Disclaimer—This part is based off another Anakin POV by fixingahole. It is very good. I would suggest reading it. And of course, I don't own the characters. Nobody does.

I didn't believe it at first. When I first felt your presence, I thought the Force was playing a joke on me. Even now, though you are standing in front of me, I still don't believe it. Yet here you are, blue-gray eyes sparkling like you're going to play some prank on me.

I want you to know, Obi-Wan, that I've forgiven you. Even though I still don't get it…

How could you that? I thought we were the team? Kenobi and Skywalker? Oh well, there's nothing we can do to change the past.

Vader hasn't forgiven you. He hates you. He wants to kill you. Again. I'd watch out, if I were you. But I know you will. You were always better at sparring than me.

Vader says that he is the Master now. But don't believe him. You will always be the master. And yes, he is evil. But not unduly so, he has softened over the years.

I have missed you, my Master. I miss your dry comments, your laugh, everything. I see you laugh now, eyes full of mischief. I feel the Force around you. You dance, instead of fight. Parry, instead of blow. You haven't changed.

You say that if Vader kills you, you will become extremely powerful. Well, I don't know, he can imagine a lot. You should know. That's why we're in this suit.

You turn, and look at someone. Who? That boy? He's strong in Force. And he looks like…me. And who is that girl? She looks like…Padme? What have you been doing these past years?

We look back at each other, and you're smiling. Why? Wait-

Obi-Wan stop! Stop!! Don't raise your lightsaber! He's going to kill you! Haven't you been listening? Obi-Wan, Master, No!

Stop it! Stop it!!!



What have you done, Obi-Wan?

What have you done?