She shot out of the fire exit, Michael on her heels, their hands unconnected in their haste to get to the Garden.

She skidded to a halt as she took in the Dean on the floor, Brooke crying over him. Lucifer glanced up at her, just as he approached the broken girl.

"Ah, Eve, reunited I see, going to help me?" He gestured to Brooke who had covered Dean's body with her own, burying her head under his chin.

"No chance in hell," Eve spat, looking between Brooke and Lucifer. "You've been playing me ever since you came to me. Now, leave her alone."

Eve waved a hand, and her demonic power sent Lucifer flying. She ran over to the brunette and put her hand on her shoulder. "Brooke, c'mon, Brooke move it! We need to get moving."

She heard a fist collide with flesh and turned to see Michael standing over Lucifer.

"Eve, get off me! Not leaving!"

"Brooke c'mon, please!" Brooke halted her sobbing and looked up when she realised, the fearless demon Eve had said 'please' to her.

"I'm not leaving him." She whispered.

"Okay," Eve drew out the word, well aware of the sound of grunts and the collision of fists and skin behind her. "Okay, think Eve. Think."

She closed her eyes and called up one of the very old Latin exorcisms and began to mutter it under her breath, gaining volume with her confidence, "Plurimus glorificus procer of divinus exercitus , Sanctus Michael Archangel , vallo nos huic pugna of nostri obviam obnoxius procer quod vox , obviam illud ut volo imperito orbis terrarum in obscurum , obviam infitialis of totus res phasmatis. Operor adeo succurro men , illud ut Deus partum in valde numerus , illud ut Is no in suus statua , quod laboriose rid lemma of Cado Angelus Lucifer in suum medius."

Her eyes shot open, the power sending her to the floor. Lucifer gave an almightly yell and then disappeared.

"Eve? What happened?" Michael asked, pushing her hair back.

"Used an exorcism. Not strong enough, just to send him away and keep him there for a few hours." She felt weak, faint. Too weak for her tastes. "Take her and the body. See what is left of the Resistance."

With that, she fainted.


She had succumbed to darkness a while back, the subconscious prison she was so used to. Apparently, you become aware of what happens when you're unconscious if you're used to it, for example being trapped there by a demon. She fell into the darkness to get away from it, not to have further reason to ponder it. But God dammit she was not leaving, as much as she hated the darkness, she was not willing to face the pity and loneliness out there.

"Now, Brooke, we both know this pity party ain't gonna help anyone don't we?" She turned sharply and saw Dean, not the 2014 Dean or the 2009 Dean but a mix of them, the Dean from when everything was okay.

"You're the one that died," Brooke shot back, closing her eyes to fight the nauseous that statement brought up.

"I fought it the whole way," Dean's former joke forgotten.

"I know," she whispered, ducking her head.

"Hey," he lifted her chin with two of his fingers, "babe, you need to look after yourself."

"Why? I have nothing to live for now."

"That's not exactly true," his hand floated down to her abdomen, lightly resting there.

"What?" Brooke put her hand over his, "I'm not pregnant."

He smiled in that annoyingly smug way that only he could get away with. "Well, in all technicality it could be said that it's Eve's baby but it was mine and your bodies that did the loving." Brooke frowned, questioning and Dean elaborated further. "When Eve caught up with past me and they… caught up, we made her."

"Her? You know what she's going to be?" Brooke asked, her eyes lighting up.

"Yup, and you better make sure she knows her dad kicked ass. And that he'll find a way to come back to life with a sawed off if she touches a guy before she's 30." He paused, before sighing in the way that made her uneasy. "I got to go babe, can't keep the 'rents waiting for me to get back."

Brooke's hands tightened in his khaki jacket, "don't. Don't leave me. Us. Please, Dean."

He gulped and rested a hand on her own , unravelling them and gently rested all three on her abdomen, his remaining hand cupping her cheek.

"Babe, I'll be with you all the time. Do me a favour, let Eve help you, she saved both of you, kicked Lucifer's ass. Now you go back and save Sammy." He smirked at that point and kissed her mouth. "I love you Brooke Davis and you'll join me one day."

"I love you too Dean," she closed her eyes and felt the presence disappear into four new ones.


"Sammy!" The girl rolled her eyes at the reinstated angel's voice and continued to carve the date into the tree. "Samantha Mary, will you please come now?"

