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General Landry entered the core room and approached Thor who was working at the main controls of the Asgard interface. "You wanted to see me Thor?" Landry asked.

"Indeed. I have the results of the scans you requested. As it turns out, whatever Q did, he did in fact change the entire crew's physiology into that of the Ancients." Thor seemed excited about this turn of events.

"Ok, so what does this mean and why do you seem happy about this. Don't get me wrong, being turned into an Ancient is great compared to anything else that we could have been turned into but we didn't want or ask for this." Landry wanted Thor to know that he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of being turned into something against his will.

"What this means for you is that you and your crew will have to learn what it is to be an Ancient. For now you will have the same beliefs and values of the place of your birth, but in time, I believe that will change and your people will become more enlightened. The reason that you would assume that I am happy is because while as of now, you don't have any of the advanced knowledge of the Ancients, you now have the ability to learn at an astounding rate and to see the answers to difficult problems. A thirst for knowledge and the answers to the universe will grow in your very beings and in time, with our help, a solution to my peoples cloning problems may come to light and we can finally walk beside you, the Ancients as equals once again." The end of his speech was filled with hope and a sense of reverence for the long dead race that now stood before him as infants.

To say the least, General Landry was shocked. The thought of the Asgard looking up to others was shocking in itself but Thor's belief that his people now held the key to giving the Asgard life was daunting in on itself. "Ok Thor. It seems that we are going to need more help from you and your people. As it seems we have a lot to learn and you are the only ones that can do that."

"It would be an honor General." Thor bowed his head slightly in a sign of respect.

"Now let's talk about this artifact that we have. It has to do with us being turned into Ancients so I say we go there and see if we can't see what's underneath its hood."

"Agreed. Now that we ascertained that Q has done what he said, I see no reason not to discover the contents of the artifact."

Using the communication function of his Materializer, General Landry opened a channel to the entirety of the ship. "This is general Landry. It has come to my attention that the phenomenon that took place a little while ago did in fact turn our physiology into that of the Ancients. This will cause things to change for us in the future but for now we are going to continue on in the same fashion that we have been and we will face all the changes that will come together. Already Thor has pledged to not only guide us in this time of change, but to also teach us to reach our full potential. Let us not look at this as an act of injustice but that of a rare opportunity. If anyone has any questions, please let myself or any senior officers know and we will be there to assist you. That is all." With that General Landry closed the ship wide channel and opened one for just SG1. "SG1, please report to the artifact in two hours."

Landry turned to Thor. "I'll see you there Thor." And with that, General Landry left the core room.

In the cargo bay, SG1 was waiting for General Landry. They each could tell that something was up before the General made his announcement about Thor's findings. For Teal'c it was his symbiotic pouch disappearing, while for Vala it was her speed of thought. Mitchell was thinking of strategies from past battles with a different perspective and Daniel had instant recall on all of the languages that he knew. As for Sam, right after the change her scientific mind took off. It was like she was seeing problems unfold in her mind. The answers weren't there but starting points that she didn't even think of before was presented to her so that solving the problems would be quicker and with better results. The fact that she knew most of the systems on the ship by heart assisted in this new found insight as well.

When the General walked in, he was surprised to see that Vala was actually being normal for once and just standing beside a surprisingly calm Daniel. Landry was used to the twos antics and all though he would never admit it, it was rather funny at times. When he got in front of SG1, Thor appeared in the classic chime and white flash of the transporter beam.

"Ok team, we discovered that Q was correct when he said that he turned us into Ancients so that marks that off of our to-do list. Now for the immediate future we need to find resources, find a planet to set up a base, and to finish our deal with the federation. That is, after we find out how to open this thing and find out what is inside of it." General Landry told the team and Thor.

Thor spoke up from his egg shaped floating chair. "As you know, the ancient used their unique genetic markers to secure their technology. I would assume that all you would need to do is touch it and its secrets should be revealed."

Landry looked at each of the team members and finally rested his eyes on Daniel."Jackson, would you like to the honors?"

Like a giddy school child, Daniel responded, already moving towards the artifact. "You bet."

Daniel approached the artifact and laid a hand on it. When he touched the side of the artifact, a piece of it that was in the shape of a door sunk in several inches and slid to the side to reveal a small room. Before anyone could look into the room a holographic form appeared outside the door, startling everyone. The figure was of a man who appeared to be in his mid thirties with black hair and vibrant blue eyes. There was an air of confidence as he stood there in his Lantean attire.

