Kiara: a short person, only 5'5''. she's got long brown hair that has its own mind. Her eyes are deep blue and her skin is a normal pale peach color. She's normal. And 17.

Under the Desert Sun

It was a celebration. King Kail Mursili had come to the main temple in Hattsua to take part in the festival for Ishtar. The people had insisted upon having a celebration outside the temple this year to thank the gods for sending Ishtar to them to be their queen more than six years ago.

It was unfortunate that Ishtar herself couldn't come to give her thanks to the people, but she had to stay in the palace since she was near the end of her pregnancy.

Kail had had to come. He watched the proceedings from the throne they had placed on the raised dais and sighed. He was bored. He had other obligations that he wished to attend to and Yuri was at home without him. He didn't like to leave her alone. She often got into trouble and he didn't believe that she would ever lose that habit.

But Illvani had been right. He needed to be here. While he knew that Yuri's arrival in Hattsua had nothing to do with the gods, the people believed she was Ishtar and it was best to go along with the idea. But he had already given his speech to thank the gods and now he had nothing to do but sit and watch.

"Your Highness, at least give the appearance that you are enjoying yourself."

Kail looked at his adviser Illvani and sighed again. He sat straighter in his chair. "You know there is no use for this. Nakia brought Yuri here; not the gods."

"Of course Your Highness, but this has been a long year. The people need something to celebrate."

It had been a long year. The war with Egypt was ended and there was peace in the Orient. But that did not mean all was well. There had been very little rain this year, and the Nile had not been flooding as well of late. The approach of a famine was plain, and if that were to happen, then there would not be much he could do to prevent it.

"Yuri is at home alone. Even carrying child she is capable of causing trouble." Kail decided not to mention the famine. He could not stop such a thing, and he and Illvani had already discussed the measures they would have to take if it came to pass.

"The Sisters will keep an eye on her as always. Your enemies are few now Your Highness. You should rest at ease."

Kail sighed again. Illvani was right. He was simply bored and thinking too much. "You're right. The Hittite Kingdom is at peace. Nothing shall happen."

Kiara was on her way back to her suite in the hotel. It had been a long night. She would love to sink into a bubble bath, put on some soft music, light some candles, and maybe eat a few cookies.

Cookies! How long has it been since I had cookies? She laughed at herself. She'd had to be careful with what she ate. Being the star of the show it was vital that she kept fit and healthy. That also meant giving up on some of her favorite treats.

Connie said I could splurge a bit now. Tokyo was the last stop on the tour. The only thing left is to go on that talk show in two days and talk about the album. I can't believe in went triple platinum in 5 weeks.

Kiara sighed and stretched her arms. She had wanted to walk home from the bar tonight. She'd felt dizzy in there surrounded by drunk people and cigarette smoke. Not that she had drunk anything herself. She'd had to go to the after party but she had no wish to drink. Or smoking. Alcohol had a bitter taste and smell that she hated, and smoking just had a whole lot of reasons for her to avoid it.

A walk is good though. And this is a pretty place to walk. Not as nice as the hills back home.... for a moment she thought about home. Thought about the deep blue sky and the horses running in the fields. She thought about the BBQ's and the rodeos. She missed Tennessee.

No use crying over split milk I guess. She sighed. I'll visit soon. Maybe I should call? What's the time difference between here anyway? 12 hours? that would mean...maybe 1 in the afternoon? But I'm tired.

She resolved to think about it after her bath and continued on her way. Her bag felt heavy on her shoulders. It had some make-up and books and other junk inside. Connie her agent said the bag was Kiara's suitcase.

She smiled again and walked over the tiny bridge in the middle of the park.

Tokyo sure is pretty. Maybe I could stay here a few extra days....

Kiara didn't notice the water under the bridge. She didn't notice that it was forming waves even when there was no wind.

She only noticed when it had formed a whirlpool.

What's that noise? She turned. The water in what used to be a small river was twisting and whirling around violently.

Oh my—!

She was out of time to think. A wave, like a small tidal wave rose up out of the water and crashed down on her.

She tried not to scream, if she screamed she might inhale some of the water. Then she couldn't breath.

She got pulled into the whirlpool.

Help me!

Finally the celebration was over. The king stood to leave. He gave a wave to the people and they cheered.

Now I shall go home to see what Yuri has been up to.

The people had been cheering a moment ago. Now they were shouting. Some where screaming.

Kail turned back to see what was happening dreading the worst.

The spring in the front of the temple was going crazy. The water was splashing and flying about. There was a whirlpool in its center.

What is happening?

People were getting excited. Commoners and soldiers and nobility alike were all shouting.

"It's a sign! From the gods!"

"A message from Ishtar!"

the water bubbled furiously, then it calmed and the surface was almost smooth again.

What is that? Kail stared at the water. He could feel something from it. Something that felt like magic but it was different.

The surface of the water broke apart; a girl splashed upward gasping for air.

There was silence.

Kiara stood inside the little pool of water and tried not to choke. She put her hands on the sides of the pool and heaved herself out of the water. She sat on the ground and wrung her hair out. She tried to calm her beathing and not panic.

Then she noticed the people.

They were staring at her. And something was strange. Well everything was strange but something about the people was really strange. They were all wearing funny clothes. Old tunic-like clothes. From those old movies. And the buildings, the buildings were made of stone, but not real stone, clay.

Where am I? She stared around confused. I'm not in Tokyo anymore. she thought wondering if this was a dream like Dorothy from Oz.

The silence was broken suddenly by the shout of a man:

"A gift from the gods! Praise to the gods!"

and the people cheered.

Gods? As in pagan type gods? As in, B.C type pagan gods!? Oh god.... Kiara felt almost sick.

"Illvani!" Kail called. The adviser who was staring shocked at the strange girl in the fountain turned to attention. "Your Highness?"

"Get her to the palace before we have a riot." Kail order. He turned and called for his chariot trying hard to seem calm.

What is happening now?

Hattsua was at peace; but perhaps it would not stay that way.