Her tongue was between her teeth, concentration on her face as she etched the numbers in. A piece of her darkened hair fell into her eyes, she vaguely remembered her blonde hair in the past, apparently her hair was now the perfect shade to match her mother's. She grinned and sighed in satisfaction. "Done."

She flipped the knife and in a smooth move she pushed it into the holster on her belt.


"Castiel I heard you the fifth time you called, you're on the tenth, please don't make me hurt you for the eleventh."

"Sam, don't be bossy." The brunette turned around and cocked her head to the side.

"Cas, you've told me everything about my parents and let's face it, it's in my genes to be bossy." She raised her eyebrows.

Castiel sighed in annoyance and impatience, she was too much like her parents at all times. "Sam, we have to go, Lucifer knows we make this trip on this day, he'll check in."

Sam huffed, "how am I destined to defeat the guy if you won't let me face him?"

"Sam you're fifteen, you'll have some time yet."

"I know Cas," the teenager sighed, looking around the garden back to the angel, "c'mon let's get out of here. I'll get the bad guy some other time."

She smirked at him, and as she passed him she heard him as he muttered under his breath, "just like her father."

She let out a small grin. Good to hear.



Castiel shot her suspicious looks as he once again checked Brooke's temperature. Eve rolled her eyes and moved further into Michael, his head resting on her shoulder.

"Cas-" Chuckles cut himself off as he walked into the room and saw Eve. "What is she still doing here?"

"She is in this room." Eve shot back, pointing to her chest, "and after I saved you Cas, you would think you would be a bit more grateful. And Chuckles, I mean c'mon I brought the human version of the one who gave you visions." Michael growled into her hair making her smirk.

"It's Chuck," he let out through gritted teeth, "and those visions are gone. And trust me, none of us believe you."

"I do." A small voice came from the brunette who had pushed herself up, unnoticed through the argument. Eve felt a bit of concern and compassion flow through her and smiled at Brooke, mouthing one word; 'thanks'.


Apparently she didn't have 'some time' as Cas had said, she had a few months. Ten months to be exact. Three of those had been knowing of her future confrontation and so had been packed full of days of training, hard labour, Chuck's possible futures, Michael's intelligent ideas, Eve's pushing nature and Cas' lessons. The whole Resistance had been on high alert, knives kept even closer and several extra guns kept on their bodies. Sammy herself had five knives, the old demon's knife (it once belonged to Rosie? Rose? Ruby!), the Colt and three other guns. She also had her Dad's Impala, restored to it's former glory when Michael gave Cas his mojo back (apparently Michael didn't lose all his powers when he fell, he instead took all the angels) and it's trunk to her disposal.

The battle had been rough, dirty and bloody and in the middle was a battle of the two Sams, two different generations, two different sides, two different souls in one but one goal. Sammy faced off against her uncle's body, knowing that she could show no mercy to him. She had glared Lucifer down in a way both of her parents would've been proud of; then the last shot had been made.

Cas, Eve, Michael and other people from the different sides, all fighting, were sent either flying or to the ground as a cloud of ash and a battle of wills fell over the relations. Castiel lay there, his hair messed up, in that old sandy trench coat he had arrived in many, many years ago, his heart in his throat, wondering if the girl he considered like his daughter had survived.

A lone figure rose from the ash and it's dark silhouette gave him no hope, the figure masculine He fought the urge to fall to back to the floor and sob as he knew that if Lucifer had survived he was needed to fight.

Sam's body, clad in a dirty white suit cut through the grey ash, carrying in his arms his young niece as he staggered.

He fell to his knees and the three of them sprinted over, the three people who had had to bring her up.

They all fell to her side, Eve pushing Sam away, a gun at his throat.

"No!" Sammy protested, her voice weak and therefore not that audible. "He's Sam, he's my uncle."

She held out her hand towards the obviously broken and guilt ridded man and he slowly took it, calloused hands meeting surprisingly smooth.

"Its' the five of us now. And as my Mum said, we're some of the last, you, me, the others, us. It's up to us to keep the story. But now, it's up to us to bring humanity back."

Sammy smiled encouragingly at her uncle and dragged him forcefully into a tight hug. She closed her eyes as she finally relished in the contact with her family…


The exorcism translated...

Most glorious prince of the divine army, Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in this fight of ours against the hostile princes and powers, against those that want to govern the world in the darkness, against the negativity of all things spiritual. Do come to help men, those that God created in great number, those that He made in his image, and with great effort rid them of the Fallen Angel Lucifer in their midst.

Okay, done and finished. How did you like it?