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51: Proper Day

General didn't actually send me out with any nobles or anything for which I was secretly very grateful. After dealing with General himself, I was not at all in the mood to deal with any more spoiled, arrogant nobles. I'm sure General decided not to go through with his threat for his own sake however. He probably didn't think I could possibly behave well and keep from causing a scene or embarrassing him. But I totally could have. I mean, hello? I am Kiara Brown. Internationally recognized as one of the top preforming artists in the world and possibly of our generation. And yes, maybe I was a little spoiled too. But at least I was for a reason. I knew I was good; I worked hard for my career and success. General was just born lucky and naturally an arse. So yeah, I totally could have kept from embarrassing him or doing anything bad. It would have been incredibly easy for me. Except that I was in a bad mood which meant that even though I could have played the role of a sweet, good girl, I did not at all feel like doing it.

Because in reality, I'm such a baby. Not that I care. And it never really mattered until I got here to this freakin weird era of no plumbing or cookies or anything wholesome and good. Because back home, my baby-ness had been cute and maybe a little weird, but still cool. I was the cool kid who had friends and lots of fun. Not drinking, smoking, cursing, or any of that type of fun, but fun more like sneaking out at night to tip cows and race horses or dance like crazy people under the stars by a bonfire. So maybe I'm still a kid or baby-ish, but I liked that about me.

But of course, even though I wasn't placed in the company of any rich-whiny brats, I also wasn't left on my own. Instead of being left to myself in my room or a near-by garden or something, an older woman came to get me soon after General left, and she took charge of the rest of my day.

"Have you bathed yet?" she asked in a cool remote voice almost the minute she finished introducing herself to me.

"Um, no." I answered uncertainly. I mean I'd washed my face and brushed my hair out. I did have that bath last night. Wasn't water scarce in the desert? People shouldn't be having baths all the time if there was no water. And no plumbing.

"That is unacceptable. Proper Egyptians must bathe everyday to purify themselves and begin their days fresh." the woman replied sternly. I very suddenly got the impression that this woman was like some old-timey nanny who loved her traditions and loved checking on people to make sure those traditions were followed. But hey, who was I to complain about another bath? I liked baths.

"Hm, ok then. A bath it is."

The woman sniffed at my casual response, and I figured she wished I were more dignified and uppity like the other Egyptian nobles.

She should probably just get over that, "uppity" doesn't come naturally to my character.

Yeah, but she's the nice lady whose taking us to a nice hot bath. Maybe a little play acting for her wouldn't be so bad. Besides, it's fun to play pretend.

Having convinced myself to act a little more "cultured" for this woman's benefit I stood straighter and gave a little wave of the hand that I'd seen all the nobles do when they ordered servants around. The woman, whose name was Selca, gave a bow and then turned to go. "Follow me." she said as she left the room.

I followed along after her, keeping my posture perfectly straight and a polite mask of indifference on my face. Inside I was getting giddy though. Instead of having to deal with General, I was going to get a nice soothing bath all to myself. Bath time, bath time, bath time for me. Rub-a-dub-dub in the tub, splashy splash clean in a flash.

Oh yeah, I'm a baby remember? But like I said, I don't mind. It's more fun my way.

We got to a big bathroom and inside was the usual little pool in the floor that was actually the bath-tub. There was a couch off to the side and some vases and statues along the walls for decoration. There was also some highly polished silver that served as a type of mirror, and lots of little bottles scattered around the room each filled with potions and creams and stuff that made skin look good and smell pretty. It was light from the many candles and some holes along the very top of the wall to let in air and sunlight, and it smelled sweet and clean. It really was a wonderful place. In fact, just stepping into it gave you a refreshing feeling.

"Hurry and get into the water." Selca said as she went about looking at all the little bottles, picking up a few, and putting them back down or keeping them as she moved along.

