It has been six weeks since I unofficially invited myself to live with Harry. It was a sweet six week! Even though I have a busy schedule, what with acting and modelling, I am still able to eat one meal with my beloved every single day. He is still as quiet as ever but he has started to relax a little to the new additional to his home. Me! At the two week mark, I have started to move in some of my things in. I thought that since he has not chased me out, as I have been sleeping there every night, he has already begun to accept my love for him. First I put in my toothbrush next to his in the bathroom. Then I completely took over the empty drawer in his chest. Next I start to fill up his sparse wardrobe with my clothes and his bathroom with my soap and shampoo. Finally, I put a framed picture of me on his work table. And the best thing? He did not even flinch or throw anything out! I think my love is starting to get through to him. Until I saw the note on his fridge on the sixth week that I started living there. The note said:

To Alicia and Draco

I am doing research in Japan. Will be back in a week or so.

Seriously? He left me a note that is not only addressed to me, but also to the cleaning lady. Not to mention, I heard nothing about this stupid Japan research trip of his even though I haul ass back to here every day to eat breakfast or dinner with him. I hope his excuse isn't that he had no chance to tell me because I am here every fucking day! How dare he leave a note for me that was also meant for the cleaning lady! What am I to him? A cook?

It has been three weeks since Harry left for Japan and there are no indications of him coming back anytime soon. Or maybe, he told the cleaning lady and didn't tell me. I know I am being spiteful and unreasonable. It is not like we actually put a definition to our relationship prior to this. I could have meant precisely nothing to him. On the other hand, he just lets me slowly move in like this without stopping me. Every day I still return back to his place hoping that he is there and every day, my hope dies a little.

Three and a half weeks past and I am on my last shred of hope today. I use the unlocking charm on his door and push open the big front door into a dark apartment. He is still not back yet. I walk aimlessly through the house, looking at everything that is his, yearning to catch a whiff of his existence. Surprising how abandoned a place can look when people spend so little time in it. I open the door to his bedroom and in the silence of the night, I hear his light snoring. It took him three and a half weeks to come back and he didn't even tell me anything.

I seat myself beside his sleeping form and rouse him from his slumber. I glare angrily at him until his sleepy eyes could focus themselves on me. He reaches his hand up to rub the sleep out of his tired eyes.

"What the hell, Draco?" he asks, slowing manoeuvring himself to a sitting position. His top half is naked and tempting me to reach out to touch him.

"No. What the hell yourself. You up and left without saying anything," I spit back with malice.

"I left you a note, didn't I?"

"That is also addressed to your cleaning lady!

"What's the problem now?"

"What's the problem? WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? What do you take me for, Harry James Pothead! Writing a note like that is like telling me I am as important to you as your bloody cleaning lady! What am I to you? A cook? Shit! You could have written the exact same note to me, addressed solely to me and placed it in the bedroom and would have hurt a lot less. Not to mention, you never said when you will be back, where you were going and you never even called back once! Oh my God, Harry! And you still have the cheek to ask me what the problem is?"

Harry didn't respond, just squeeze his eyes shut, hold the bridge of his nose in his thumb and forefinger and frown deeply. Something seems to dawn on me after my rant. I am not a cook to Harry. I am not anything to Harry at all. And now I have probably annoyed the crap out of him and blew every chance that I might have. I feel like an idiot and I start to laugh.

"What am I saying? I am nothing to you. Sorry for making such a big fuss. I will make myself scarce now," I say. My tone is dripping with dejection but I cannot help it. "I just remembered that I have to… er… I got to go."

I stand up hastily and exit the room, ignoring Harry's voice calling me back.

