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In destiny's hand

A kannazuki no miko fic

Makoto Saotome groaned slightly before moving to roll over, only to find that she couldn't. She opened her eyes a little in hopes to see what was holding her in place but then immediately regretted it. The sun had found that perfect crack between the curtains to peek through, the one that made it shine directly into her eye. Groaning again with much frustration, she waited for her vision to adjust while at the same time attempting to shuffle around the curtains to fill in the crack.

It brought her back to her first problem, not being able to move very well. Finally getting around to looking down at her feet, Makoto realized she wasn't in her dorm room as she had first thought. Staring at the cast around her leg, it took her a minute to remember the events that took place earlier that week.

'Oh that's right.' Makoto thought as her sleep numbed brain finally came up to speed. 'My leg's broken.'

This hadn't been the first time she woke up in the hospital with no recollection of how she got there. In fact, that just about sums up every morning since she was injured. The realization was a piss on anyone's bonfire. Her normally chipper mood was darkened to a very fine shade of annoyed. Eh, what could she said? Pain killers didn't make very good morning people happen.

She sighed to herself. 'Oh yay. Another morning waiting in the dark until the nurse comes in to open the curtains for me and then I can spend the rest of the day staring aimlessly out the window wishing I had something better to do then continuously counting the ceiling tiles or bash my head in with the panic button. Huh, maybe the nurse will up my dose of morphine and make the day run smoother.'

It was enough to make a girl start smoking. Admittedly, Makoto would never do anything to ruin her lungs in such a way but it did sound pretty tempting right now.

Her amber eyes scanned the room until they spotted the T.V. in the far corner. It was broken when she arrived. Apparently, the patient that was here before her had a fit and they had yet to repair it. She was certain her torment wouldn't have been this agonizing if she had something to do. God, this was all that...that thing's fault! Whatever it was. Damn thing dropped out of nowhere and started destroying stuff for no apparent reason, then disappeared without a trace. And to make matters worse, the small glimpse she got of it before she was knock unconscious made her think that it was some kind of…robot. Just the very thought of a giant robot destroying the girl's dorm made her want to beat the nearest nerd she could find with her crutches, not to mention it set her lame-reflex off and made her want to gag.

At some point while Makoto was trying to figure out what to do next, contemplating if it was really worth it to bother her nurse (that woman was the grouchiest morning person she's ever met), she slowly began to realize that she wasn't the only person in the room. Perhaps it was out of habit that she checked the chair by her bed each time she woke up, waiting for someone to come and visit though she did run off the only person she really wanted to see. Perhaps today some heavenly force took pity on her and granted a window of opportunity in her miserable state or, maybe they thought she had suffered enough. Whatever the reason, when she looked this time, there was someone actually there.

Whether it was the darkness of the room or Makoto's own disbelief, she propped herself up on her elbows as best as she could to get a better view of her visitor who look impeccably familiar. She was almost afraid to call out to them, afraid it just might be a drug induced illusion to mess with her already plagued mind. But hey, an illusion is better than nothing.


At first, her friend didn't speak. She just sat there, which was very unsettling for the ex-track star. 'Correction!' Makoto thought hastily. 'I'm only temporarily retired. My track career isn't over yet. Not by a long shot. This is only a um…minor setback.'

Out of the darkness, Makoto could just barely make out the little twitch Himeko's mouth made. The kind of twitch you get when you try to smile but just can't, or when you have something to say but don't know how to say it.

The brunette waited as patiently as she could, knowing that rushing Himeko would only push her farther from speaking. After what seemed like an eternity, the normally carefree girl finally spoke but if possible, it made Makoto worry even more.

"H-hey Makoto… I'm…I'm sorry if I woke you. I, um, know you asked me not to come around here. I just…I'll leave in a minute." Her voice cracked, and faded as she spoke, making it very hard to understand. To put it nicely, she sounded awful.

Himeko's appearance wasn't any better. Her beautiful oddly colored eyes that usually shined with such joy were now dull, tired and puffy with her usual glowing completion as white as the paint on the walls behind her. It looked as if she'd been crying but there were no evident of tears of any kind on her face. Oh man, even her cute little bow was in disarray. It sat there all floppy and crooked. Now that the brunette was looking at it, she was pretty sure it was just upside down all together. It was like her roommate just woke up and threw everything on without a single care about how she looked. So un-Himeko like. She was just so... fragile looking. If it wasn't for her cast, Makoto might have gotten out of bed to pull her into her arms just to tell her everything was going to be all right. But since that wasn't an option right now, she tried to do the next best thing.

Apologizing like hell.

