1000 Beautiful Things

So, I thought the Glee fanfiction archives needed a good zombie story. This story will contain blood, guts, sex, and offensive language, all which are necessary for a good horror story. Also, there is femslash because I feel like it. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, no matter how much I want to…


It began in Pennsylvania. In Pittsburgh. Some decrepit grandma in an old folks snapped and killed her nurse. Mauled him. She was found standing over his dead body dripping his blood onto the urine and who knows what else stained carpet. They put her in the pen. Muncy. Said she'd die there. The bitch was crazy, the guards said. America scorned officials for throwing an 80 something year old in a state prison. Picket sign riots at the gate. Then came the escape. Three 250 plus pound guards dead. Their throats ripped out, the more detailed reports stated. Jane Louise Johnson, the "harmless elderly woman" from Pittsburgh, gone without a trace.

4 Months Later

Everyone had heard of the recent mysterious deaths in the Ohio countryside. Maimed bodies. Missing persons. Presumed dead. Baffled law enforcement and doctors. They thought they had one of the killers. Tried to eat the face of the officer handcuffing him. Insane, they said. The tests conducted at the mental hospital came back inconclusive. German sheperds combed the forests for more crazy ass killers. There had to be more. Dead people were still turning up regularly. A heinous killing spree, the media called it.

But that didn't matter to Rachel Berry. In Lima, Ohio, CNN news reports were vastly less important than high school drama, boys, and the quest for Broadway. The fact that the last body was found five miles outside of town was a far away thought. She was too busy to be bothered by psycho Hannibal Lecter style murderers. In fact, William McKinley High seemed to be completely devoid of talk about blood thirsty serial killers. Mostly the talk concerned hunky football players, geeky art kids, and pregnant cheerleaders. However, the conversation topic of choice would change drastically on a cloudy Tuesday in September and the school would be forever changed by the events that followed that fateful day.

So that is the end of the background fun. Just a teaser, really. Please R&R. I would love constructive criticism. Tell me if you like my idea. I hope to update again soon. Hopefully with a nice long meaty chapter. He he. Thanks for reading! P.S. my choice of title will be explained in future chapters.