La Corda D'Oro is not mine even though I would always wish for it to be so I can immediately make Len understand how he feels. ;) (though it'll spoil the story itself)

Even If We Have To Meet In A Dream

You stared blankly at the sky not so clear,
Your eyes stinging with heat, your heart banging with fear—
Fear of losing someone in your life who's worth the ardor,
Worth the love you compelled yourself to ignore.

Ignorant of the tears in the corner of your eyes,
You let your bare feet step on the ground cold as ice;
And let your memories flash back to her smiles;
Not to mention those moments you saw her cries.

For the many times you acted so cold;
For the many times you acted so bold;
Your heart to warmness it started to shape
Then you'll realize it'll all go to waste.

Since the time you first met her
You knew at once she's just too clever—
Clever not in the mind but in the heart,
In her heart where everything starts.

Her eyes showed innocence, curiosity.
Her touch showed tenderness, vulnerability.
Her heart showed the passion, music's ecstasy.
Her smiles showed you the world, the security . . .

You, of course, thought it was all but nothing—
Not seeing how it all had been bonded into ring.
It was all ringed into the first and only thing—
Your heart, your love, your music in sync.

You denied and evaded all the growing feelings.
You thought it was nothing but fate's mirthless gaming.
You continued with life just watching her smile each day,
Then decided to leave, go miles and miles away.

She supported you; being she who was herself;
Being the girl of clumsiness, being the girl of selflessness.
But you denied the fact that you knew of her restlessness,
Then unconsciously called yourself the dumbest deaf

As it all flowed back to your brain you gave a laugh:
The kind of laughter that's mirthless and rough.
The hot tears freely streamed down and down,
Your forehead relaxing from the always present frown.

You never knew it would be so difficult.
You never knew she felt this kind of assault.
Assault from fate that did nothing but pain
Pain wherein you never ever did gain.

You stared at your freezing hands and let the tears fall,
Remembering how your pain started with a call.
A call that you thought came from the girl called "Hino";
A call that you thought will make your day perfectly flow.

"She's dead," was what a deep male voice said—
A voice you knew all too well, the voice that made you quelled.
It was your rival and all yet a trusted friend.
But all you wanted to do was to dissent.

"She died as she was hit by a speedy car,
Saving a child who was a virtuoso in the making.
Your heart fell as the words left a deep scar,
Surging a different feeling, a feeling that you denied was caring.

When you were young, you asked how big the world was:
When you are small, it is small as it must.
When you understand nature's various and wonderful music,
It is like a ball you can hold in your hand and squeeze.

We'll see each other again . . . even if we have to meet in a dream.
. . .because your smiles saved the meaningless me.


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