Hello Guys,

I know you were hoping (finally) for an update, but not this time, but soon I hope. I've finally gotten the writing bug back. A lot has happened in the nearly two years since I posted the note about going through the divorce and needing time. Well, things finally seem to be back on track for me and now that they are, I've gotten the urge to write again. You have no idea how many times I sat down in front of a computer to write more, and just stare blankly and my cursor on the screen. I couldn't even force it out of me, my mind would just go blank.

Last week I sat down and wrote two whole pages on my word processor without even stopping. When I stopped I thought I was going to cry, because I thought the writing muse in me was gone. But it's started up again, and I'm going to focus and get these things done for good. I still have the plot line in my head.

I'm buying a new computer this weekend, so I hope within the next couple weeks (as time allows me) I'll have a new chapter for you guys. For this, and for my other story Out of the Dark.

Thank you guys for favoriting, reviewing, following, and generally being awesome. Because of you guys I never wanted to abandon this story, and I never will. Stay with me guys, and I promise a great ending.