Bathe with her in here? Well that put a damper on my happy mood. I did not like bathing in front of people. I did not enjoy being in any-type of undress before other people. Not because of self-conscience issues or anything, though maybe I had a few of those, little ones. But I was just incredibly modest and embarrassed when it came to not being sufficiently covered in front of people.

Oh yeah I know, how does someone get to be big in the entertainment industry without showing a little, or more often a lot of skin? Well I had talent. And a good agent. And a habit of turning down roles with too much skin-showing in them. I mean I didn't just toss a script because it had a bathing suit scene or something, but I had strict limits that I wasn't willing to pass. And whenever I did have to show some skin, like in a bathing suit scene, I was focused on the role I was playing and it didn't bother me as much. Oh sure I freaked out before and afterward, but at the actual time of rehearsing and filming I was totally in character.

So I guess now I ought to get into the "indifferent noble-person" character, and pretend I didn't care that someone was about to watch me take a bath.

Yeah, this was going to be a real test of my mental abilities.

I sighed deeply before looking to make sure that Selca was more focused on the bottles than on me. I very quickly undressed and moved to slid into the water just as quickly hoping that by the time Selca looked up again, I would be in the water and partially hidden that way.

Since I was being fast, I didn't notice until too late. Where was the steam that should be rising off of the hot water?

I hit the water and couldn't hold back the shriek. "It's freezing!" I exclaimed loudly. The water felt like ice on my skin and every second I was in it, it was leeching out my body heat and turning me into ice. I huddled down and hugged myself, drawing my knees up and training to retain as much body heat as I possibly could.

"Of course it is cold. The cold water purifies your body and soul." Selca said in a matter-of-factly voice. "You foreigners and your strange ways."

I wanted to shriek again. I wanted to jump up out of the water and wrap myself into about 30 warm towels. But looking at Selca and hearing her talk about "purifying" I had a feeling that if I got out, she'd just make me get back in, and I only wanted to do this once. Ever.

Let's just get this over with, and move on, then never do it again. I thought with chattering teeth. Think happy warm thoughts. Like cookies. But less depressing. Cause I can't have any cookies.

Well, so this "happy" bath time was quickly going down hill.

Of course the torture was just starting. Having found all the bottles she wanted, Selca now marched over to the water and seemed to want to help me take this bath.

"What are you doing?" I nearly shrieked when she knelt by the pools edge and reached toward me.

"Enough nonsense. The morning is already half wasted, and we must hurry."

"Well ok sure. Hand me some soap, and I'll get cleaned up real quick."

Selca made a "tut" noise and pursed her lips. Clearly she thought I was being difficult and troublesome. But what I thought, was that this chick was out of her mind if she thought she was going to help me take a bath. Excuse me, but I'd been doing this solo for about 16 years now.

"You cannot possibly expect me to believe you wish to wash yourself?" she sounded like the idea was scandalous to her.

"Yes actually, that's exactly what you should believe. I always wash myself." I insisted. I tried to further make my point by scooting over in the pool until I was farther away from her. I even ducked down into the water a little more, but that was hurtful in its own way cause that meant that the icy-cold water covered even more of me.

Oh this is really not my day. I thought shivering miserably.

Day? This whole "vacation" was a nightmare! In fact, I'd never even woken up from the nightmare that was this entire back-in-time experience!

"Noblewomen never wash themselves. I cannot image that this is any different in Hattsua. How can you be sure to be properly cleansed without assistance?" she really did sound scandalized. Well I have to say that having someone else clean me up was what sounded like a scandal.

"Well I always do it myself. I prefer to make sure that I am properly cleaned on my own thank you." I tried to sound a little haughty as I said it. Maybe if I played up to being a rich-spoiled brat she'd let it go.

"What a ill-natured way to behave."

Then again maybe not. I was beginning to get used to the awful water temperature, but I didn't want to stay in here forever. So one of us was gonna have to either give up, or we were going to have to compromise. And since she didn't seem to want to quit, and I certain as hell wasn't going to, compromise it is then.