"Whoa whoa girl, hold your horses. You don't have to leave. Now look, you know as much as I do that I can be an ass sometimes. I…I was just upset before. I mean, I was in a lot of pain and the doctors kept talking about how I might not be able to be in track again. Ever! And it was all very upsetting and I took it out on you and I felt horrible for it afterwards and I…I just… didn't want you to see me this way." The injured track star looked away now that she relieved the real reason for the way she acted towards her friend. Not only to Himeko but to herself as well.

It made her feel kind of …shallow. Was that the right word for it? The way she had so carelessly let her emotions get the better of her and it not only made her seem like a jerk but it also hurt one of her closest friends. And for what, just to be able to pout alone? Whatever happened to misery loves company. Oh wait…

"Look Himeko. I want you to know that I'm sorry and that I don't blame you for any of this. None of it. Not a single bit. I just need to vent and…you know, do the teenage drama thing."

Makoto was afraid she wasn't getting through to the girl when Himeko didn't respond right away. She was just about to get down to the floor on her knees and beg her friend not to take it so personally, when her roommate began to speak. Thank goodness she did too; it would have been painful as hell to get out of that bed in her condition.

Himeko smiled weakly and pushed back her hair a bit. "Thank you, Makoto. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel."

To Makoto it didn't look like much at all but hell, she was getting somewhere.

"Well, thank god that's over with. So now that I know you're not angry with me …who spit in your coffee this morning?"

Himeko gave a little 'Ha' at that one. 'Yes! Another point for Makoto.' She was just racking them up today.

Her friend just shook her head. "Nobody in particular. I just…messed up. Boy, is that the understatement of the year." She looked as if she was going to cry, possible not for the first time today.

The brunette waited silently for her to continue. It must have been something serious if she was beating herself up this badly over it.

The rather saddened Himeko then took a deep breath and leaned her head back against the wall, staring at the ceiling instead of the injured athlete as she continued. "Makoto….do you believe in destiny?"

"What do you mean?" She asked with all sincerity, letting Himeko know that she wouldn't laugh at her this time or crack jokes...maybe.

"I mean…like you were destined to do something, that no matter how many times you go through it, the resolute always seems the same. That there was nothing you could do to change it. It just repeats itself, over and over and over again, a never ending cycle of…failure." her voice grew softer and softer, making the last part of her sentence hard to catch.

"You want my honest opinion?"

Himeko nodded.

"I believe it's a bunch of bullshit."

The blonde slowly turned her head to look at her.

There was more to that motion than meets the eye. Now Makoto didn't curse very often and when she did, she was either very serious or very angry. And since steam wasn't pouring out of her ears, Himeko decided to go with the first option. It was touching that her goof ball of a friend would go to such a level of uncharacteristic seriousness just to let her know she was there for her. She would have said something about it but Makoto continued on.

"I mean, yes. I do believe that there are certain things we are meant to do in our lives but it says nothing about how we're suppose to do it. Like if this "destiny" is something that continually repeating itself and it keeps coming out the same way, then maybe that's because that person keeps doing the same thing."

Himeko blinked. "How can you know?"

"People say all the time that history is destined to repeat itself and as my history teacher has pounded into my head all year, 'We're here to know the past so that we can learn from it and not make the same mistakes again. '" Makoto went as far as to held up her pointer finger and plugged her nose with the other hand in order to mimic her teacher just right, making Himeko giggle, possibly the first real smile she's had all day.

She smiled at her and continued. "If you want something to change, you have to do something differently then you had before. There are just too many possibilities, too many choices in this world for anything to be unavoidable, or at least that's what I believe."

They sat in silence for a while, soaking in the amazingly wise and oddly appropriate answer Makoto just gave. Both equally surprised at how right it sounded despite who said it.

The injured track star just hoped her luck in this conversation was still with her as she addressed the next problem.

"Himeko" She paused for a moment. "I'm not going to sit here and pretend I know what you're going through or what even caused it but I have the feeling this isn't something you want to talk about. At least not with me anyway."

Himeko's apologetic smile confirmed it.

Makoto just smirked half-heartedly. "Figures since you went completely around the issue with that destiny thing. Whatever, you'll tell me when you're good and ready I suppose. "

The solar priestess just shook her head. Her friend had no idea how far from the truth she really was. Or how close.

'It's just as well' She suspected, figuring that when she actually was ready to tell her dear friend all about this grand destiny of hers it would most likely be too late.

A few silent minutes passed by before Makoto checked her watch.

"Jesus girl, what brings you to my bedside at this 'ungodly' hour? My goodness I can't even remember a time I could get you up this early. Well, not without a fog horn and a tall glass of ice anyway." She grinned devilishly at the memory as Himeko tried in vain to suppress a shutter.

The blonde shook her head again, this time hoping to banish the rather vivid flashback of the time her friend spoke of. Sometimes she seriously wanted to question her roommate's so called 'sense of humor'.

"I just…wanted to check in on you is all. It's been a while."

"Aw, you came all this way because you were missing little ol' me. Poor thing, I hope you know it's only been a couple of days." Makoto put on her baby voice and laughed as the blonde rolled her eyes.

She knew Himeko was lying through her teeth. Well, maybe not all of it was a lie but she was pretty sure that wasn't the only reason she was here. She decided let it slide. For now. If Himeko didn't want to talk about what she'd been through, Makoto wasn't going to push the issue.

"Well as you can see I'm still as pathetic as I was the last time you saw me. Not much has changed. The doctors tell me there might be a chance at a full recover. A lot of rest is needed and whatnot. And who knows, I might be back on the race track in no time."

"That's wonderful Makoto!" Himeko exclaimed, it was probably the best news she's heard all week.

"Yeah yeah, hooha's all around. What I want to know is how you've been doing. Surely there's something you want to tell me or are you just going leaving me hanging here?" The injured track star motioned for her friend to hand her the glass of water on the nightstand.

Himeko handed it to her while thinking of something to say.

"Well…we have a test in science that I should be studying for."

"Bah, that's not what I mean. I want to know important things. Non-school related things. Like what you do now that our dorm is practically off limits? Where do you go in your free time? Which reminds me!" Makoto stopped before taking a sip of her water and shifted around as best as she could, ensuring she could stare her blonde friend straight in the eyes.

"A little birdie told me that somebody has taken up living in a certain Himemiya mansion under the invitation of a certain blue haired princess of Ototachibana Academy. Hm, I wonder who that is. Do you know Himeko?" She grinned.

Himeko blushed a little and looked away; a certain sadness crept back into her eyes.

This took Makoto completely off guard. She expected her friend to be overjoyed at the mere mention of her current living arrangements. Is it possible that staying at the Himemiya mansion was somehow the cause of Himeko's odd mood swings? The injured athlete couldn't imagine Chikane doing anything that would upset her friend like this. But then again, she's been wrong before.

What Makoto was thinking apparently was written on her face, for Himeko perked up immediately in the rich girl's defense.

"Uh-it's not that bad. It's wonderful actually. A bit big and overwhelming at times but um…Ms. Himemiya been doing her best to make sure I'm comfortable."

The brunette had the feeling something was missing from that statement but when Himeko didn't speak again she choose to ignore it. Maybe she was looking into things too much.

"Well that's nice. I guess. Not a lot of details to go on but I'll take your word on it."

"Sorry, it's just…hard to describe."

The injured track star huffed. "And here I was all excited that I had an inside source that could let me in on all that's grand and glorious that is the Himemiya family. I guess they're just like normal people huh?"

Himeko shrugged. "Can't say for sure. I haven't met Ms. Himemiya parents yet. They do have a lot of maids though."

One maid in particular came to mind. The ruffled blonde couldn't shake the feeling that the head maid held a considerable amount of disdain towards her. She couldn't image what she did to the other woman to provoke her in such a way. Maybe she should try to make it up to her later.

Makoto's scoff brought her out of her thoughts and back to the conversation at hand.

"I imagine they do. With that big of a house I'm surprised no one's gotten lost yet. Or have they?" She gave Himeko a catty grin.

"Only once or twice." The blonde informed her shamefully, her cheeks a bit flushed.

Truth be told, she now refused to do any exploring what so ever in that house unless Chikane was with her. The last time she got lost simply after trying to find a bathroom, which she found eventually, but seemed to have forgotten which way she came. About an hour later, her lovely blue haired princess turned into her knight in shining armor when she caught her just as she was about to fall after she climbed up and attempted to open the curtain in the room she wondered into ( thinking perhaps a look outside could help her get her bearings back). Himeko still doesn't know how the girl got there at the exactly moment she needed her most but she was too grateful to ponder on it for too long. She was also too distracted, thinking about how good it felt with Chikane's arms around her.

The blonde was later informed that she somehow managed to end up on the exact opposite side of the mansion from where their bedrooms were located. Chikane suggested that perhaps they should have one of the maids make a map or that she should just keep the heiress around at all time so Himeko wouldn't get lost again. Although the blue eyed beauty said it jokingly, Himeko still would have picked the second over the former any day.

Makoto's laughter drew her roommate's attention once more. She's been daydream a lot lately.

"Well that figures. So other than that, anything interesting or life changing happened without me there?"

Himeko's bleak silence over took the room. Crap, Makoto forgot there was certain something she didn't want to talk about.

Surprisingly enough, the younger girl's silence didn't last as long as she thought it would.

"Well, I uh…did go on a date with Souma yesterday…if you think that's interesting."

The clumsy blonde jumped up in surprise as Makoto spit the water she just so happen to be drinking at that moment across the room and began to choke.

After a few minutes of pounding her chest and Himeko repeatedly asking if she was sure she shouldn't go get a nurse, the injured brunette recovered, a bit worse for wear but still.

