Moonlight Fell on the Midnight Tracks

A HariPo Marauders fanfic

by mew-tsubaki

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The guys were trying really hard to become Animagi. Though homework was something they usually avoided, this magic they practiced every day and night. Even at the Shrieking Shack, they practiced while I sat locked in that room as the werewolf.

By the time Christmas break rolled around, Peter had managed to get a furry ear, James had an elongated snout, and Sirius had a dog tail. And that was only after a month of training.

Our excitement dulled a bit, though, when we had to part for the break. Peter stayed at the school and the rest of us were going home, much to Sirius's chagrin. But one thing distracted us before we left.

Remember our fellow Gryffindor Mary Macdonald? Well… Have I got a short and sweet tale for you.

James, Sirius, and I were dragging our trunks down from the boys' dormitory, ready to leave like most of the students. I tripped on the last step behind the other two and fell face-first onto the Common Room's maroon carpet. Ahead, James and Sirius were laughing their arses off.


Someone helped me up, though. A figure stood up from the couch in front of the fireplace and rushed over, and I looked up to see brunette Mary Macdonald at my side.

"Remus! Are you okay?" she asked, worry in her dark eyes.

I rubbed my forehead. "Y-Yeah… Ugh, that's gonna leave a bump."

She helped me to my feet and I brushed off the dust on my knees. Mary stood awkwardly while I righted my trunk. "Um… You're all right?"

"Yes." I smiled warmly at her. "Thank you, Mary."

Mary seemed to struggle with something before she stood on tiptoes and kissed my cheek. She pulled away, blushing, but she smiled at my flabbergasted expression. "Happy Christmas, Remus."

"H-Happy Christmas, Mary," I flustered, and she went up to the girls' dormitory.

I was frozen. What had just happened?

I heard laughs again, and then James and Sirius were back beside me. James thumped my arm and Sirius patted my back, both happily sighing.

"Our little Lupin's finally got a girlfriend!" Sirius called to anyone and everyone in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Somehow, I made it out of the school and onto the train without making a complete fool of myself. While on the Hogwarts Express home, I thought about it. Sure, she was in a bunch of my classes and I hadn't noticed her before, but maybe I should take normalcy when it sits right in front of me.


Ha-HA! Mooney's got himself a GIRLFRIEND!!

My sides hurt the entire trip to King's Cross station. I mean, no way were James and I about to let it go because it was Christmas. We weren't letting it go precisely because it was Christmas! Ahh, Happy Christmas, Remus.

Remus seemed lost in the idea, too. Actually, I wonder if he thinks perverted thoughts like regular teenage boys. I even asked him. "Mooney, have you ever had lewd thoughts?"

He snapped back to reality right quick and gaped at me. "I- Whu- You jus-" he spluttered.

Even James scrunched up his nose. "Really, Sirius. Do we need to know that?"

I, on the other hand, was rolling on the bench laughing. Merlin, my sides hurt. "'S okay, James. I got my answer," I said in between gasps. Have I mentioned how much I love my friends?

The rest of the ride was awesome as usual, though my laughter died down as we got closer to the train station. When the Hogwarts Express rolled in, my mates and I grabbed our trunks and parted outside. I waited for Regulus to find me while wishing that I was spending the break with James' family or at least Rem's. I really did not want to return to the hellhole.

The Potters and Lupins were gone by the time Reg and I made it over to Walpurga and Orion Black –or dear old Mum and Dad.

If my parents were ever happy, then I'd say thy looked happy to see Regulus. Ah, yes, their little Slytherin. Father touched my shoulder, but both his eyes and Mother's held plenty of disregard for me. Fine by me. I could get by without their care.

Going home to Twelve Grimmauld Place was so routine. I disappeared into my room which was plastered with Gryffindor memorabilia and bikini-clad girls from Muggle magazines. It was my little retreat since I had to stick it out until I could return to my real home in Hogwarts.

Hogwarts… Hagrid had brought the tree in once December had rolled around. I love the Christmas decorations that go up at school. The tree, more trees, ornaments, candy canes, the mistletoe that pops out of nowhere –everything just enhanced Hogwarts' magical quality.

And here I was, stuck in this bloody place. 'Cheer' is not a word known in my house, I think.

I managed to hide out in my room for most of my break. Sometimes, I didn't even leave to eat. I just didn't want t deal with my family any more than I truly had to.

