It was raining. The clouds were dark and heavy, and the rain poured down on the sole figure sitting on the pavement. He was wearing a grey trench coat, several sizes too big for him. Anyone who was asked about him later would swear there was a taller, handsome figure sitting next to him, but he was, in fact, alone.

It was then that a cab stopped in front of him, spraying his already drenched body with water and mud. The cab driver rolled down his window, and asked him if he needed to go anywhere. The figure refused, but asked for directions to the nearest police station.

"Down the road, turn left. Second junction you go right, then continue down that road until the T junction and then turn left. It's about halfway down the road. You'll know it when you see it." The cab driver's voice was accented, something foreign, so he had some difficulty understanding the directions.

"Thanks." There was a slight accent on his voice, but nothing the cab driver recognised. He drove away wondering who the lonely figure was.

The figure gazed almost wistfully after the cab, but set determinedly off in the direction he had been sent.

The police station was indeed obvious. Set against a background of dark grey or brown buildings, its whitewashed walls and clearly lit interior stood out like a beacon.

The reception area was filled with a variety of people – bedraggled men and women who had clearly just come in, a few upright business men complaining of petty theft, and tourists, who couldn't understand a word anyone was saying. A young police officer walked up to a man dressed in a sopping wet trench coat, who had just entered the station.

"Hi, I'm Andy, Andy Davidson. What do you need form us today?" The police officer was unnaturally cheerful, the man had never been to a police station before and had no idea that police officers were like this.

"Umm.. I'm looking for my father. I never knew him, but my mam gave me his name and told me I could find him here in Cardiff." He stuttered.

"Right. Now what's your name?"

"Umm... James."

"And your father's?"

"Jack... Jack Harkness." Andy's eyes widened in shock.

"I think I know where to find him.

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