I thought things have settled down, Rosealie and Emmett had gone to thier rooms (one only knows what they were doing. Alice was going silently around me still upset and Carlisle and Esme went hunting. The doorbell rang and I went to it, when I opened the door, A UPS man stood there and I asked:


The man shuffled uncomfortable in his shoes and he says:

"Package for Jasper Cullen"

I see the square, brown package in his hands and I get it and say:

"I'm Jasper Cullen"

The man starts to leave ( in a hurry like most humans do here) and I ask him:

"Do I have to sign anything?"

The man turns and says:

"No, no"

The man hurries down the stairs to the truck and gets in and leaves. Jasper looks at the package in curiosity then closes the door and opens the tightly closed package rather quickly and out pops….Winnie-the-Pooh!


The bright eyes of Winnie look up at him and he says:

"Yes, here, I am, he he"

He rubs his tummy and says:

"And not just me!"

Tigger bounces up, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore and the rest wave to him and then Jasper asks:

"How did you get here?"

Pooh points to Christopher Robin and says:

"Christopher Robin filled out a order form because I can't write very well"

Just then Tigger bounces up and says:

"Buddy boy convinced us to come here so we could never be separated again! Woo- hoo!"

Jasper smiles and says:

"I have a idea…Carlisle, Esme, Rosealie, Emmett, and Alice please come down?"

Winnie and friends smile at Jasper and before they can blink their little eyes, all of the Cullen's come down and Jasper says:

"I know that there is nothing I can really do or say to make up for what I did…but I hope this can start"

He starts handing the small animal dolls to each member of the family in surprise. Christopher Robin to Emmett, of coarse Jasper kept Winnie and he gave Piglet to Alice who smiled her biggest smile at him, he gave Roo and his mother to Esme who just hugged the kangaroo and her baby then gave Rosealie, Rabbitt and the wise Owl to Carlisle then he said:

"I'll give Edward Eeyore later"

Carlisle says:

"Thank you Jasper, you didn't have to do this"

Jasper shrugs his shoulders and Esme comes and hugs him as does Alice then nobody notices the wink that Winnie gives Jasper then they all leave for their rooms but Emmett calls after Jasper and says:

"What's next Jasper? Raggedy Ann and Andy? No maybe we should get Ken & Barbie to come over…"

Jasper grits his teeth and says to only himself:

"I knew it, I knew it"

The End.