My heart raced, was this hell? Most terrifying eyes I ever saw were starring at me right here and right now. The eyes shinded like freshly spilt blood. It's teeth is coaxed in saliva that dripped to the ground. Burning into the floor, small smoke rose into the air. My breath got caught in my throat this was extremely not normal. Saliva that is acid? I wish badly that it's a dream, but it wasn't. The killer intent leaking off this beast is massive, extremely larger than the hokage's.

It sat back on his hind legs, like an animal getting ready to pounce on his prey. Prey? I'm the only one that is here. My heart pumped faster, almost rivaling the speed of light. It dawned on me, I am the prey. Closing my eyes shut I awaited death once again. Like last time it did not happen. The floor felt lighter indicating the animal has lunged. Death did not await me, only a big clang.

I peek open my eyes the huge beast is smashed against the bars. It moved back a bit and the bars disappeared then it lung again only to meet the bars. How could bars imprison such a beast like this?' It's eyes turned toward me glowing with hate.

"You…" it growled out darkly. The hairs on my body froze. The great beast began to pace back and forth, always keeping his eyes on me. Never once breaking contact with me. I didn't want my eyes to stare at it as it paced around but it was like they were hypostatized.

"This brat… my jailor? Stupid little…" It stopped all of a sudden. It seemed like it was going to insult me, calling me a stupid little brat. Its wicked smile turned even more sinister but with a hint of mischievous.

"Tear the seal off." it growled out. Seal? My eyes darted around looking for this "seal." It soon found it as it was a small piece of paper. I looked towards it wondering if I should.

"Do it.. Do it….. Do it…" it spoke softly like it was trying to be my conscious. Maybe just maybe this sea

is my ticket home. I began to climb the bars towards the piece of paper. Out of the corner of my eye I saw

the beast's eyes shine in pure delight. I tugged lightly at the piece of paper. Time seemed to slow down as

the paper gently lifted off the bars. I got the seal off an the most shocking and painful thing happen. I

blasted back as raw power emitted from the now open cage.

The beast made tsk's noise with it mouth as it stalked towards me. It grinned like it just won the lottery, and

I was starting to think it did. Yet instead of prize money, it gets me. It lunged towards me, saliva dripping

from its mouth far faster than it should, almost like it was a rapid animal. Once again something shocking

happen. Instead of death I saw black. The black began to wrap around the beast tugging it towards me.

It wailed and screamed saying this wasn't suppose to happen. What wasn't suppose to happen? I don't even

know what was going on now. The black mass began to shine if it was even possible. I closed my eyes only

to reopen a minute latter. The beast was gone, its massive killer intent gone, its raw power vanished in thin

air. In its place was a fox. Wasn't small to be cute, and wasn't huge to destroy a village, but it was enough

to make you shit your pants. Around its neck is a black collar with the words "Naru's Kyuubi" stitched on

it. My kyuubi, what? With its ears flat against it face, it told me one thing. The thing is I never even spoke a

word but it still told me it.

"Shut up."

WTF is this? Like wtf crawled up your ass to make you write this? I don't know what the fuck this is lol.

Fuck, fuck, fuck… lol… anyways. In this one shot? Or multi chapter this naru is a FEMALE!! ALSO I SHIFTED TENSE A LOT I AM SORRY!