I know it took me forever to finish this story, but I just want to thank every single person who's reading this for bearing with me.

I want to thank you, first of all, for reading. And second, for continuing to read even though I know this story is not only ridiculous, but not as good as it could be if it was written by anybody else.

I've been venturing a lot into the Klaine world of fanfics (Glee fans know, not Glee fans, that is Kurt+Blaine) and I find that I kind of suck at writing compared to some of the authors I've found. SO, thanks for reading this, and I hope that even though it's not the best thing ever, you enjoyed it.

Now, for the news.

I'm not posting any more Twilight fics. I think. If I do, it's only because I know I can't actually write it as a story because it's based off something real or from a TV show or whatever, and I'll just be using the characters and the places because out of all the franchises and series I love, it's the easiest to just play around with the characters in completely different situations and it works. I mean, imagine writing Peeta and Katniss in a normal high school writing the school paper. Not normal. So I find it easier to write a scenario like that with Edward and Bella.

I may be posting in the near future Dramione fics. I'm in the process of writing one loosely based (or not so loosely based) on the Katy Perry song The One That Got Away. I got it all planned out, don't worry.

Anyway, thanks so much for bearing with me, I love you guys. :)