Greetings, I am Titonus. Since you are seeing this, you are obviously the ones that the being known as Q has effectively turned you from human to Lantean. Why I know is not important, just know that your arrival has been seen and I leave this to you in order to assist you. Without it, you will eventually all die and that cannot come to pass. While not all will survive, a part of you needs to live on and this will enable that to happen.

Now, a little information about me is in order. I called Atlantis my home and was a scientist there. I was actually in charge of the first manned Wormhole Drive test that was performed. Unfortunately, the test failed and I ended up here in this alternate universe. Ending up here has been a blessing and a curse. A curse because I am the only one of my people here and am in fact alone. A blessing because I was able to travel with some people that allowed me to further my scientific knowledge, all of which I am going to share with you.

Now this technology that I have for you is twofold. The first part is plans for what the humans of this universe call a Dyson Shell.

Here Sam gasped in shock. She knew exactly what a Dyson Shell was and used to think that such a thing was impossible. Titonus continued while bringing up an image of said Shell, showing everyone exactly what he was talking about.

A Dyson Shell is a structure that is built to totally encompass a star and therefore is able to capture all of the suns energy. If the inner shell surface is far enough away from the sun, typically one astronomical unit, then it would be possible to build a veritable paradise. I know that you are thinking about how large a structure like this would be and therefore how long it would take to create, but I know that with a little ingenuity it would be possible to build this in quick order. I will tell you that the one that I assisted in building striped most of the resources from the quarter of the galaxy that we placed it.

Now, for the second part of the technology that I am gifting to you is a modified repository of knowledge. I put all of the knowledge that I had available to me at the time and downloaded it for each of your crew's usage. While it is far from the collective knowledge of our people, it is enough to give you a giant step in restarting our civilization.

Good luck my brothers and sisters, the future is now in your hands.

With that the hologram disappeared. Everyone that was watching was standing in silence, digesting the information that they were just given. Thor was the first to speak. "The concept of the Dyson sphere is amazing. To create a structure this size has never been done by the Asgard but we will get started right away."

"The possibilities are endless with the availability of such a source of power." Sam said with a gleam in her eyes.

"Let us not forget the insight to the Lantean society that we can gain. Not only them but countless ones in this galaxy that we have never even heard of before…" Vala cut Daniel off from his rant.

"Oh can we just stick our head in the thing and get on with it?" Vala half asked half whined.

"I never thought I would say this but I happen to agree with her. All this standing around and not accomplishing anything is driving me barney." Mitchell said. Teal`c just bowed his head in agreement.

"Ok Sam, you get the honors of going first so you can start working with Thor and his people on this Dyson Shell. As of right now the Shell is our priority." General Landry stated.

So one by one, SG1 went into the artifact and took a turn with the modified repository. After SG1, Landry went inside to use the repository as well. After they were done, everyone went back to their duties, each letting the newfound knowledge integrate itself in their minds. Sam went with Thor, Daniel went to the Asgard hologram room to continue studying their history, Teal'c and Mitchell went to work out and Vala went to do what she does best; annoy Daniel. General Landry went to the bridge to ensure that the entire crew could use the repository in an orderly fashion.

Three Days Later

In the three days that have passed a lot has happened for the people aboard the Odyssey. They were currently headed to the other side of the galaxy where one of the probes discovered there was a large section of space that had a dozen systems with uninhabitable planets and was completely devoid of life. Their destination was to a system that was in the middle of all the others and had a class k star that was fairly young. It was the perfect star for their project

Sam was briefing General Landry and the rest of SG1on the plan that she and the Asgard have come up with. The use of the knowledge that she gained from the repository not only let her keep up with her Asgard colleagues, but it also allowed her ideas to be better refined and yet still have the human touch of thinking outside the box.

"As you know we have been working with the plans of the Dyson Shell that was already created. Those plans will take years to create but unfortunately, we don't have that amount of time. So here is what we have come up with." Sam activates a newly created holographic projector in the conference room. "Our plan is simple for us to build but it will be very complicated to ensure that it is built correctly. We will design the very first piece of the Dyson Sphere. First the piece will have a solar power collector." As she speaks the holographic model follows her narration. "After the power collector, there will be a buffer to store the energy and a computer core. This core will be the crucial to the development of the shell. We had to use an Asgard AI matrix to ensure that the Shell will be built properly. Also on this piece will be an Asgard transporter. It will take the energy collected from the sun and use it to actually build the Dyson Shell. The last two items are the most important, a power core and a time dilation device.