"Fine. You can wash my back for me, and I'll get the rest." I offered trying to sound like I was giving her a good deal. Her lips pursed even further, but then she looked up at the window-slits at the top of the wall where the sunlight was coming in. She must have decided that this was all taking up too much time, and we needed to get moving because thankfully, she agreed with me. She poured out some very sweet smelling syrupy liquid, and then passed the bottle to me before scrubbing hard on my back. I bit my lip from saying anything because she really did scrub hard. Was she trying to purify me by scrubbing me from existence? I got some of the nice soap in my own hands and began to wash up the rest of me, trying hard to ignore her and get fully clean at the same time because I had no doubts that if she thought I was doing it incorrectly, she would insist on doing it all for me again.

It took about 20 minutes with her scrubbing my skin hard, and I even let her wash out my hair for me. That actually was kind of nice. She was more gentle with my hair, and it kinda felt like a massage. But then it was time to get out of the water, and I wanted to die of embarrassment. I made Selca get the towel and bring it to me so that the instant I was out of the water I could be in the towel. Despite that, I could still feel my face burning red.

Out of the water I underwent the rest of the bathing ritual that apparently all "proper Egyptian noble women" went through every morning. I know all about this ritual now because Selca made sure to tell me about it every step of the way.

"You must become properly and thoroughly dry or your skin will become rough, and proper noble women should never have rough skin." she said as she rubbed my long hair with a towel.

Oh no, and what a scandal it would be for that to happen. I thought sarcastically after she said that. You'd think that because I was getting a beauty treatment, I'd be happy, but no. This woman, though nice enough was very bossy and pretentious. Every thing she did she narrated to me like I wasn't smart enough to figure it out or understand it's meaning.

"We must make sure your nails are properly cut and cared for. It would be unseemly if they were unkempt." she said as she used a small knife to shape my fingernails. It made me nervous to have her do that. I certainly liked using nail-clippers and a file much better.

"You must brush your hair often and gently. Hair that is brushed infrequently or too roughly can be damaged and unattractive." she said running a comb through my hair.

Oh really? You sure? So the oppressively dry heat and harsh winds aren't what's giving me split ends? It's because I don't spend all my time brushing my hair?

She pursed her lips even more and ran some more nice smelling lotion stuff into my hair. I figured it was more conditioner-like stuff and hoped it would help keep the frizz and dryness under control. "This strange color is highly irregular and too obvious. Proper Egyptian women should never try to be so visibly obvious and strange."

I bite my lip on a retort. Well sorrrrry if my hair color offends you, but it's not like I could help it when I was born with this hair. I refrained from saying anything only because I didn't want to get lectured or argue about it. Maybe I wasn't always happy with having dull brown hair, but I didn't need her or anyone else telling me it was "strange." My hair was my own to pick at, and she had no business to.

Once she finished with my hair, she moved on to rubbing lotion into my skin. Once again we argued about how much she was allowed to do with that. I let her lotion up my back, arms, and legs but insisted once again on doing the rest by myself. After that was finally over, I got to put on some clothes for which I am eternally grateful. Selca gave my clothes a disapproving look, but I wasn't going to wear some skimpy Egyptian dress. Maybe not all the dresses women wore in Egypt were bad, but plenty of the ones "proper Egyptian women" wore were less than bedsheets draped around themselves. And that I was not doing.

Instead, I wore a simple white dress that had been brought over from Hattsua with me. It had wide straps for shoulders and a full skirt that flowed as I walked. The waist was high and accented with a pale blue scarf. The blue seemed to make Selca happier. I guess it's because blue clothes were expensive here in the dawn of time, and she felt better taking care of someone who was supposedly good enough for expensive clothes. A proper Hittite woman or whatever.

I was decked out in simple, small gold earrings and a gold band-like necklace. Selca spent an enormous amount of time putting eyeliner onto my eyelids and then she dabbed at my lips with some more lip-balm. Then she brushed my hair out one more time and sprinkled some sweet-smelling water on me that was probably supposed to act like perfume. It did smell nice; like lilies.

