'Chapter Eight'

It had been about ten hours.

Ten hours and Zim hadn't moved from his seat in front of the computer console.

Anger had come and gone; at first he wanted to rant and rave, yell at the ceiling, run after Dib and rip him to pieces. But after the first few hours passed, anger turned to boredom and boredom turned to restlessness and restlessness turned to an almost loneliness.


"Zim needs no one!" Zim scoffed, his voice vibrating off the walls. He reclined back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest as his large red eyes roamed the darkness of the wires tangled throughout the ceiling.

Where was the Dib-beast anyway?

Hopefully hidden well.

Though, his previous want to dismember the dirt-child had ebbed to a nagging something. A feeling he was familiar yet unfamiliar with, an almost pulling on his skin, a type of hunger that was beginning to consume his thoughts.

Zim gasped and sat ram-rod straight in his chair, his eyes staring blankly across the room.

No, no, no…

Why? Why would he be experiencing the…the hideous heat again?

At first he thought it was proximity to Dib. That being tangled in him made him want, seeing him, smelling him, it was some predisposed thing, an after-affect of mating, something that was residual and would depart once contact had ended.

However, like the hours previous, when seeing Dib, even when yelling at him, there was that underlying something and it was as confusing as it was horribly scary.

This need, this want…

It was something Zim had never felt before. Isolated on planets is what Irkens did, and being attached to something, anything, was a foreign concept.

Yet, here it was, nagging him again.

Zim wrung his hands, his antennae bobbing up and down in a frantic pace. He was impregnated, he knew that, his Pak system relayed to him his vitals at any given moment, and he knew.

So, why?

It was rare, almost defective for an Irken to actually take a mate past the initial ritualistic event. Zim would have been costumed to birthing and relinquishing the smeet to the Empire, not raising it himself, and definitely not raising it with another like some type of human family.

It all sounded so foreign, yet felt…

Felt so, so…

Zim shook his head to rid himself of thought as he tried to stabilize his breathing. What was wrong with him? A heat cycle wasn't supposed to be such a big deal, it wasn't supposed to cause this much conflict.

Even initial mating; there was nothing in his Pak files to prepare him for this discrepancy. Nothing to reassure him this was somehow normal and that this would all pass. No, everything pointed to an anomaly, everything pointed to him being defective and all this being so very, very wrong.

Zim shifted in his chair, his hands gripped the arm rests in a crushing embrace. He wanted Dib desperately then, an aching pull in his squeedilyspooch, as if the half-witted Earth-monkey would somehow have the answers, or at least have something reassuring to say.

The Irken nibbled his lower lip, his red eyes darting towards the darkness that engulfed the lab around him.

If I find you, Dib-stink, I'm going to kill you.

Zim cringed as his own threat repeated in his head. His pride wouldn't let him sway such a threat to easily just to find Dib.


If he did find him, he could always, eh, make up something about showing mercy or whatever, couldn't he? Of course he could. He was ZIM; and Zim could do whatever he wanted.

Emboldened, Zim got up from his chair, intent on finding the human that caused all this turmoil. After all, since it was all Dib's fault, he'd make Dib figure it all out, make Dib tell him all those sweet Earth sayings and soothe his over-worked mind.

Zim absently itched at his stomach, gloved claws somehow unpleasant on his skin. The fact that he needed Dib sat ill, the fact further that he needed Dib's emotional non-sense words sat even worse with him.

Obviously this was just the heat cycle talking.

Once he was over this, he wouldn't need Dib anymore. Maybe this was all not going how it should because he had been stranded on a planet for so long without any other Irkens around. Maybe his body was trying to adapt more… humanly, trying to be more emotional and gross because Zim's body was trying to somehow bond properly with a human-beast.

Yes, that made the most sense.

"Dib!" Zim yelled out into the darkness, but he was met with silence. His antennae twitched for any coming sounds but he found none.


Perhaps the worm found a decent hiding spot after all. Well, it had been over ten hours, and Dib was usually exceptionally good at hiding.

Zim continued around his lab, searching every nook and cranny he could find; every dark corner, every box, under any discarded wiring or upturned table.

After about an hour of searching he had found nothing.

Even putting forth effort to climb up the walls and check the vents. The Earth-beast was just nowhere, and the thought baffled Zim.

There was no way out. It was statistically impossible that Dib escaped.

So, where was he?

Zim leaned up against a medical table, once again itching at his stomach; some unpleasant sensation kept poking at his spooch. It was strange, somehow warm and annoying. A run in his Pak files told him it was the smeet developing, that once fertilization happened, the DNA would mutate and begin to form rather rapidly. Incubation in Irkens wasn't usually long, though this was a hybrid, so not all information would be available if things started going wrong.

Zim's antennae drooped, a desperate feeling fell on his shoulders and he almost whined in frustration. He hated being this desperately emotional. Such weak icky emotions he was un-used to, no hate or anger, just a wilting depression and longing that was so very unfamiliar.

"Dib," Zim called into the darkness, his tone lilting, "Dib-worm!" He yipped but still no response came.

He knew he'd probably have to coax the child out of hiding, might have to apologize. Zim frowned, unused to the concept—after all, Zim was never wrong, the need to apologize was ridiculous. After all, this was all Dib's fault in the first place, breaking into his lab, getting himself stuck, and getting Zim pregnant.

All completely Dib's fault.

"Dib! Come out of hiding right now and Zim will…eh…" Zim waved his hand haughtily, "Zim will forgive you." He finished in a horribly fake sweet tone, plastering on a smile that looked almost insane.

However, a moment or two of holding that smile and Zim's patience began to ebb. Maybe the worm-baby didn't hear, maybe he was in another part of the lab. Since, obviously, he couldn't be ignoring Zim; after all, he said he'd forgive the child of all his faults.

Another few minutes and Zim's frustration began to mount as well as the curious loneliness he kept feeling intermittently. His lips fell into a weak frown and he sank down onto the metal floor.

He wanted to feel Dib around him again, he wanted to choke on that weird smell on his, wanted to feel his skin against his.

A quiver of need ran down his spine, an unconscious whine buried in his throat as he fell on his side on the cold floor. He stretched out his body, his eyes dark with want as he looked off into the dark, trying to pinpoint any movement.

"Dib~" Zim almost cooed, his claws raking the ground, muted by the gloves, "Zim…needs you." He murmured his tone barely audibly, the admittance coming uneasily. The Irken huffed, moving over onto his back, his hands running along his sides, sweeping over his flat, taut stomach.


Just the sound of his own rustling clothes, breathing, the quiet whirl of his Pak.

"ARGH!" Zim yelled out, kicking out at the table and topping the metal to the floor, having it almost land on himself. He rolled back over and got himself to his feet, having hoped the cold floor would have cooled his skin, but all it did was further his want for real contact.

How dare Dib ignore him?

How dare he hide from him when he knew he needed him?

How dare he?

Zim's fists clenched as anger easily wound through his system to cut off the pain he was beginning to feel—the rejection, desperation, and sheer heartache this pregnancy had forced him to feel.

Zim admitted his need of the human, had called out for him, and he was just ignored?

"Zim will not be ignored Dib." He hissed to the quiet around him, insanity beginning to rule, emotion flooding over rationality, "You do not get to ignore Zim."

Somewhere, in the distant far corner of the lab, in an isolated dusty vent guarded by a toppled inactive regenerative tube—was Dib; and his only real reactive thought was, 'Oh shit'.



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