The beauty of having the Shell created this way is that it will be built in what seems to be no time at all; the AI will ensure that it is built correctly with no risk of anybody, and the Shell will build itself from the power of the sun. Now we only need to design the inside of the Shell." Finishing, Sam sat down waiting for the questions that she knows will come.

"Major Carter, what are the limits to our designs for the inside of the Shell?" Teal'c asked.

"Well we will be basically be creating our own artificial ecosystem. We will need to take samples from some of the inhabited worlds in the galaxy but besides that our imagination and the laws of physics is the limit." Sam responded.

"Sweet." said Mitchell.

"Who is going to design the city itself? What will it look like? Will we live in it or outside of it? What culture will we design it after? How…"

"Dr. Jackson. We will put a team together to design the city. They will go around and get everyone's ideas and use that to design our home. For now, everyone will live in the city but once we get settled, people will be able to choose for themselves how and where they reside. Any questions?" General Landry looked around and seeing no questions he dismissed his team. "Good job Major. SG1, your dismissed"

Two days later, not only has the Odyssey surveyed the systems that they would claim as their own but the designs for the first city that was going to be built. A junior officer also came up with a name for the Dyson Shell that seemed to stick, Othterra. It's a combination of Othala and Terra, a way to honor both the Asgard and the Ancients, or as they are truly called the Alterans. With the survey and designs complete, the Odyssey arrived at the system of its new home. Wasting no time, Thor and Sam drained a lot of the ships power reserves to create the single piece of the Dyson Shell that will lead to the creation of the rest of the massive structure. They deployed the piece at such a distance from the sun that the entire interior surface will be the perfect temperature. Once the piece is set, the Odyssey moved out of range of the space that the time dilation field will encompass. If the calculations were done correctly, the power core should last long enough for enough solar power collectors to be built to power the device by the time that it fails. If not, they will need to use more of their precious power to create another power core.

Even with the activation of the time dilation field, the effects were slow at first. Not only did the inside surface need to be made but the outside hull and all the systems in between. A new piece was added every couple of seconds, adding to Othterra. It was as if an artist was putting together a model, a model of epic proportions. As time went on pieces to Othterra started to appear quicker and quicker. With more pieces appearing, more energy from the star can be collected, therefore pieces could be constructed at a faster rate. The real beauty of having an integrated Asgard transporter beam constructing Othterra is that the outer surface is built seamlessly.

In the design of Othterra, the design team not only thought of a way to build in upgrades or new designs but also a way to build a computer core with the power that no one on the ship has seen before and that includes the Asgard. They did this by including a replica of the first piece minus the power core. With each additional computer core that was added, it is networked with the others, adding its power to the others. With each additional Asgard transporter, Othterra could choose to construct many things at once or larger, more complex items. This is something that the creators of the first Dyson Sphere did not have. The Asgard transporter was truly a masterpiece. Little did they know, but their budding world and civilization was going to be centered on that very technology.

Odyssey Bridge

Everyone that was on the bridge couldn't believe what they were seeing. Thor and Freya were among those on the bridge observing the creation of their new home. They were speaking to themselves quietly in their own language as to not disturb everyone else that was watching in silence and awe.

"The science behind this is simple yet very complex." Thor said

"Indeed, it is just a shame that we have never thought the concept."

"The capabilities we will have once this is finished will be immense."

"I don't think that they truly understand the total capabilities of what we are building."

"I don't think that we do either Freya. We won't until we discover a way to regain a living body." Thor said.

"I do believe that we will. Our friends are the key. Like many times that we have seen so far, and even more now since they were turned into the race of old, they will not fail, they don't know how."

"I agree. I just wonder what our answer will cost us."

"Of that I have no idea."

They were interrupted by Daniel Jackson. "Thor, do you know how long this is going to take to build?"

"According to the plans that were left to us, the first Dyson Schell took roughly four hundred years to build. Without the time dilation, it would take us around 175 years. Because of the size of the field, we could only slow time so that for every 50 years inside 10 hours will pass on the outside. So if our estimates are correct, this should take thirty-five hours to complete." Thor responded.

"You're telling me that this monstrosity of a… thing is only going to take thirty-five hours? Boy I do love you guys!" Mitchell exclaimed.

