Safe, but not sound


Boom! The sound jolted him from his sleep and he moaned quietly. Opening his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a green flash before twilight crowded around him. Stars twinkled peacefully and his breath clouded the air. He was standing back on the deck, the musicians playing lively music, lifeboats just starting to be lowered more fully. Then the sudden flash of a light, the loud bang, and the cold. He shook his head quietly, moaning.

"Hold on man. We're rescued! The Carpathia is here!"

The man sounded excited. He could discern a small smile and a twinkle in his eyes through his cracked lids. He just turned his head and looked up toward the sunrise. A large object was looming ahead with dirty black steel walls, growing bigger all the time. The gleaming portholes shinning as the warm sun beat down on him. The bustle as workers loaded luggage onto the ship. The people…

He stifled another sob, shaking his head softly. He was stiff and sore, and cold. But more than anything he was tired. He wanted to get back to sleep, but the noise of the others around him was keeping him awake. He could hear davits creaking in the distance, growing louder. The gentle rocking of the lifeboat was making him nauseous, and his head was pounding. He wondered how Sharpay was feeling. He wondered if she was cold, or lonely, or hungry. People were chattering now. Someone was hooking up think ropes to the oar locks.

He felt a gentle lift, and then the lifeboat was rising toward the deck. He gasped. The ship rumbling, and then CRACK! A scream, loud and guttural and then they were falling. Boom! Slamming into the water. Sharpay shaking next to him, as he tightened his grip. Another BOOM! as the fourth funnel slammed through the café. Mangled pieces of railing…bodies…he turned his head and buried it in her soft hair. And then suddenly a lurch, as Titanic rose higher.

He wanted to close his eyes, but he was being roused. Sitting up slowly, he blinked as he looked dumbly around. Passengers on the Carpathia were making room, ushering survivors down into the ship, wrapping thick blankets around them. All of them looked grave, pale faces and shinning eyes. The survivors looked like they were in shock, but he thought that fitted nicely. His eyes shifted around the deck…Sharpay. She wasn't around. His eyes fell on a long row of bodies, grey blankets covering all but their feet. No…she couldn't be. He would wait.

He was being ushered onboard, leaning heavily on two crewmen. "Oh God! Mr. