Since I'm a huge fan of the musical, "Chicago" and I simply love "Cell Block Tango", then I've decided to write each of the girls' story about their crime. So I'll take it chronological, which means.. You'll know who I'll start out with if you're a fan of the song ;D

Enjoy these small stories and please R&R

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Liz couldn't believe it. It just couldn't be true! Her brother, related to her by blood, had just fired her! And for what? The only thing she had done was to take a few things from his store, nothing special! This just made her day even worse.

She went up the stairs, no, stamped up the stairs. The whole building was able to hear that Liz had entered, and that she wasn't happy.

"Liz, dear, "

Liz turned her head, for crying out loud! Did Mrs. Cubert also have to ruin her day more that it already had been ruined? Liz clenched her teeth, Mrs. Cubert always had to shush on her and Bernie when they, lets call it "play", got a little too loud. She wasn't rude or anything, but as everybody else knew, even the sweetest hint could make Liz's blood boil.

"What?!" Liz yelled, making Mrs. Cubert flinch.

"It's just, dear Liz; could I ask you and Bernie to, turn down the, volume a little?"

How dared she! Didn't she know that Liz just had the worst day ever, she gritted her teeth and smacked her hand on the banister.

"NO! No we won't turn the FUCKING volume down you old hag!"

Liz turned around and stamped even more than before as she made her way up to the 5th floor. She didn't even notice the shocked look Mrs. Cubert had when she left.


"Bernie!" Liz yelled as she entered the apartment. It wasn't big, but had a living room and a bedroom apart from toilet and kitchen. She went into the living room and saw Bernie, lying on the couch and drinking a beer. The TV was on, and the sound from the bad quality comedy show was almost blowing Liz back. She looked at Bernie, shocked to see how little he cared.

"Anything wrong babe?" he asked, as casually as ever.

"What do you think you're doing?! Weren't you going to find a job you…!"

Bernie shrugged and took a drink of his beer.

"Why should I, you have a job, that'll do, right?"

Liz gritted her teeth once again, and turned around ready to storm right out again, when he triggered her.


Liz turned around, oh no he didn't! He KNEW how much she hated when he popped his gum. She'd told him thousand of times. She was used to him chewing, but this… POPPING! It really triggered her and he knew too well.

"What did you just do?!" she said angry.

Bernie shrugged and smiled cocky. Liz walked over to him and placed her right foot on the coach's back and stood over Bernie.

"You pop that gum one more time…"


Liz yelled and grapped the shotgun, Bernie's shotgun, which was directly above the coach. She fired two warning shots… Into his head!


Liz laid the shotgun on the coffee table and sat in the chair, and lighted a match. Then she just sat and watched the fire.

"Open up! It's the police!"

Liz looked at the door, calmly. Of course it would have been revealed, there was a reason to why the rent was so cheap. Thin walls.

The police barged into the apartment and she was laid in handcuffs.

"Liz Johnson, it's 7.30 PM and you're under arrest!"

Liz snorted and looked at Bernie.

"Yeah, yeah, if you say so."

The police men pushed her out of the apartment while they begun to snap pictures of the shotgun and Bernie's dead body. Before they pushed her out of the living room Liz gritted her teeth and hissed through them.