My new favorite film EVER! I just couldn't resist doing a small one shot =] adventures of Ali and Ellie are coming along, but schools just been really hectic, I'M IN D OF E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo . . . . Enjoy!

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Scotts POV

Sitting across from the fire, I see Kate, the girl I was in the middle of asking out, laughing at my brother John Tucker, who interrupted, basted.

It should be me over there.

I can't believe she even said yes to him. One of the first things she said to me when we met was that she thought my brother was a jerk, and was totally not her type. He new what a player he is, and still she sits with him across the fire from me, with him.

Don't get me wrong, I love my bro . . . in a non-gay way. But he is practically dating every girl in school, why did he have to want her? Why couldn't he let me get the girl for once?

I saw them get up and Kate say rather loudly "I have to pee! . . ." Although I was angry, I couldn't help but smile.

John bent down, whispered something to her, and she rushed off.

Without thinking, I got up and ran after Kate. I grabbed her by the arm and she turned, surprised, to look at me. Her big blue eyes faltered my anger for a second, but only a second.

"Why are you out with him, huh? You know what a player he is and how he manipulates girls to get them to go out with him, and yet your still here!" I practically shout at her.


"You what Kate? You thought he was different? Thought he was the one? Because if you think that, you're not the girl I met only a couple of months ago. The one who said, that jerk wasn't your type. Tell ya what, you've changed, and not for the better."

"Scott, let me explain-"

"What is there to explain, he is dating the entire school, and now you've also been added to his collection."

"Collection of what?!?" she shouted. The entire beach was now watching our fight

"SLUTS! All those girls out there know what he's like, and still they line up to date him. So, yeah, that is my definition of a slut, and you are now one of them!"

"That's not fair! I have a perfectly good explanation, but I can't say here!"

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my sholder, I turned round to face my brother.

"What's going on bro?" he asked

" . . . nothing, Kate and I were just chatting. See ya Kate; don't expect me to be your partner on Monday." With that, I stalked off, making my way home, leaving the whispers, and shouts from my brother to come back, behind me.