A/N: This is just a mess around, I wasn't trying to be in character, I was just trying to get through writer's block and John Barrowman prancing around a stage in polka dot boxers seemed opportune. Just short and sweet.

Disclaimer: *wanders off muttering bitterly about what would have happened if I did own Torchwood*, I don't own Old Time Rock n' Roll either, nor John Barrowman ;)

Ianto raised his eyebrows as Jack passed by. Tosh was out getting dinner, and had abandoned the guys to 'be big tough men'. Jack had stripped down to his blue shirt and a set of boxers. His shirt was unbuttoned at the neck and he skidded through yelling, "Owen, Rock 'n' Roll time!"

Owen staggered through, his trousers slung over his shoulder, "Jack, I'm wearing the Mrs Gordon's boxers." He looked down edgily at the set of polka dot underwear. Jack pointed at his arse as he leant over the speakers, flicking through the tracks. His boxers too were dotted with multi coloured spots.

Ianto raised his eyebrows, suppressing a laugh as Owen shrugged and undid the top three buttons. "I feel like such a poof when we do this, boss."

"I object to that... gotcha." Jack jumped up on the table grabbing a torch as went. "Just take those old records off the shelf..."

Owen lunged for the second torch as Jack jumped off the table giving room for his teammate to... dance?

Ianto looked on incredulously, "Is this what you two do when Tosh is out?"

"... that kinda music just sooths the soul..." Jack nodded, laughing, "Break it down! You take it Owen."

Owen took over Jack's singing, "Today's music ain't got the same soul..."

Jack waved a set of boxers – striped not polka dotted – in front of Ianto, "You gonna join in, Jones?"



Tosh sat watching security of the three men in boxers doing scissor arms to largely Jack's singing, "Suzie," she hissed as the taller woman entered and began to open her mouth, "Stay quiet and get over here."

Suzie shook her head despairingly, "Do they forget that we have security?"

Tosh laughed as Owen began playing air guitar.