"Name's Dean, Dean Cole," the scent of leather was overpowering as he towered over her small frame. She half grinned, half smirked, releasing the full affect of her dimples, rewarded by a set of his.

"Brooke Davis. Nice to meet you Dean," her eyes wandered up and down his frame.


How sickening.

Get out of my head you piece of hell!

Nice choice of words honey, the voice was patronising. Her voice. Eve. She was a prisoner in her own body as Eve controlled every inch of her. Even her memories.

"Dean!" She yelled down the road as he continued to walk away from her. She shook her head and darted after him. She sprinted after him, trying to latch onto his arm. He refused to pay attention and continued to stride towards the damn Impala. She slyly reached her hand into his pocket and pulled out the keys.

She moved slightly and he walked even quicker towards the car. He reached the door and felt into his pockets. He growled audibly, even in the middle of night surrounded by loud music coming from the surrounding dorms and sororities. "Brooke, give me my damn keys."

"No! Not until I get some damn answers! I just found about ten fake Ids in your pocket, for FBI, Marshals, even a Professor of Science! They all have different names and guess my surprise when I found one of them saying 'Dean Cole – FBI'. So who are you Dean, if that's even your real name? Why the hell are you here?"

"You want the truth?" He asked her, eyes burning into her soul as her fingers gripped the keys in response, urging to take that serious look and kiss it away.

"Yes, I do."

"Okay, my name is Dean Winchester and I hunt the supernatural. Werewolves, demons, ghosts, wendigos, you name it, it probably is real." She stared at him in shock before he sighed, another person who thought he was crazy.


You should be proud you know? He doesn't tell everybody that.

She snorted in her prison, smirking in her head. Now, Eve don't be jealous. I know you liked Michael, oops, sorry I mean God. Man did she love winding the demon up. I mean it isn't Dean's fault, it's God's for rejecting you. Eve growled as she stared in the mirror. Aw, sore subject?

Eve threw another memory at her prison, getting her to forget anything but to drown in Dean.

On the contrary, Brooke didn't think he was crazy and despite Dean's various vanishing acts and her training on the use of a gun, which once ended with Dean's ass full of rock salt, their relationship was going from strength to strength.


"Hmm?" His head was bowed, reading the paper, looking for the next hunt.

"Come over here for a second," she asked, taking a nervous breath. She held out her hand and pulled him to the sofa.

She pushed him into it and straddled him. One of his hands found her hip and the other cupped her chin.

"What's up, babe?"

She took a deep breath, "Dean, I love you."

He stiffened, she felt the hand on her hip tighten and the one on her chin slip. "What?"

"I love you." She swallowed the lump in her throat, the one full of rejection and disappointment. She bowed her head for a moment. Two fingers gently tilted her head up.

"I love you too Brooke," he smirked as he said the words for the first time. She pulled his head to her and met with a kiss.

Ain't that just sweet? So picket fence.

God you sound like Mean Girls, you gonna pull out a 'so fetch' sometime soon?

Did I mention, you, oh sorry, I and Dean are going to have a little reunion sometime soon? She froze mentally, halting in every way she could. Eve smirked using her own lips. Lucifer feels that Sam's brother needs to learn a lesson.

You bitch! Brooke slammed herself against the mental barriers, trying every single thing to break out.

Don't hurt yourself there. Eve focused and Brooke faded away.


Eve looked up, staring at Brooke's body. She loved it, this… vessel was perfect for her in every single way. Even their loves were the same, even if it was just the… soul possessing them.

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