Everyone, even the Asgard looked to be smiling at Mitchells comment.

Thirty Seven Hours Later

The bridge crew plus SG1, Thor and Freya have all been waiting on the bridge for the last couple of hours, anticipating Othterras completion. The atmosphere was tense to say the least since the completion of their home was taking longer than expected. But suddenly, everyone was startled out of their musings. A holographic form appeared on the bridge in front of everyone. It was in the form an ancient Asgard, one from a time when they could reproduce normally.

"Greetings, I am the AI avatar of Othterra. I am here to bring you to your new home since I am now complete. I have uplinked my program to all of your Materializer stones so that you can interface with me at anytime. With the available power that I have, I will be available anywhere in the Galaxy. Now, General Landry, are you ready to see your new home?" Othterra asked.

General Landry looked at everyone who was actually looking at him. He turned back to Othterra and answered him. "Yes I believe that we are. But, where is the door?"

"We don't need one." Was the response that the General received before the entire ship was enveloped in the familiar white flash of the Asgard transporter beam.

The ship arrived over a beautiful city that was designed with a mix of three races architectural designs: Asgard, Alteran, and human. It looked as though that the designers made it roughly the size of Atlantis with a similar layout, control towers in the center with everything else branching out from there. Everything was spread out with and looked very comfortable. The houses on the edge of the city looked lavish and were outfitted with every comfort possible. The city contained everything that anyone could want or need, for a population to lead a normal and productive life. The designers planned the city so that if the crew was forced to stay here in this foreign universe, they were going to make the best of it.

Outside of the city was an expansive set of docks with enough room to hold 500 ships. This is where the Odyssey was headed. Suddenly, everyone, including the Asgard that was awake found a map of the city being placed in their minds as well as where there new homes were located, Once that was complete, Othterra started to speak again, this time only to the command staff and the Asgard on the bridge.

"Come, I will show you to the control center before I leave you to do as you please. I will handle the docking and shutting down of the ship."In another flash of light, everyone was transported away, most going to their new houses while a small group arrived in the control center.

In a flash, the small group arrived in the control center. "Well at least the avatar for Othterra is accurate in regards to its Asgard personality. It too has the tendency to just transport us without warning." Daniel said as he scratched his head. He could only imagine what Jack would have to say about the unannounced transports that have taken place.

The control room was extravagant to say the least. It was designed in a circular format with many consoles around the edge. The consoles looked like they were dedicated to the different systems of Othterra. Towards the center the consoles got fewer but they also got bigger. They were used to manipulate the data that was collected outside of Othterra. The center of the control room was dominated by a domed roof that contained a holographic image of the Milky Way Galaxy; an image of unparalleled realness. After seeing everything in the room, Othterra began to explain about the control center and their new home.

"This room is the primary control room of all of Othterra. While there are specialized locations to perform specific tasks, everything can be done from here. Every technology that is available to us has been employed to ensure our safety and well being; and also our comfort."

"What are the defenses of Othterra?" Mitchell asked.

"The designers have numerous Asgard powered weapon emplacement in place that will give us a 360 degree worth of protection. With the transporter it would be relatively easy to add more weapons wherever they are needed. There is no concern over powering the weapons either. There is a shielding system set up as well for extra defense, but if the hull was damaged in any way, fixing it would take little time."

"What about the Alteran technology that was on the core? Is any of that available to us at the time?" Thor asked. There were several sudden intakes of breaths at that statement.

"There was Ancient technology on the core Thor. How come I didn't know about it?" asked Sam. She was angry that she didn't know about this information. The possibilities…

"You did not ask. The fraction of the knowledge we have been able to gain from a repository was indeed placed in the core that we gifted to you. But it is a very small percentage of what was there and yet a vast amount in on itself." Thor answered Sam.

"Well what is the knowledge that we have from the Ancients then?" asked an excited Daniel.

"We can talk about that in detail at a later time. Let's finish up this tour so we can settle in and get back to work." said General Landry.

"Once a hierarchy between the crew and Asgard has been established, I will give you a better brief on everything that you need. There are just two more things that I will show you for now. While the hologram of the map is indeed in real time, it can get better if we deploy a sensor net. We have ample power to scan at such a distance but if there is a need for detail, a sensor net will be most efficient." Othterra said.

"To be able to monitor the entire galaxy in detail would be a great tactical advantage for us." Teal'c stated.