I didn't go back to Harry's place for two days now and he hasn't called me. I guess I am right after all. He doesn't care that I am not going there anymore. I know I have to get my things back but he probably threw away all my things already. Knowing how he lived before I met him again and turned his life upside down, he is probably not a big fan of unnecessary things around the house. God, I am so mad! I thought him calling after me that night would at least have some kind of a follow up. I am hoping despite knowing that I shouldn't be. I am totally and utterly pathetic. Even my work is affected by it. The director sent me back to my trailer not long ago because I have been spacing out like an idiot. And right now, I am just holding and staring at my mobile, willing it to ring.

Just then, it really starts to ring! I almost dropped the phone in my surprised state. I check the caller display and sure as hell, it is Harry. I am halfway happy and halfway hesitant.

"Hello?" My voice is shaking.

"It's Harry." His voice, on the other hand, is rather steady. Kind of pisses me off.

"I know," I reply. My voice begins to steady as I steel myself for the unavoidable rejection.

"You haven't come back for two days." He has a stupid habit for stating the obvious.

"Don't worry, I will send someone to pick up my things. I won't inconvenience you again."

"You are taking your things back?" He sounds genuinely surprised. I wonder why. Maybe it is because he has already thrown my things out and didn't know how to explain it to me.

"Yah, that's right. Unless you already gotten rid of them. Then I will tell my assistant not to bother making the trip down."

"No. They are still here. You have to come get them back if you want them."

"My assistant will get in touch with you. Bye." I almost ended the call when I hear his voice float through the phone.

"No. You have to come get them back yourself. You started it. You end it."

"You are impossible. Why does it matter who comes to get it? You know what? Just throw them out. I don't need them anyway," I shout back into the phone.

"I'll see you tonight."

"You are so bloody obnoxious, you know that? Why do I have to do as you say? You don't even want me anyway."

"Like I said, you started it so you have to end it. Tonight. I will wait for as long as it takes." And he hangs up on me.

I swear he is the most obnoxious git I have ever dated. Only that, we never dated. I feel like crying.

At night, I let myself into his apartment as usual and he is sitting on his couch, waiting, as promised. He lifts his eyes to looking at me and made a motion to stand. I hold up my hand to signal to him not to bother. He would probably say something obvious or obnoxious. Either way, I already feel stupid enough to fall in love with someone like him when he obviously will never return my feelings. I just stride past him into his bedroom. I stuff my duffel bag full with all the clothes that I brought over and when I was done, I walk back to the living room again, right past him and towards the front door.

"Take the kitchenware with you," he says.

When I turn around to face him, he is still seated on the couch with his head hanging down.

"Just throw them away okay? I don't even get why I showed up tonight. I feel idiotic enough as it is. Leave me some dignity."

"The kitchenware, the food you put in my fridge, your shampoo, your cologne, your toothbrush," he says, as he rises from the couch and walk towards me slowly, his eyes still focusing on the ground. "The picture you put in my study. You have to take everything back."

"I cannot believe this!" I exclaim, and then let out a bewildered laugh. "Do you want me to dig my hair out of your drain too?"

"Yes. Everything has to go," he replies, finally bringing his eyes to meet mine. I see that he is serious.

"Do you resent me that much that you can't look at my things? Can't even make contact with them long enough to put them in a bin?"

He takes my hand and presses it to his chest. I try to pull back but he is strong.

"And whatever you put inside here, take it back before you walk out of here," he says, in all seriousness.

"What?" I ask. If someone ever needs an illustration for the word "confuse", they should take a picture of my face right now.

He leans in to whisper into my ear," I said, rip my heart out why don't you?"

Before my mind could formulate a comeback, Harry starts to kiss me. A wet one, with tongue and everything. I could do nothing but respond. Maybe it is the excitement of knowing that my feelings are returned, if only a little. Or maybe it has been a while. Either way, I am not complaining.

I drop my duffel bag on the floor and use both my hands to flank his face and pull him closer. He snakes his hands under my shirt and feel me up all over. I moan into the kiss when he flicks a nipple with his thumb. We walk like a crippled carb into the bedroom while tearing at each other's clothes. And I literally mean tearing. I am positive some of my belt hoops are torn and I am sure his T-shirt is not supposed to have a neck hole that size. Whatever. In our quest for more skin, more heat and more contact, who cares?