The sprinkling of perfume seemed to signal the end of the bath from hell ritual. Selca stood and walked toward the door motioning for me to follow after her. I stood from the chair I'd been sitting in and followed after her. As we left the bathing chamber, some servants entered into to clean up after us or whatever. As Selca led me on to whatever was next—for which I was both curious and not to find out about. I thought about the bath. It had been embarrassing as hell, but the end results were admittedly pretty nice. My skin did feel smooth and light now, and my hair was much silkier.

Egyptians may have no concept of personal space, but they do know how to live comfortably. I decided as we continued walking.

We ended up in a small sitting room where we had a light lunch. There was some fruit and veggies and bread. There was also just a little meat of some sort that I'm figuring was some kind of bird, but I'm not really sure. I guess it's a good thing that I'm not picky when it comes to food. But when you grow up on a farm, and you and all your friends dare each other to eat dirt and ants or get forced to eat very old recipes made by all your friends' mothers and grandmothers you learn not to care as much about what you're eating.

Once the we were done eating, Selca stood and led me off again. Well no wonder most Egyptians are so skinny. I thought as we walked through more halls. They eat little meals and walk all the time. Not that I minded, but there was a definite pattern that could easily become very boring. We ended up outside which I did not mind at all. It was a beautiful day full of warm sunshine, gentle wind, and deep blue skies. The garden we were in was beautiful as well. It had lots of beautiful, well cared for trees and flowers and even a small pond that had fish swimming in the water and lilies floating on the surface. The air had a sweet smell from all the flowers, and that combined with the overall loveliness of the place put me in a happy, lazy mood instantly.

There were some couches laid in a corner of the garden, under the shade of one of the trees, and that's where Selca led us. We sat in the couches, and I sighed. Yeah, Egypt was pretty awesome. The couches were soft, the food was good, the sun was warm, the only problem was the absolute lack of privacy.

For a while Selca said nothing, and I said nothing, and we both just relaxed in comfort. After a while she looked over at me with pursed lips again. "Would you care for a game perhaps?" she asked. I looked back at her trying to figure out if she really wanted to play or if she was just asking to be polite. In the end I decided that it would probably be rude to say no. And if she hadn't wanted to play she shouldn't have asked in the first place.

"What game did you have in mind?" I answered. Selca gave a small approving smile before clapping at the servants. "Bring a Senet board." she ordered them. I have to say that as pretentious as she was with me, she was even worse with the servants. When she ordered them around she was incredibly bossy about it, and she honestly clapped at them. It was highly annoying. These were people too.

A Senet game was set between our two couches quickly, and Selca smiled at me in a little high and mighty way again. "Have you ever played Senet?" she asked. I shrugged.

"Once or twice."

"Then you understand the rules. Let us play."

I could just see it, she was so sure of herself and absolutely certain that she could beat me. I wondered if it was because she thought she was that good, or because she thought I was some strange Hittite weirdo. In any event, she was entirely too obvious in the way she played, and she wasn't nearly as good as Kel.

I trounced her easily.

"I win." I announced lightly as I played the final move. Selca pursed her lips and stared at the board for a moment before looking up at me. I kept my face clear and indifferent, the way all other Egyptians seemed to love doing, and she turned away.

"Shall we play again?" she asked in a tight voice. I nodded and reset the game. She tried a whole lot harder the second time around, but I still got her pretty easily. Her face had a red tint to it when I won the second time, and she ordered the servants to remove the board.

Sore loser, which is what makes you a loser. I shrugged to myself as the servants packed the game up and removed it. It's not like I could help it if she was a bad player and I was a good one. I wasn't going to lose on purpose for her. Or for anyone else either.

"So what do we do now?" I tried to keep the smugness out of my voice, but I don't think I convinced her entirely, cause Selca gave me a sharp look and pursed her lips even more. The woman looked as if she were constantly tasting lemon.

