Lavender Brown's Requiem

A HariPo fanfic

by mew-tsubaki

Note: This is very loosely based on the movie Brown's Requiem with Michael Rooker and Tobin Bell and I didn't watch the whole thing, so I don't wish for too much grief. Oh, and of course the Harry Potter charries belong to J.K. Rowling. Other than that, READ AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 16: Ole Blue Eyes

August Seventh, an Impending Summer

So. Macnair was still alive.

My revelations from three days ago still frightened me. All this time, it'd been Macnair walking blithely into the bank to piss off Draco. And Prince was definitely a leader. And this Elaine woman was up there, too. And the "Cook" woman who'd bothered Draco at the restaurant was a Rookwood.

And I'm miserable because I haven't seen Draco since Sunday. Not because of the crimes about to happen, but because I haven't seen his sorry arse for four days.

Okay, it's not that I haven't seen him, but you know what I mean. I haven't been Lavender for a while. I've pretty much been Thomasine Max the past three days. I haven't even been Cori for a while. Might as well let her live her own life for now.

At the D.E.N. (Death Eaters National [Association]), I played my part and partially listened to Flint. Nott helped me out a bit by saving me from Flint's numerous long-winded talks, but I was careful not to be alone around him. Yes, he was one of two people I could relax around (the other being Flint), but I could never be my self entirely with Nott. I got the feeling that he knew more than he let on.

One curious thing –Pansy'd earlier given me two weeks. It's been more than three. I wondered where she was. I mean, I spied on Draco a bit, but it rubbed me the wrong way, that she'd all but disappeared.

"It's official," Flint told Nott and me as we left the D.E.N. that night. "Everyone has to attend tomorrow's and Saturday's meetings. Prince, Elaine, and Macnair are going to assign tasks and locations, and I guess we're moving in by the end of the month." He playfully nudged my shoulder and slapped Nott's back. "So rest up, you two. This weekend's a big one." We said good night and Flint Disapparated, leaving me in my least favorite position: alone with Nott.

"Nervous?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered truthfully. Only I was nervous from him being alone with me, not so much the attack.

I sensed his eyes roving over me, thinking, but I was semi-used to this by now. He dropped his gaze to the pavement. "Don't be. But also try not to fail in whatever part you get." He frowned. "Failure's not an option."

I frowned, too. It really wasn't an option for me, because my life depended on it. "I have to ask –who's Prince?"

Nott did his trademark half-grin that was certainly lackluster. "Her name's Dimaena Prince. She's the leader of our cause. Elaine Rookwood's her second-in-command, and Macnair's the grunt man. We're just the minions, I s'pose."

"You told me I seem out of place. You seem that way, too." I knew I was treading dangerous ground here, but I was curious. It's the sign of a good PI.

His face hardened. "I'm loyal to the cause." Yet it sounded like a blatant lie. Regardless, he decided to part ways with me then. He looked down into my eyes. "But remember –you're the peculiar one here, Thomasine."

"Good night, Theo."

"Good night, Thomasine."

I found I didn't feel as icky as before, when first meeting him. I stopped by Expresso Momento for a nighttime treat and headed to the park near Draco's. I'd taken my violet-colored contacts out as soon as Nott left, so I was just Lav for once. As I walked through the park like your regular passerby, a caw sounded in my stake-out tree.

I turned and met the raven's knowing gaze.

Automatically, I glared at it. "No need to spy on me, Draco," I hissed at it. "I'm a big girl." And then I felt like a little girl for saying that. I took one last look at it and Apparated home.

At home, I gathered my notes on this entire and hid them in a secure place. Since I had time, I cleaned my place. When I was done… I felt empty. I didn't have anything to do but sleep. So I decided to hit the hay early.

Except my mind wouldn't turn off. My imagination ran wild, considering all that was going on. I was thinking about Draco, dating him again. I was dreaming of being in his arms, looking up into those navy eyes-

Wait a minute. I shot up in bed. Navy eyes? As in, navy BLUE eyes?!

Without warning, Nott's face came to mind, and my cheeks burned. Great, just because he's bothersome, I can't get him out of my head.

I got up and stared at the stars through my window. Eventually, I went back to bed and fell asleep. I only saw gray eyes.

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