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Tony sighed and rolled over onto his side, accidentally nudging Pepper awake who stared, bleary eyed, at her asleep boyfriend. She smirked to herself. It was ridiculous how adorable Tony Stark was when he was asleep, it's a shame he had to wake up.

Pepper curled up next to him, wrapping one arm around his waist and snaking the other up into his hair, holding him tightly.

Tony sleepily reached out an arm for her waist, and cuddled her, breathing in the soft scent of her hair.

'Good morning,' JARVIS interrupted. 'The weather in Malibu is…'

'Mute,' Tony mumbled sleepily, cuddling Pepper, who was wide awake at this point and smiled, kissing Tony's cheek tenderly.

'Come on, sleepy,' she said, nudging him in the ribs. 'We have to get up, we have to fly out to New York.'

'That sounds dull,' Tony said, and suddenly rolled over on top of her, holding his body weight carefully so as not to crush her and planting kisses along her collarbone.

'Now this is a lot more fun,' Tony said, biting her shoulder gently.

'I'm not denying that, but…' Pepper was cut off as Tony suddenly covered her mouth with his, one hand lost in her hair, the other holding her waist under her thin top.

Pepper closed her eyes and breathed him in, his soft, clean, safe scent with a vague hint of motor oil that was so Tony.

Pepper wrapped her legs around her waist and pulled him up against her, tracing the soft defined muscles of his back with one hand and running the other lazily through his thick dark hair.

'Sir, Colonel Rhodes is on the phone,' JARVIS informed them.

'Tell him to get lost,' Tony said, sliding one hand up under Pepper's top.

Pepper smiled against his lips. 'You know he won't just give up,' she said softly, trying to ignore the fluttering in her stomach from Tony lying on top of her.

'Challenge accepted,' Tony said, nuzzling her ear and planting kisses down her jawline, kissing her neck.

Pepper pulled herself up on her knees, making Tony pout in annoyance.

'Go answer the phone, and I'll be in the shower when you're done,' she said, grinning wickedly.

Tony stared at her, lost for words. 'Hurh?' he said.

'That isn't a word,' Pepper informed him, wrapping two arms around his neck and kissing him deeply, playing with the wedding ring on her finger. Tony wrapped his arms round her waist and tried to keep her there, but Pepper simply winked at him and sauntered off to the shower, stripping as she went.

'Don't keep me waiting, Mr Stark,' she said, sounding more sultry than normal.

'You got it, Mrs Stark,' Tony said, grinning after her.

'… Tony? Wake up.'

Beep, beep, beep.


Tony opened his eyes slowly, focusing on Pepper's worried face and the face of a doctor stood next to her.

Beep, beep, beep.

He was still in hospital, in a hospital bed, wearing scrubs, not in the shower with a naked Pepper.

'Are you still my wife?' he asked, confused.

'Um… no, Tony,' Pepper said, looking at the doctor in worry.

'It's alright, Miss Potts,' the doctor said. 'He's been in a coma for 3 days these things are to be expected. Give him a few minutes he'll be right as rain.'

'Mrs Stark sounded better,' Tony grumbled. Pepper stared at him, confusion written clear as day all across her face.

'I'll give you a minute,' the doctor said, and left the room.

Pepper stared at him. 'Tony?' she said, her forehead screwed up with worry. 'You still in there?'

'Yes, mom, I'll tidy my cars away,' Tony said, making his eyes go cross-eyed.

Pepper stared, wide eyed in worry at him. Tony chuckled and grinned at her.

'I'm kidding, Peps,' he said. 'It's me, I'm back, don't worry. Although I still think "Pepper Stark" sounds better.'

'If this is your way of proposing…' Pepper said, wiping away tears. Tony reached for her hand, and she took it, squeezing it tightly.

Tony smiled. 'Don't worry, I know how to make a girl feel loved,' he said, grinning.

Pepper sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to kiss him softly. 'I love you,' he said, grinning.

'What did I just say? Told you. I love you too, Pepperpot,' Tony said, smiling up at her. Then he frowned and pulled a face, realising he had to ask the obvious.

'How did the surgery go?'

Pepper broke out into the most genuine smile Tony had ever seen on her. 'It went perfectly, they removed the tumour. You're going to be okay, Tony.'

Tony grinned and pulled her down on top of him, covering her in kisses.

'Um… am I interrupting anything?' a voice came from the doorway.

'Yes you are,' Tony said, keeping his hands on Pepper's waist and kissing her solidly.

'Good to see you too, buddy,' Rhodey said, grinning and depositing an apple that had a grape attached to it on a cocktail stick.

Tony raised his eyebrows at it. 'What the hell is that?' he asked, incredulously.

'It's an edible arrangement,' Rhodey said, shrugging. 'Not a great one, but it's all I had in the kitchen.'

Tony gave him a look and Pepper chuckled.

'Well I guess you get points for trying, but you also lose a few for loss of creativity,' Tony informed him pointedly.

Rhodey gave a mock bow. 'Duly noted,' he said.

Pepper hugged Tony tightly and Rhodey playfully punched his arm. Pepper's heart was bursting with love, she couldn't remember ever being this happy. Finally, she had Tony back, and life could get back on track.

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