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Summary: Sakura had originally thought that tutoring a bunch of boys after school would be an easy and simple way to earn extra credits for university. But she soon realized that, being constantly molested and harassed wasn't exactly what she would describe as fun. All the more when she discovered there was a teacher and a tensai student hot on her trail too. Well, isn't her life just exciting?

Pairings: Various Sakura pairings.

Rated: M

Updated: August 27, 2013


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Sasori seemed to have sensed another person's presence as well, for his movements stopped and he tore his gaze away from Sakura and instead fixed it upon the patch of ground beside them, where the silhouette of the intruder was visible in the form of shadows cast by the light shining through the open door. Both Sasori and Sakura were holding their breaths, waiting for the owner of the silhouette to make a move first. Perhaps they were both hoping that whoever it was that just entered would leave again, so that the young pair of high school students would be left alone in the cramped school storage shed, free to do whatever it was that they proceeded to do. Well, the red-haired male certainly hoped that this was the case. We can't be too sure about the pink-haired little lady, though. For all we know, she isn't as innocent as she used to be, that we can be sure of.

At any rate, the owner of the shadow showed no signs of leaving; how utterly unfortunate. He—for Sakura can be sure that it is a he—took a step into the storage room gingerly. Sakura's breath caught in her throat. Could it be the gym teacher? The janitor? Rock Lee? The police? The FBI? Harry Potter? A penguin that got lost looking for his beloved Hello Kitty umbrella that got blown away by the strong winds of Antarctica? Sakura didn't know. But by now, she could almost be sure that she didn't want anyone to find her and Sasori. At least not in this position. (And by now, she could also almost be sure that either she was going insane, or the authoress was just experiencing one of her weird moments again. Sakura was pretty sure it was the latter. Although some of the former reason could apply as well. Oh, but look, we're straying off topic here. Here's the moral of the story, kids, there's no point in reading whatever content that is written within parentheses because they're all pointless musings of the weird authoress. So stop reading stuff written in parentheses. I said STOP reading. You're still reading this, aren't you. Stop it, you're making me blush. Uh.. remind me what I was talking about again.. Oh right. Sakura-sensei. Okay. Oh and kids shouldn't be reading this. Unless you're over 18 but still mentally a kid. Like me. Or am I really over 18? Kuhuhuhu... Ah, but the authoress needs to remain mysterious...)

Anyhow, Sakura stole a cursive glance at Sasori, and noted a flash of irritation in the male's dark orbs. She looked back at the shadow on the ground; sure enough, the owner of the shadow was now completely inside the storage shed, and as he shuffled around, Sakura heard a familiar voice, and much to her dismay as well.

"Sasori, come out~ I know you're here, hn."

Sasori heaved a heavy sigh. He lifted his weight off Sakura, but still held her captive by his puppet cords. The red-haired male stepped out from behind the stack of boxes which had, so far, hidden both him and Sakura out of view. In this case, Sakura still remained hidden, though not for long.

"Tch, you catch on quickly, Deidara."

Deidara grinned, "I saw you enter the shed. I thought I'd be courteous and let you hide your puppets first before I came along to destroy them again. Hn."

"I'd prefer you choose to be wise instead of courteous next time and stay out of my business completely."

"You mad, bro?"

No, of course Deidara didn't say that. That would destroy the style of writing that I've kept up so far in this fic. Notice the keyword here being so far. Muhaha. Maybe I should start writing crack fics...

What Deidara really said was, "Didn't get enough time?"

"No. Not at all. I barely started playing with my puppet."

"Oh, I'm so very sorry. I thought you'd have stashed them all away by now, hn."

Sasori frowned at Deidara's sarcastic tone of voice, "If you're done with your immature taunts, then leave, I don't have time to deal with you."

Deidara raised an eyebrow, he wasn't about to lose his cool in the face of Sasori's condescending tone, "And you think I would obey. Hn."

