I heard the truck rumbling down our driveway and knew who it was immediately, Bella and Edward...I recognized both their scents right away and I smiled inwardly, even though I have a hard time around Bella, I knew she was right for my brother and she made my wife Alice so happy to have a real friend after all these many, many years...Esme and Rose were family, Esme was well...a mother and Rosealie? well, it's way to hard to explain her. I hear Bella asking:

"Can I ask you a question?"

Silence as I wait:

"If I get this film developed, will you show up in it?"

I hear myself laugh, Edward laugh and somewhere in the house I hear Carlisle chuckle and Emmett nearly about rolling on the floor with laughter! I can tell Bella asked that question to ease tension with Edward for some reason, it worked and sometimes humans are better at easing the situation down than I am. I relunctly go out the door because I know if I don't come, my Alice will drag me and it won't matter if I kick and scream.

Carlisle and Esme were already at the door and welcoming in Bella and Edward, Esme kissed Bella in a loving mother way and I heard Carlisle tell Bella:

"Sorry about this Bella, we couldn't rein Alice in"

I think:

"There's no way'!

Rosealie and Emmett stand behind, Emmett smiles his big bear grin...Rosealie doesn't, no surprise there then I hear Emmett tell Bella that she's just the same red faced girl as always. She says 'Thanks a lot Emmett' and she blushes. Emmett laughs then says:

'I have to step out for a second….then he winks at Alice and continues to say 'Don't do anything funny while I'm gone' 'I'll try'

Alice let go of my hand and she skipped toward Bella, I loved seeing her so happy, I'd do anything for that happiness for her so…this is no big deal. Alice announced:

'Time to open presents!"

Alice dragged her to the table with all the presents on and Bella says:

'Alice, I told you I didn't want anything…." 'But I didn't listen and she takes the camera from Bella and gives her a silver box, Bella reads the tag and opens it but she only has questions on her face but she doesn't ask them so she says:


Rosealie actually smiles then I tell her:

'It's a stereo for your truck, Emmett's installing it right now so you can't return it"

Bella smiles then says:

"Thanks Jasper, Rosealie…thanks Emmett!"

Bella doesn't need to yell but humans have their habits then I hear Emmett just laughing. I hear Alice saying:

"Open mine and Edward's next!"

Bella turns to Edward and says:

"You promised!"

Emmett bounded in the room before Edward could say anything and he says:

"Just in time!"

Edward then tells Bella:

"I didn't spend a dime"

Bella just sighs and takes the box from Alice and says:

"Give it to me"

Emmett chuckles and Bella puts her finger under the edge of the paper and she says:


That's when everything changes. For the worst.

I don't know why, I hear my brother Edward yell 'No!'

He goes to Bella and throws her backward and everything falls, the cake, the flowers, the presents and Bella lands in a floor of glass. I feel Edward's body hitting mine and it sounds like a mountain falling down and I hear myself…snarling? I see my trying to snap at Edward's….why am I not stopping myself? My other brother Emmett grabs me from behind but all I can see is Bella…and her blood. Bella rolls over to the piano and moans and my father figure says:

'Emmett, Rose, get Jasper outside"

Emmett just pulls at me with all his strength and says:

"Come on Jasper"

I realize now my actions and I'm embarrassed, Alice and Esme want to cry and Edward I can see blames himself. I go and when we get outside in the air…the door closes behind us and I say:

"I can still smell her"

Emmett says:

"Let's go"

We go down the steps and at vampire speed, we dart across the driveway and even to the edge of the woods and I say:

"This is better"

We all go quiet as stones then a few minutes later, I walk off, well, a human would think its running down the walkway deeper into the woods. I sense Alice wanting to follow me but Esme puts her hand on her shoulder and says:

"No, let him go Alice, he needs time"

She stays back and that's the last me my family sees me for awhile.