"You did what?" was the only thing she could get out of her mouth.

This was a completely unexpected development for her. Never would she had guess in a million years that the prince of their high school had a thing for shy little Himeko. Although that would explain why he would continually shoot down any other girls that's came looking for a date but still. She only wished she could have seen Himeko's face when he asked her out (and she knew he was the one who did the asking. Her friend just couldn't pull off something like that.) she must have had a heart attack from all that blood rushing to her face.

The thought was amusing but not as much as it would have been.

"When did this happen? I thought you didn't care for Souma… in that way." She managed to get out when she was done gawking.

Himeko looked down sadly. "I…didn't think I did either. We went on a few dates and he was so nice and…and I….it didn't work out."

Makoto frowned. "Don't tell me he broke up with you yesterday."

Her friend just shook her head.

The injured brunette was at a loss. If that wasn't it, then what could have possible caused...

Suddenly a dark thought shadowed her mind. As unthinkable as it was, the possibility was too great to ignore.

She asked through clenched teeth. "Himeko... he didn't...do anything...I mean, he didn't touch you...Son Of A Bitch that's it! Get me a wheelchair! I'm going to find that boy and beat him within an inch of his life with my crutches! I said get me a wheelchair! Screw it. I'll get the nurse myself."

Himeko stopped Makoto's hands before they could reach the call button.

"NO! ...I mean, no. Nothing like that happened. I promise."

Her injured friend didn't look so convinced. "You swear on the death of your favorite bow?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, I swear on the death of my favorite bow."

After a brief, yet intense staring contest, Makoto ever so hesitantly pulled her hand away from the call button and back to its formal resting place.

"Now Makoto, you know as well as I do that Souma would never do something like that. Never in a million years."

The athlete took a deep breath. "I know." She almost sounded disappointed.

It didn't go unnoticed.

"Then why would you even bring it up if you knew it wasn't true?"

"Well…you never know. You think you know a person and then…" She trailed off. "Oh come on! Look at this room. I've been coped up in here for how long? It was bound to bury its way into my psyche sooner or later. I'm surprised I even recognized you when you came in. It's cabin fever, you hear me? Cabin fever! We're lucky I haven't lost all of my marbles by now."

A serious moment passed between them before they both broke off into laughter, even if it was less then heartfelt on Himeko's part.

"Though seriously. I'm going to go crazy here. The T.V.'s busted and I swear the walls will close in on me at any minute. Tell me there's hope. Tell me our room is intact enough that our stuff survived. I could really use my MP3 right now."

The ruffled blonde shrugged. "I'm not sure. I haven't been to the dorms since I moved in with Chik- Ms. Himemiya. It could have survived but I can't promise you anything." Himeko looked around the room. "Besides, it doesn't seem that bad in here."

Makoto grabbed her friend's collar and pulled her until their faces were only a few threatening inches apart.

"Listen to me Himeko Kurusugawa, and listen to me well. I'm stuck in this room 24/7 with only the birds to keep my company. Birds Himeko! You know how I feel about birds!"

The blonde nodded cautiously and carefully removed Makoto's hand from her collar the best she could without provoking her. "I get it." She said softly, as if talking to a wounded animal.

"Do you?"

"Yes. I'm sure of it. Alright I'll go see if anything survived but I won't have time to make it back before school starts. I'll come back and visit you as soon as it let's out. MP3 or not."

Makoto sighed. "Yeah go ahead. School's important. Besides I've lasted this long, it would be a shame if these next 8 hours turned out to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Maybe we should have code word just in case I go over the edge?"

Himeko giggled. "I don't think it works that way."

"You're probably right. Anyway, you should check by the computer, or at least where the computer was. It was the last place I remember seeing it. I think I had just finished syncing some Blue October songs on it when we were attacked."


Makoto blinked in confusion. "Oh, sorry. It's an American band this chick on-line suggested I listen too. I think she's an American too or at least from some place that speaks English. Can't understand a word they say but it has a great beat to it. You should listen to them sometime."

The blonde shook her head. "You and your foreign bands. Isn't this the fourth one you've downloaded this month?"

"Sixth but who's counting?" She grinned.

Himeko's watch began to beep, signaling that she had to leave if she wanted to make it to school on time. They said their farewells and Makoto reminded her again to hurry back after class, rambling something about the birds taunting her as they watched eerily throughout the day. The blonde shook her head again as she left, making her bump into the nurse as she walked in. Apologizing, she slipped away and rushed out to the bus stop as fast as the hospital staff would allow.

Back in Makoto's room the nurse addressed her patients. " I'm here to inform you that your usual nurse called in sick today, so I'll be taking care of you."

Makoto couldn't help but smile. 'Looks like today's going to be good day after all.'

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