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They say the war was difficult, but after the first battle the humans just quit. It must have been terrible. I mean they say the vampires walked out and then all you saw was blood. Pools of blood. The leader of the humans said he couldn't handle seeing another battle like that. So now were slaves. Not me though. I mean all humans. I'm a human but, I'm going to be a vampire. I'm Isabella Marie Swan. I'm 16 now but in 5 days I turn 17. Since I was born on September 13 they picked me as god of death's wife. I don't know what he looks like or who he is, because I have never met him. Yeah it's sad. But at least I don't have to slave away like the other humans. Right now I live in a beatiful palace until he comes. Then we will change me and figure out my powers. I will be a goddess and the first thing i'm going to do is change the slaving of humans.

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