"Now we shall read in silence and peace." she said clapping at the servants in an irritating way. Instantly one of the servants ran off, probably to get some scrolls for reading or something. That was no help for me though because I couldn't read hieroglyphs. But I sure as heck wasn't gonna tell her that. Instead when the servant came back, he handed Selca a selection of scrolls to read. She picked one and waved the rest away. The servant brought the rest for me to pick one out of, but I smiled at him and waved him away.

"Read to me."

Selca rasied an eyebrow and stared at me. "Pardon me?" she asked sounding surprised. I smiled at her with a court-woman's slyness.

"I feel more like resting myself. But you read to me." I said settling back into the couch and even more and closing my eyes looking for all the world like I was highly comfortable and enjoying myself. And I was. Haha.

Selca was silent for a moment, probably wondering what horrible thing she did to deserve getting stuck with me, but then she began to read in a low voice. I smiled to myself.

The scroll wasn't actually very interesting. It was actually pretty dry; just some old philosopher wondering about life and all. Not that I mind be philosophical; it actually makes good cool conversation, but this particular guy was just boring and pretty lame. But I didn't bother to say anything. Instead I just kinda dozed and watched what was going on around me. Not that there was much to watch. There weren't many people in the garden with us besides a few servants standing by, and the occasional passerby. But there were enough little things to watch, and I have such a big imagination that I wasn't too bored.

So what if that little bird in the tree there, flies down and lands on that girl's shoulder, and starts singing to her. Maybe the girl will sing back, or maybe she'll push it away, and it will get offended and run off to it's bird friends and come back with reinforcements and start swarming and chasing the girl until she has to run away, and then in triumph the birds will start singing louder and fly around in happy little circles.

Honestly, I don't understand myself sometimes. But I was still amused. Of course it really only can last so long before it does get a little old.

Selca must have known I wasn't listening cause after a while I noticed she wasn't reading aloud anymore, but I didn't bother to say anything. It wasn't much longer after that when she decided it was time for us to get up and go back inside. The sun was setting, so I guess it was time for the day to start winding down.

We got up and left everything outside I guess with the knowledge that the servants were going to pick up after us. It was almost like when you have a maid in a hotel except that's exactly what it was. Room service every hour of the day here for these posh rich people.

"What now?" I asked as I walked along my new tag-along-lady. Selca pursed her lips a little, a sure sign that she thought I did something wrong then quickly straightened her face back out.

"It is time to prepare for supper." she told me coolly.

"Already? I thought we ate a while ago." I said surprised. We had hadn't we? We'd taken a bath from hell almost, then we'd had some lunch, then we'd sat around outside. It really hadn't been that much of a day.

"Our meal before was later than it should been as I have told you. You shall eat your supper on time. For that you must get ready." Selca said making sure to put in a little snottiness to her tone, so I would feel chastened or whatever.

Whatever lady. Get off your high horse. I resisted rolling my eyes because she had a habit of staring sideways at me. Probably trying to see if I did roll my eyes at her. I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of being right.

As we walked through the halls on the way to wherever we were going next, we saw a group of servants huddled up together, and they seemed to be panicking a bit. Neither Selca nor I said anything as we approached them, but we were got to them, Selca stepped up and drew herself up taller.

"What is the meaning of this? Standing around and gossiping while there is work to be done!" She said it angrily in a loud voice that wasn't really shouting, but the other servants knew she meant business. They all bowed their heads down and looked ashamed, but also still fidgety and nervous about whatever news they had.

"I am so sorry Lady Selca, but we have just learned the most disturbing news." one of the older women said. Selca pursed her lips again, but nodded her head slightly.

"And what is this news?" she asked sounding very regal for someone who was a servant herself.

"It is Lord Yareth! Someone has killed him!"

I stiffened up a little and said nothing. This was information I already knew, but now it looked like the rest Hutwaret knew as well.