"I agree." said Landry.

"Then we shall make the sensor net." Othterra said. Before anyone knew what happened they were all transported again. This time they arrived in a large lab with huge screens on the wall and consoles below them. "This is the main fabrication lab. It is the only place besides the control room that ships of any kind can be created. We will make the sensor net here."

A standard Asgard satellite appeared before the group in all its glory. Freya told everyone not in the know what it was. "This is the satellites that my people have used for observation in the original Milky Way galaxy. It is virtually undetectable and is strong enough to detect things that wish to remain undetected. It has no armament and no shielding but has small thrusters so that it can correct its orientation and avoid most objects."

"Sounds exactly like what we need. Can we put a hyperspace engine on them so we can deploy them from here without the need of a ship?" Landry was indeed happy with the capabilities of the satellite.

"Indeed." Before them the picture of the satellite changed to include a small hyperspace drive. "I will start fabricating and deploying the sensor net immediately."

"So all we really have to do is tell you what we want and you can create it for us?" Vala asked.

"As long as I have the knowledge then yes, I can fabricate it."

"Do you hear that Daniel, anything!"

"Yes yes, we all heard it. I can only imagine what you will ask for first." Daniel said while pinching his nose and shaking his head.

"Well team, I believe that we should call it a day and get settled in. I will let you know when we will meet tomorrow through the stones."

"Freya and myself will be waking all the Asgard minds that are stored it the Odyssey's core. Let us know when the meeting is so we can attend." Thor said.

Everyone nodded their heads in acknowledgement. They each received the knowledge of the location of their new homes and were transported their by Othterra while the two Asgard were taken to the ship.

Two weeks have passed for the crew of the Odyssey and of what was left of the Asgard race and in that time they had begun to familiarize themselves with Othterra. The former humans also used the time to begin to learn exactly what it meant to be Alteran. Several Asgard taught them everything that they knew about the Ancient race and also began to instill all the values of being an Ancient race. One thing that everyone was aware of was that those values would take time to learn, just as it took a long time for the Asgard and the Alterans of old to learn as well.

Another thing that the residents of Othterra created was a government. Since the Alteran and the Asgard were ruled via a Counsel, they decided to set there's up that way as well. To add an Earth custom, the council members were voted in by their peers. This council would make all the decisions for Othterra and its peoples were responsible to uphold those decisions.

With the time approaching to uphold the deal with Star Fleet, there was excitement about the upcoming trip. Since no one has left Othterra except for the sensor net that has been deployed, people were excited to see what this new galaxy had to offer.

Inside the main fabrication lab, Sam and Thor were finishing up some last minute details on the ships they were about to create, One of these ships would be used to take the three Star Fleet vessels back to where they picked up the Star Ship Voyager. It was decided by the council that a small fleet of ships should be created, one flag ship, two capital ships, and five smaller multiple role ships. These ships should have the latest technology that was available and should be able to be manned by a relatively small crew sense there was so few people available to them at the moment.

The capital ships were already a tested and proven ship, the Asgard O'Neill-class ship. The Flag ship was still in the design stages since everyone wanted to create something brand new and truly wonderful and they hoped to include ZPM's which a team was trying to learn to recreate. Using what the Asgard knew of them and the knowledge they gained from the repository download, they were hopeful that they would be successful. The multi-role ships used a design from a past line of ships that was as proven as the Asgard vessels. It was decided that these ships should look peaceful and inviting but if needed, they could turn into powerful beasts capable of defending itself and defeating the enemy.

Measuring in at 750 meters, it was created to be similar in shape to an Aurora class battle ship. The name was kept to show homage to the mighty race that now lives again. The size isn't the only difference either. It now has a smoother hull and is overall more streamline. Using the Naquadah/Carbon/Trinium alloy for the hull gave the ship a darker color than the original Aurora. The ship sported four retractable Asgard Plasma beam weapons and had the best shields that they had to offer. While the hyperdrive engines were only interstellar, it was still one of the fastest to be created. Powered by three neutrino ion generators and carrying the other standard Asgard tech such as holographic projectors and beaming technology made the ship very formidable.

But the main role of the ship was that of peace. It was designed to be very comfortable and to exude a sense of friendship. Also, the ship had a supply of Stargates and DHD's so that the crew could begin the construction of a Stargate network. This was meant to be the face of the Othterran home world.

"Ok Thor, I believe that the designs are complete."

"I agree. All simulations confirm that the ships should function properly with no conflicts."

Let's build them then. But can you set it to start in five minutes Thor; I would really like to see this take place."

"Certainly. I will join you. Never before have I seen our beaming technology produce something so complicated as ship from just energy. It will be most interesting."

Thor set up the delay in the construction and they both use the stones on their hands to transport themselves to the dockyards where the ships will be made. Right at the five minute mark, a long series of white flashes appear in the docs. The ships are being built by the beaming technology piece by piece, not whole like the satellites were for the sensor net. The flashes of light didn't allow for either of them to see the ships being built in any detail, but they could see the shape take place, especially that of the huge O'Neill class ships. Sam and Thor just look on in awe at the display of power.

"Othterra, how long until the ships are completed?" Sam asked, finally snapping out of her quiet thoughts.

Othterra's avatar appeared beside Sam and Thor in response to her question. "The Aurora class ships will be complete in approximately fifteen minutes, making total build time roughly twenty minutes. The O'Neill's will require an additional hour and five minutes, making total build time one and a half hours."

"Amazing." Was Thor's one worded response, a response that spoke volumes about what was happening.

"It is. From all the files in my memory, this is an unprecedented feat of construction. Never before has this level of manufacturing been capable. We could actually build vessels faster, but this is the optimal speed for now."

"If I wasn't watching it being done, I would have said that this would be impossible." Sam admitted.

"While this would be possible using only the power currently being collected from the star, this construction is using the power that is stored in multiple large capacitors that were added to the design. Creating the base metals used in the ship construction takes an enormous amount of energy. If we were not collecting 100 percent of the stars energy, this would not be possible."

"That's a lot of power indeed." Thor agreed.

Teal'c was currently walking the building dedicated to archeology. There was at least one building dedicated to every science. Unfortunately, due to the population size, the buildings were not at full capacity by any means. Teal'c walked into a large lab and found Daniel working at one of the consoles.

"Daniel Jackson, it is my understanding that you will be taking one of the Aurora vessels to Earth after Thor takes a ship to finish our deal with Star Fleet. I would like to go with you."

"That's fine; there is more than enough room. The council has authorized the finalization of Diplomatic relations with Star Fleet as well as the placement of a Star Gate. Why do you want to go if you don't mind me asking?"

"I find myself getting restless and I would like to see Earth as it is here."

"Ok well Thor is leaving tomorrow and we are set to leave the day after at noon."

"I will be there Daniel Jackson."

Vala walked around her new workspace. Her space was located in the main military building in the central part of the city. Apparently the council decided that she would be the perfect fit for the espionage and information gathering division. Not only was she responsible for gathering information that the sensor net could not gather but she was also in charge of the training of new personnel.

This task set before her was daunting but she felt that if she could take this role seriously, maybe a certain someone would notice and understand that while she could be silly and obtrusive at times, she could still handle her responsibilities with responsibility and dedication.

"Are you ready Commander Mitchell? It is time for us to get under way."

Thor had found Mitchell in Fleet Headquarters building going over the information on the O'Neill class warship. It was decided that Thor would retain the title of Supreme Commander of the fleet but instead of being the Asgard fleet it was the Othterran fleet. His ship would be the new flagship that was being designed but until then he was going to show the newly minted Commander Mitchell the ins and outs of his new ship, one of the O'Neill's. It was indeed an honor to be the first non Asgard to be in command of one the mighty vessels.

"I think I am. Just so you know Thor, you guys sure know how to build ships. I always knew they were powerful but to learn everything that it is capable of is staggering and a little intimidating."

"I have confidence that you will pick it up with little difficulty Commander. It is imperative that you do. The computer is interface is very intuitive. You have practiced operating our technology yes?"

"I just started a few days ago. I understand that while there is some mental linkage, most of the ship functions can be manipulated by this center console here."

"You are indeed correct. Come, the best way for you to learn is to watch and to do. Learning shall not be a problem for you, of that I am sure."

Following Thor to the stone control panel, He quietly observed everything that Thor was doing. Thor manipulated the controls and the mighty ship slowly began to rise up, out of the docks. As the ship cleared the Docks and was hovering higher than the city, the ship was suddenly enveloped in the Asgard transporter of Othterra and was transported out into the blackness of space. Othterra's first mission has started and with it, the galaxy will never be the same.