We tumble awkwardly onto the bed when the back of my knees hit the side of it. By then we have shed all our clothes. Harry is straddling me and attacking my skin with his tongue. I spread my hands to grab hold of as much of his butt cheeks as I can while I enjoy his attention. He starts to climb down the length of my body whilst kissing my very exposed skin and I allow my hands to let go of his ass and slide up his very naked back. He uses his hands to encourage me to spread my legs wider then he showers some attention on my inner thighs, all the time getting closer and closer but not quite being where I want him. I got annoyed and lace my fingers in his raven locks, guiding him towards my aching boner. Today I learn why they call it a Boner. I feel so incredibly hard that I strongly believe any careless movement would snap it in two, like a bone. I hope Harry would be gentle with me. Or not. I don't care.

Harry laughs at my eagerness but still chooses to ignore my need. Obnoxious, like I said. Then I feel his warm, wet tongue on my balls. Yah, heaven would feel like that. My whole body relaxes as my sexual tensions are slowly being released. I moan into the night. Without warning, he takes half my dick into his mouth. I almost howled. My hands grip his hair tightly to hold his head still as I steady myself so as not to come right then and there. I was wrong. This is what heaven should feel like. A warm, wet tongue on my bone-hard dick. I loosen my grip on his hair when my breathing starts to regulate itself again. He takes the signal and starts to bop his head up and down slowly, tasting me all over. Harry's tongue feels like something that is both soft and hard at the same time. Like a purposeful feather. He leaves no part of my manhood dry. Then he draws me out of his mouth fully. I strain my neck up to see what he is up to. Holding my penis steady in on hand, Harry dribbles saliva from the tip of his tongue onto the head. I feel the warm liquid engulf the head of my genital then flow steadily down my length, over my balls and across my ring of muscle down there. As if I wasn't excited enough, I start to leak. My precum mix into his saliva. Through the whole ordeal, he watches me watch him. Body fluids never looked this sexy. He takes me back into his mouth and gets a bit hasty.

"Not so fast, Harry. Going… going to come," I squeeze out the words while panting.

"Come. I can use it."

Not a second pass since he spoke, I come gloriously into his mouth. The bed sheets crumple under my hands as I writhe and buck into his mouth to ride out my orgasm. As I come down from my high, I watch him spill my semen into the palm of his hand. He flashes me a brilliant smile. Harry is so beautiful. His hair may be in disarray, with a few strands stuck to his sweaty forehead, and those dark circles under his eyes that betray his need for rest. Despite all of that, my Harry is still beautiful.

I watch him pour the mixture in his palm onto my balls and letting it flow over my anus. Then he presses his palm against my hole, massaging as much of the slimy liquid into it as possible.

"Harry?" There is a hint of hesitant in my voice.

"I am going to make love to you tonight. Tonight, you are so beautiful."

I thought I might giggle like a schoolgirl after hearing that but I manage to rein myself in. Harry likes me to be manly. I feel his fingers work at my hole, nudging and rubbing it until I am finally ready for him to push a finger in. I hiss at the intrusion. It feels rather unnatural at first but it gets better after a few thrusts. Harry wiggles his finger around to stretch me more before pushing in another finger.

"Ahh… Harry! Hurts!" I call out.

"Sorry. Bear with me a little."

He pulls out his fingers and pulls my legs even further apart with his hands before positioning his face at my ass. Then I feel his tongue probing me, licking me. I am getting turned on again as my limp dick starts to take shape. At long last, my muscles seem to have softened. He backs away to try his fingers again. Now I can take two fingers in with more ease. I feel him twist and turn inside of me. The feeling is weird but very exciting.

"Oh Merlin! Right there!" I moan.

"Here?" Harry asks, as he strokes that good spot again.

"Yesss…." I sound as if I might have lapse into parseltongue.