Unfortunately, them hating me was not a pass to not spend any time at all with them. Come Christmas morn, Mother made that perfectly clear.

Okay, so, I doubted I was going to get any gifts. Probably not even a few. But I hadn't been betting on the lovely black eye she gave me.

So Christmas morning, we all trudged downstairs (me, veeery reluctantly) and headed into the living room. There wasn't much under the tree to begin with. Regulus dove for the biggest box, but I stood separated from my family and leaned against the nearest exit. I was thinking of my friends. James was probably yukking it up with his family… Remus was probably comfortably tucked in front of the fire with a gigantic book… Peter was probably thinking about which sweets to vacuum down first…


Hearing my name jostled me out of my reverie. I looked at my mother, who gave me a look of disdain. Father shoved a gift at me. I hadn't even opened it when they returned to watching Regulus open his big box and pull out a broom.

I was jealous and I wasn't. Yeah, I'd like a new broom, but I didn't want to be grateful to my dreadful wretch of a mother. Not really to my father, either.

Anyway, I tore the paper off my present. Huh. It was a lovely pair of…gloves. Really? I guess they were…leather, maybe?

The look of indifference I felt on the inside must have shown on the outside. Suddenly, I realized it was too quiet. I locked eyes with my mother's cold ones.

Not good. Really not good.

"Is there a problem?" she asked. She did so in that tone of hers telling me she already knew the answer.

Coupled with that dangerous look in her eye, that tone scared me. I shook my head. "No, of course not."

"Then why does your expression belie another story?" Mother inquired, delicately standing and floating her way over to me. Father had left and gone to sit by Regulus by now, but I felt he'd left Mother alone with me.

This was the first time my gut spoke to me, and I knew to follow it years from then. At that moment, my gut froze my limbs. It had a very bad feeling. So did I. "I'm sorry, Mother, I don't-"


Mmmf! Sss… Aah, yeah… That hurt. She'd slapped me so hard I could taste blood in my mouth.

"Blacks don't lie," she coolly stated. "Blacks don't fraternize with blood-traitors, either. Or half-breeds." She slapped me twice more. "Blacks are always in Slytherin." FWAP! "Blacks are never caught with mudbloods." FWAP! "Nor are they ever caught with someone who commiserates with blood-traitors, half-breeds, or mudbloods." FWAP!

My mind flashed to James and Mooney. God damn this bitch. She didn't even know them! I shoved the faux leather gloves at her. "Then I shouldn't have been born a Black, seeing as I'm screwing your reputation so badly!!"


Shit, I don't even know where to begin. Yeah, I'd been smacked around before, but I'd never known her left hook 'til then. It sent me hurtling to the bottom of the staircase a meter and a half away. As if the lack of ability to open my right eye wasn't painful enough, the back of my head cracked against the bottom step. I saw stars with my left eye, and the pain was excruciating. I really wanted to sleep, too.

Somehow I managed to prop myself up on my elbows. Mother got out her wand, and I saw my only gift go up in flames. She glared at me with pure loathing. "Don't sully your blood anymore." And then the ashes floated down onto my torso.

Seeing her like that, I almost wanted to promise I wouldn't.


Aaaah, what a lovely fire!

My Christmas with my parents had been wonderful. Most of my gifts were books, but I didn't mind. Currently, I was huddled in a sweater and blanket, sitting in front of the fire with 1984 propped open on my knees.

… What? Why are you laughing? Am I that predictable?

Anyway… I wondered what my friends were up to. Though I loved spending time with Mum and Dad, I wanted to get back to school to learn more and rejoin my fellow Marauders.

With my past, being a part of anything had obviously been difficult. I'd never wanted to be part of a group, but every human needs a sense of belonging. I just hadn't found that until I'd met Sirius, James, and Peter.

And with that sense of belonging was the understanding. Usually werewolves only keep to themselves or the pack –I'd read up on it not too long after being scratched. But I could be with other humans –other wizards –my age. Best of all, I couldn't hurt them. And when they mastered the Animagus magic, they'd be able to better keep me in check. I'd never hurt them.

Yes. I promise that.

Not too shabby, right? Nothing quite like a Christmas evening full of abuse. Makes me wish I could hold Sirius, you know? Let's all go huggle him, then!! COME ON! FORWARD, MARCH!!! (And then I'll sneak back to snuggle Remmy because he was just like Sirius thought! Ha-ha!!)

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