So I decided to try doing massive revisions on this story, and as it turns out, I have ten or eleven chapters' worth of fixing to be done.

(If you must know, the chapters to be revised are Chapters 1-8, 10 and 31.)

I plan on releasing the revised versions in one go, so do check back here when this chapter is at last changed, replaced with Chapter 32, or removed entirely.

If you guys have anything at all that could help make this a much better story, do contact me with your ideas (you get full named credit if it's a good one!)


p.s. The events of Chapters 1 to 8 will be reorganized; very little plot-wise will change, just the order they come in.

Chapter 10 will get a rewrite, and 31 will be extended to (maybe) another chapter; there were a lot of scenes I didn't add because of time constraints, notably fight scenes, dialogue scenes and things that will further improve the story.

So it's definitely worth waiting for. :)