Harry wets a third finger and pushes them all in at once. I scream and writhe on the bed as my body adjust to the newest addition. Harry holds his fingers steady while I calm down. He revisits my good spot again and again until he feels that I am ready to accept him.

"Hey Draco, are you okay already?"

"Yah… Come in, quickly, I can't wait anymore," I plead.

"Then turn around and get on all fours. It will be easier on your body."

I get into position obediently. I feel expectant and anxious at the same time, like I am a virgin all over again. Well, I guess I can be considered a virgin in this circumstance. Harry's hardness nudges me from behind as he positions himself. He leans forward and twists my head sideways with one hand below sealing our lips with a deep loving kiss. Then he breaks away and looks longingly into my eyes.

"Take a deep breath, Drake. Breathe out slowly as I enter okay?"

I nod stupidly. I mentally prepare myself for what is to come. Then I feel it. A searing pain spreads out towards my limps as they start to shake and slowly lose strength.

"Breathe, Drake," Harry reminds me.

I take shaky breaths as he pushes deeper into me until he is finally balls deep in my ass. I feel him so intensely right now. My pain and his sword in my sheath.

"Oh Harry!" I moan

"Merlin Drake, you are so tight," Harry moans. "I'm sorry because it is going to hurt, but I need to move now or I will go mad."

He reaches his hand around to stroke me as he moves inside of me. Slowly at first, though not for long. He seems to really need this. Pain gives way to more and more pleasure and by the fifteenth or twentieth thrust, I am not even conscious of the pain anymore. All I feel is Harry and more Harry.

I take his hand off my dick so I won't come too soon. We moan so loudly together and the bed creaks dangerously under us. I feel my butt cheeks getting raw as his pelvis continuous slaps against it. Harry keeps grinding his head against my good spot and driving me insane.

"Harry… Harry… I want to turn around. I can't see… see you."

Harry pulls out as I turn myself around and then he plunges in again and our motions continue. I hug him so hard that he is pressed tightly against me. I wish I can use my body heat to weld us together like this. We kiss sloppily as we made passionate love under the witness of the moon.

Harry came without warning, spilling his wetness all over inside of me. And I stroke myself a few times as he rides out his orgasm, then I spray my second orgasm of the night all over our stomachs. Harry starts to perform a cleaning charm but I tell him to leave it till later. I say that I want to lie in the mess we made a while longer. He raises an inquisitive eyebrow but decide to let it go, choosing to lie on top of me instead. I turn to look at the clock he has on the bedside table when I catch the glimmer of a ring.

"What's that?" I ask.

"What's what?"

"The ring, on the bedside table. You hate jewellery." I start to panic again. Whose ring is it? Who has been inside this room recently?

"It's yours."

"Mine? I didn't leave a ring here. Don't lie to me, Harry." My tone starts to darken.

"I bought it for you," he explains. "Accio ring."

He magics the ring into his hand and then ceremoniously put it on my right pinkie.

"Pinkie ring?" I am a little sceptical of this. I didn't have to say the word "only"; my tone spelt it out for me. What does this mean? That I am of the least significance?

"In Japan, the people use their little finger to represent a significant other. I know you are in the public eye so you can wear a ring on your telltale finger. But this should be safe."

"Significant other? Me?"

"I kept your picture that you place in my sacred work space, didn't I?"

"Your work space is sacred?"

"Yah. I take it as an invasion of personal space when someone tampers with my study room."

"You are not angry about me placing my picture there are you?"

"At first I was. But I was not annoyed enough to chuck it."

"So you do love me! Then why did you just up and leave for Japan? And the stupid note! And not calling me after that!"

"I don't know how to socialise with people at all. I don't understand people's worry for me or how to show you that you are important to me. Before you, I can't even sleep with someone else in my bed. I don't really like people very much."

"But you do like me right?"


"Then I will teach you to love me."

I lean down to kiss Harry on the mouth.

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