A.N-This is something I cooked up a while back. This will be a four-part series of the major battles between RotS and RotJ. This comes from an unexpected POV. At least, it should be. I hope it is…Any who, I hope you enjoy! Please review at the end!

When Padme falls to the floor, Vader takes control. I don't get a say anything.

Don't you realize this, Obi-Wan? It's not me talking. I know there are no lies through the Jedi. And I do fear the dark side. I even told you myself. Don't you remember?

And the Empire? It's not mine, it's Vader's'. I don't own anything. I am just fighting. But I know I'm losing. Vader is powerful, and you know this.

My allegiance is with you too, Obi-Wan! You will always be my friend.

What are you doing? Don't draw your lightsaber that will only provoke him! You see, Obi-Wan! You see!

Be strong, Master, for Vader doesn't give up easily…

You are strong, Master to still be going against him. I always knew you were. Always are. Probably always will be, if Vader doesn't kill you. But I have a feeling he will. Vader doesn't particularly like you.

I am shocked, Obi-Wan. What do you mean you have failed me? If anything, it is I who has failed you. And know this, Master, the Jedi have never turned against me. I turned against them.

I know the Chancellor is evil! Why do you think I'm protesting?

Finally, you speak to me! I won't always be lost. I will fight, I promise you. And Vader speaks a truth, too. Though, he doesn't say it as nicely as I would have. But then, I would have never said that to you at all.

I see you slash at me, but then you stop. So you still love me? After all I've done? Why?

It is over now. But Vader, he doesn't know that. I see your shock when he replies. You shouldn't be. It is Vader after all.

He's going to leap.

Why? Anyone can see what you could do. But you won't, will you…?

Pain! Searing pain! Obi-Wan, how could you? I thought you were my friend, my mentor, my brother!!

You call me the Chosen One, speaking of a destiny that has disappeared. I am the Sith, because you call me one. I have brought balance, because you say otherwise. I did not leave the galaxy in darkness.

I hate you.

Did I say that!? I didn't mean to, I swear! I-

Obi-Wan help me! The fire, it hurts, please just put me out of my misery! I see your tears, you don't like this either.

You call me your brother, and yet you do nothing. Nothing!

And now you walk away. Why? You are willing to just leave me here! Must you always put duty first?

But I guess I deserve this. After all, I couldn't control him.

So alas, my brother. I will miss you. But I hope you suffer for what you just did to me.