Sasori sighed. He had hoped it wouldn't come to this. But no matter, he was determined to play with his newest puppet today and wasn't about to let Ueda Deidara ruin it again this time. The red-haired male closed his eyes and massaged his temple with his free hand, his other one was holding onto the cords that bound Sakura's arms together. Finally, he opened his eyes again, only to be met with Deidara's steady gaze, the latter's orbs were glinting with amusement. Tch. Sasori didn't want to do this, but it looks like there was no choice. It was either this, or he loses his chance to play with his puppet again.

"They say sharing is caring," Sasori began, beckoning Deidara to come closer, "Won't you spare my puppets if I shared them with you?"

Deidara laughed, a layer of mockery lacing his voice, "And what makes you think I'd be interested in your puppets?"

"This one, you will."

There was a short pause. Even in the semi-darkness, the blond male could see the dangerous glint in the puppet-master's dark amber eyes; they've been friends for so long, and they know each other's limits. Therefore, neither said a thing. Deidara's eyes flashed, and, as he stepped forward to look behind the stack of boxes, he had to admit that he agreed with Sasori on this one.

A certain pink-haired maiden was leaning her back against a tall stack of thick gymnastic mats, her arms were behind her, seemingly bound together. The top buttons of her white shirt were open, allowing a glimpse of the curves her luscious bosom. Deidara licked his lips slowly as he smirked. The girl's eyes were still glazed as she breathed rather raggedly. Her legs were trembling—with little more teasing she would certainly slide to the floor—those beautifully curved legs wouldn't support her for much longer.

Sasori saw the change in Deidara's expression as the latter eyed his precious puppet like a beast about to capture its prey.

Apparently, they've reached some sort of mutual understanding.

A smirk also tugged at the corners of the puppet-master's lips.

Sharing is caring.

And, in the end, both parties would eventually benefit from the act. It's just that some benefits come earlier than others.


Haruno Sakura could not believe that this was happening. Somehow, in her subconscious perhaps, she had registered the thought that since Deidara was here, a scene quite like the one that had occurred in the classroom a week ago would replay itself, thus providing Sakura with the golden opportunity to make her escape. But sadly, life never works out the way one expects it to. The poor girl could only watch in wide-eyed horror as the two boys seemingly came to a sort of unspoken agreement. She had a faint feeling that she knew what was coming—but she refused to believe it still—and the thought made her insides churn.

Silence ensued for a while, all three present in the storage shed were ostensibly lost in their own thoughts. And before Sakura had a chance to fully comprehend the situation, there was a soft creak followed by a very quiet closing of the door—and much to the pink-haired girl's horror, there was a click of the lock as well. Darkness crept into the shed once again. Trapped. She was trapped. Something was screaming in her brain, but her body refused to react to anything.

While Sakura waited frantically for her eyes to get used to the darkness, she felt something shuffling around her, and soon enough she felt a sharp tug through the strings on her arms and she was pushed off balance. Expecting the hard stone ground to greet her body, Sakura instinctively let out a hoarse squeak, for her voice was still stuck in her throat. However, as she fell, her body was met with a much softer surface than what she had expected. Somewhere in the still functioning parts of her brain, Sakura realized that they had pulled down some gym mats from the high stack of mats that she had previously been leaning on so desperately, and she had ended up tumbling onto the midst of the mercifully soft pile of thin mattresses.

As terror seized her brain, Sakura allowed her mind to go blank. She was absolutely not ready for the series of events that followed. Somehow, she had already reached the point of no return.

The sun was starting to dip closer towards the horizon. A bird chirped quietly, and then silence fell across the school grounds. Rock Lee had ordered his baseball team to take 'a few' laps around the gates of the entire school. Looks like they won't be back too soon either. All of the school buildings were silent. There was no one left to witness whatever it is that was about to happen in the seemingly mundane storage shed. How utterly convenient.

