by pari106;
Disclaimer: DA is not mine; Rating: PG; Code: Drabble (of exactly 100 words); M/A
Summary: Alec's thoughts on Max.

A/N: I just got the weird urge to write this. Alec's POV on Max with a hint of Ben in it ;) Does it even
make sense? Please let me know.

by pari106

You know, I fought my whole life to disassociate myself from 493.

Then we met. I became what he had been: crazy. Crazy wanting to kiss you. Wanting to wring that pretty

In a way…you became my "Blue Lady". This unattainable beauty offering salvation, but also judgement;
punishment. Pain. 493 fought his whole life to please her…just as I strive to please you now. But unlike
him, my offering is not of teeth but of myself. And now I am the crazy one. Because, to his "Blue Lady",
493 only lost his mind.

To you, Max…I've lost my heart.