x. Teach me, Sakura-sensei! .x

Summary: Sakura had originally thought that tutoring a bunch of boys afterschool would be an easy and simple way to earn extra credits for university. But she soon realized that, being constantly molested and harrased wasn't exactly what she would describe as fun. All the more when she discovered there was a hot teacher and a tensai student on her trails too. Well, isn't her life just exciting?

Pairings: Various Sakura pairings.

Rated: T

A/N: This plot has been stuck in my head for such a long time that I decided to write it. XD


Sakura stretched her arms comfortably as the class ended. Ah, finally, break time! Sakura picked up her bento contently as she felt her stomach grumble with hunger. But, alas, her precious lunch time was spoiled by a message from her homeroom teacher, Hatake Kakashi.

"Haruno Sakura?" Kakashi poked his head into the classroom and glanced around; seeing the pink haired girl, he nodded to her, "Would you go to the principle's office please? He wants to have a word with you."

Sakura's hand stopped in midair as she prepared to open her bento box. Irritation stirred up inside her, "Yes, Kakashi-sensei."

Abandoning her tempting bento, Sakura stood up from her desk and hurried out of the classroom with a groan.

Haruno Sakura, aged 16, was a highschool girl enrolled in the Konoha Academy. Being a top student at her school, she was the 'role model' of her grade. Apart from that, she was also quite attractive; having blossomed through her years, Sakura had developed a charming figure and her bright, twinkling green eyes were particularly striking. She now huffed as she walked swiftly towards the principal's office, her pink hair flowing beautifully. What could he possibly want to talk about? Certainly not her grades, they were perfect. Perhaps about her engagement in physical education? She wasn't quite the sports type so her P.E teacher often frowned upon the few rounds of laps she could do.

Sakura was slightly breathless as she reached the principal's door; she knocked and waited politely for an answer. When her entrance was granted, she pushed the door open and stepped in, "Haruno Sakura." She announced herself, "You wanted a word with me, sir?"

"Ah yes," the principal smiled as he looked up from a stack of paperwork on his desk, "Do have a seat," he gestured towards a chair in front of the desk.

"Thank you," Sakura sat down gingerly.

The principal leaned his elbows on the table, crossed his fingers, and rested his chin on his hands, "So, Haruno-san," he began with a serious tone, "I have faced some problems with the academic quality of some boys."

Sakura heaved a silent sigh of relief, so the problem didn't lie with her after all.

"I simply cannot understand how they manage to obtain such low grades," the principal shook his head slightly, "And they're already in highschool, how do they expect to get into a decent university with such unremarkable results? Besides," he continued, "This is obviously giving our school a bad reputation, so as principal, Haruno-san, I ask for your help. You have been an excellent student and your marks are outstanding," the principal nodded at her to emphasize his point, "So if you are able to spare an hour of your precious time everyday after school, and two hours on Fridays, would you please help these boys with their work? You will be given credit for your contribution and it shall go into your records."

Sakura smiled, "I'll be happy to help, sir, I'm glad that I am able to assist these students."

"Wonderful," the principal clapped his hands together, and drew out a sheet of paper from a folder, "Here are the names of the students and the days which they are staying after school. You're a big help, Haruno-san, thank you very much. I'm sure you'll do a great job."

"It's my pleasure," Sakura stood up and accepted the paper with a polite bow and exited the room.

This time, Sakura walked more slowly down the corridor and she scanned through the list of names on the paper:

Monday: Uzumaki Naruto—Mathematics (Geometry II).

Sakura wrinkled her nose at the name, "Never heard of him." She moved on to the next one.

Tuesday: Uchiha Sasuke—History (Civilization in Relation to the Modern World).

Wednesday: Uchiha Itachi—History (Social Studies).

"The Uchiha brothers?" Sakura sniffed, "I thought they were pretty smart? I guess history just bores them," she made a face, "Like it bores me."

Thursday: Sabaku no Gaara—Japanese (III).

"Sa... baku... no... Gaara?" Sakura squinted at the paper, "Oh, isn't he the one who just returned to Japan from America?" She exhaled. No wonder he's struggling with Japanese.

Satoshi Sasori—Economics (Part II).
Ueda Deidara—Chemistry (Introduction to Bonding).

Sakura raised an eyebrow, "Economics?" she choked out, struggling not to giggle, "That's almost the easiest subject that ever existed!"

She sighed as she ran a hand through her silky hair; she's going to have a hard time this month. Fortunately, all the time she needs to squeeze out is only an hour everyday. Sakura smiled to herself, this is going to be easy, and she is able to earn extra credits for university! What luck!

Oh, but there were many things that she didn't know; Sakura doesn't realize it. But soon, she'll find out that teaching these bunches of boys afterschool wasn't exactly the cleverest, or healthiest, thing to do.

And Haruno Sakura was going to have to experience that on her own.


...molesting begins in next chapter? ...maybe? XDD

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