Deidara smirked as he watched the girl quiver as she lay sprawled across the mats. He undid his tie and removed it from around his neck. He then crouched down and, not meeting the girl's alarmed gaze, fixed the tie over the girl's eyes, tying the ends together in a firm knot at the back of her head. He heard a gasp escape Sakura's lips and couldn't help but smirk as he imagined the vulnerability that the girl felt from having her vision robbed from her.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Sasori pulling his infamous puppet strings, forcing the girl to her knees. As she stayed rooted to her spot, kneeling on the mats, the girl still managed an air of indignant resentment despite her being blindfolded. Deidara licked his lips, not taking his eyes off the girl, but soon Sasori's voice rang in his ears.

"I'm not about to do all the work, Deidara."

"Ah?" Deidara threw him a rather impatient glance, "What are you talking about?"

Sasori wriggled the strings in his hands to emphasize his point, "I'm doing all the controlling; you're planning to just go ahead and enjoy yourself, aren't you?"

"Of course not, hn."

"Tch," Sasori grimaced.

Contrary to his words, Deidara stepped up to the girl, who was kneeling silently on the mat. Leaning down, he tilted her chin upwards and planted a rough but firm kiss on her quivering lips. Prying open her mouth with the force of his thumb on her chin, Deidara thrust his tongue hungrily into the girl's hot cavern, exploring its wetness and sucking on her sweet breath. The girl's muffled gasps only served to contribute more to the ever lascivious ambience of the chamber that now imprisoned the three.

Sasori wasn't about to let Deidara take advantage of the situation alone. Fixing all of his puppet strings onto his left hand, he slipped his right one under the girl's skirt. As he sensed a jolt run through the pink-haired maiden's body, Sasori felt a sudden surge of anticipation run through him, augmenting his body temperature and accelerating his heartbeat. The red-haired male instinctively tightened his grip on the cords in his hand—not noticing the magnitude of his force—which sent the girl's body stiffening in pain and a weak scream escaping her lips, which were still being devoured by the blond male. Without considering Deidara's course of action, Sasori—with skillful control of the sharp threads that held the damsel captive—sent the girl's upper body slamming onto the mats, leaving her breasts pressing painfully against the thin mattress and her knees still weakly kneeling on the ground, propping up her voluptuous behind, which curved beautifully up in the air, allowing Sasori a complete view of the joining point of her thighs.

Sasori lowered his body, bringing his face to level with the girl's now exposed behind. With an amused smirk playing across his lips, he ripped off the pink-haired girl's underwear, which caused the female to squirm in shock. The puppet-master narrowed his eyes rather triumphantly as he pulled his face even closer to the poor damsel's private entrance. As he pried open the soft petals with his fingers, Sasori let out a sigh as he made out the maiden's pink, delicate insides under the dim lighting.

Sakura let out a gasp as she felt the red-haired male's breath on her vagina; mixed with the helpless sensation of being bound, and the vulnerability of the darkness caused by her blindfold, Sakura could feel something hot tingling inside of her. She bit her lower lip in desperate attempt to not let her lustful moans reach the males' ears. Suddenly, the entrance of something into her vagina sent Sakura throwing her head back in licentious anticipation.


The girl's sensual moan sent a smirk over Sasori's lips as he thrust his middle-finger into the girl's womanhood: luscious juices oozed out as a response to this action and the liquid slowly rolled down the side of the female's thighs. The male gently moved his finger. More juices. More moans. The girl's body is readily responsive to even the tiniest bit of sexual stimulation. Was it the puppet strings that bound her body? Or was it the blindfold? Or was it the excitement of having a third person watch all her lecherous actions? Or… was the girl's body subject to frequent sexual stimulation?

It didn't matter much to Satoshi Sasori. He leaned in and licked the liquid that was still rolling down the pink-haired girl's inner thighs. This sent her legs quivering. Sasori wondered if those beautifully smooth legs could hold up her equally beautiful bottom any longer.

Deidara narrowed his eyes disdainfully. The girl is simply focusing too much on Sasori's caresses; this irritated him. Very, very much. As he knelt before the girl, Deidara felt a flash of clarity run through his mind as he regarded the maiden's face, which was pressed—on one cheek—onto the mat that lay beneath her. A nasty smile tugged at the corners of the blond male's lips, I think I'm going to enjoy this.


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