like for you to man the Asgard console and any information or advice would be helpful. Landry out."

Using the controls on his command chair, General Landry opens a subspace channel to the planet from which the distress call came from. "This is General Landry, Commander of the Tauri` vessel Odyssey, we have received your distress call and are in route to assist you, over."

"General Landry, this is First Minister Kellan, we are thankful for any assistance that you can give us! We need help as soon as you are able. The missile is one hour away and nothing that we know can stop it."

"Just sit tight and we will be there in a few moments to render assistance, Odyssey out."

While the General was talking, Major Womack plotted the course for the small jump to get them to their destination. Once the General was done with his conversation, the Odyssey entered hyperspace and was brought right back out by the computer since a human would have overshot their destination since it was so quick. Once they were out of hyperspace, they were near a Earth like planet with numerous heavily populated areas.

Just like any Asgard, Thor was diligent in his duties. "General Landry, I have located what was referred to as a 'missile'. It is on a direct course for the planet. I reading that this missile has weapons as well as a massive warhead...."

Sam, inquisitive as always asked, "What type of warhead?"

"I am reading an matter/antimatter warhead, precisely 1000 kilos of both matter and antimatter. The blast would be big enough to destroy an average sized moon."

Sam couldn't help but feel a little awe struck. It has been a dream of everyone in the science department to use matter and antimatter in such quantities and in such a controlled way.

Colonel Mitchell wasn't impressed. "Alright so how do we help these people? Can we kill it with our weapons?"

Vala was to busy wondering how much she could get for this technology at home and Teal'c was being as stoic as ever. It was Daniel who had to play devils advocate. "Are we sure that we want to involve ourselves in this. I mean i want to save these people as well but at what cost?"

Thor had more information to add as well, "The shields will not withstand a attack by us so we can destroy it. But there is other information to consider. There is one humanoid onboard. There is also a vessel following the missile closely. It has its shields up and its weapons are armed."

"Put it on the screen so we can all see it please."

Thor gives a brief description of the vessel. "It is 345m long and has a tonnage of 700k. It has fifteen decks and is powered by a matter/antimatter core. Im reading thirteen energy weapon arrays as well as several missile launchers. The vessel has shields but they do not impede our scans. From the information available and considering the energy output and number of weapons, this vessel alone poses little threat. Both the ship and the missile use an unknown method of FTL flight."

Out of nowhere, Teal'c spoke. "Thor, the writing on the vessel, can you magnify so we can see it. It looks..... familiar."

Thor manipulated the controls and on the view screen the name of the ship can be seen, and its in english. Daniel couldn't believe it and reads it aloud. "USS Voyager NCC-74656. Holy Hannah!! It's from Earth!"