Her words brought to mind the ugly, terrible images of the man's body laying on the floor soaked in his own blood, but I quickly pushed those away.

What about General? What is he doing about all of this now? I wondered faintly.

Apparently Selca considered this news to stress and gossip over as well because that's just what she did with the rest of them. They tittered together over what they knew about the scandal, and I honestly only half listened being too caught up in my own thoughts of wondering and trying to forget, or at least trying to not remember.

Abruptly Selca must have remembered me because she straightened up and stopped gossiping. "Enough of this! Get back to your work! This matter does not concern you."

Ouch. I thought. She just got them pretty good. Meekly the other servants bowed to her and rushed off to do their work. Honestly though they would probably be back to gossiping in a few minutes. Selca gave me a look and started to walk with a somewhat faster pace, and I knew she wanted me to follow her along. We went along til we came back to my room. How nice, I wouldn't mind actually relaxing. Without her. But she didn't seem to be leaving. In fact, it seemed she had even more stuff for me to do. Fabulous.

"You must prepare for supper." she said sniffing. I sighed and resisted the urge to just throw myself onto the bed and burrow under the covers to get away from her.

"But I'm not hungry. And besides, what is there for me to do in 'preparing for supper'?"

Selca looked shocked again, and then made that stupid tutting sound. I must have offended the poor thing again. She should stop being so easily offended.

"As you will be dining in high company you will need to be redressed, your face reapplied, and your hair needs attention."

I ignored when she said I would be dining in high company—I had a feeling I knew what she meant and that would offend me—but I did feel somewhat offended when she mentioned all the things she would have to do with me. We just did all that this morning. I was not some great slob incapable of staying well-kept all day. Besides, if it was the company I was thinking it would be, then there was absolutely no need to try looking good. I might want to dress like a complete slob just to irritate him. And Selca. I wouldn't mind irritating Selca either.

But I was unable to get out of it. She had me change out of my dress—I had her turn around while I did so—and put on something just a little bit fancier from the chest that had been packed for me. Then my hair was pulled back and my face washed. Selca then very carefully put some makeup on me; not heavy and dramatic like Egyptian makeup, just some light kohl on my eyelids, some smoothing lotion on my skin and some sort of lip balm that didn't taste like much but felt very slick. Then my hair was brushed completely out and arranged in some sort of messy—but pretty messy—bun at the back of my head. Light jewelry was taken out of my pack and given to me to wear—a gold necklace, a gold bangle for each wrist and small gold discs earrings. I put on the old-timey sandals they wore here, and Selca then decided I was ready.

"Now you look presentable." Selca said with a self-satisfied smile. Like she was this great awesome thing for making poor little me look nice and presentable.

"Oh joy." I said not bothering to disguise the dry sarcasm in my voice. Selca sniffed and lifted her nose but didn't respond.

"Come, we must go." she said turning and leading me from the room. I rolled my eyes and followed her. I was surprised to see that the hallways were dark and the candles had been lit. So it was later than I thought it was.

Selca brought me to a room. She knocked on the door, then getting the okay from the person inside, she opened the door and bowed slightly motioning for me to go in. Obviously she was not eating with us, which was just fine with me. Hopefully after this I never had to spend the day in her presence again. I don't think I'd mind to much if I saw her for a while, but a whole day of her was much too much.

I walked into the room, the door closing behind me, and went to sit without bothering to say anything or look around at all. I plopped myself down onto the low to the floor couch-chair and looked at the food laid out in a large and artful display. Only after noticing all the food did I bother to look up at the person seated on a similar couch across from me.

General looked at me evenly, seeming just a little amused at my attempts to ignore him. And also at what he knew must have happened to me today.

"You bastard."

He chuckled. "Did you not enjoy the pampering treatment? I thought you wanted to be appreciated more?" he reached for a cup and started to drink what I'm assuming was wine.

I stopped for a minute, knowing I had wanted to be more appreciated, but I don't think I'd ever said that out loud. And certainly not to him if I had. After all, he was not the one I wanted to be appreciated by. I narrowed my eyes at him. "That had nothing to do with being appreciated. That was all about embarrassing the hell out of me!" I nearly shouted. He shrugged and put the wine down. He reached for a piece of fruit and began to eat it silently, watching me coolly.

I felt like fuming. I felt like throwing all the food at him. I felt like pushing him off that couch and landing him on his ass. Instead, I just huffed loudly and snatched my own piece of fruit. I settled myself so that my back was leaning against the low arm of the couch and turned away from the annoying person across from me.

"So the secret's out about Yareth. What you gonna do now?" I asked munching on the fruit and not looking at him.

"That's not something you really need to be concerned with." he told me evenly as he kept eating. I huffed again but fumed silently for the moment. But only that one moment.

"Of course I don't need to be concerned with it. I'm just a little girl after all. Nevermind that I was the one who found out some valuable information for you. Nevermind that you probably would have never found that information if it wasn't for me. But, it doesn't concern me, so nevermind."

In response to my rather childish and petty retort General just chuckled. "You seem so sure of yourself. Who says what you told me was of any use? Or that I hadn't had knowledge of it already?" he asked with his ever present irritating smirk.

I turned to glower at him. "You're bluffing. You didn't know that at all until I told you." to finish my statement I snatched up my own drink which was of course water. Like hell would I ever get drunk near this guy again.

"I will admit rhat I find it interesting that you were able to get this information." General said evenly. I looked at him. I was somewhat miffed that he hadn't gotten annoyed yet too. Usually he would get upset after a while, and we would be pissed at each other then have some kind of little spat, and then one of us would leave until the next time. This time however he was keeping his cool, and he even seemed a little amused. I wondered why. Somehow, he must be laughing at me, but I couldn't think of what I'd done that was so amusing to him recently. I thought most of my recent actions annoyed the mess out of him.

"Yeah well, I'm gifted like that. Wouldn't you like to know how I did it too." I said a little smug. He would never know, and not that I'd ever admit it cause the fact that I'd pretty much seduced the information out of an old pervert pretty much disgusted me, but I'd still done it right under General's nose, and he would never even know.

General's smirk grew, and he even looked smug now. But he said nothing in response. I looked at him curiously. Why didn't he ask? Didn't he want to know? It made me a little uncomfortable though, him looking at me like he had the advantage, so I looked away with a scowl.

"Stupid general." I muttered. He heard me though cause he chuckled at me.

"You had best hurry and eat. You will need to get plenty of rest. I believe Selca has a full day planned for you tomorrow."

"You bastard!" I did shout annoyed. Another day with Selca? The woman was going to sniff and tut, and 'prepare' me to death!

"Oh course, if you wish to stay in here tonight I am sure we could find a way to tire you out too much for her plans tomorrow." General said smoothly as he looked lifted up his glass and took another long drink. My eyes widened at his remark and the meaning in it. I looked shocked into his eyes which was almost all I could see over the rim of his cup. His strange and beautiful eyes.

I shook my head and glared at him with all the scorn I could muster. "Like hell!"

He chuckled again and that was pretty much the extent of the meal. We finished eating, all the while trading little barbs and making snippy comments at each other before he summoned a servant to show me back to my rooms.

As I got ready for bed, I realized that he hadn't ever said what he planned to do about Yareth, but I honestly hadn't expected him too. I also realized though, that this might have been the first time we'd spoken to each other when one of us, usually me, hadn't run off in a huff afterwards. We'd actually parted civilly. And the dinner had actually been...fun. Sure I wouldn't say we were becoming friends, but I guess I liked challenging him. Even if he did beat me usually. It was still an amusing game to play.

Hm. I thought tucking myself into bed. Until I fell asleep, I thought up ways to pull one over on General or otherwise get back at him. Afterall, one civil night non-withstanding, that was our real relationship.

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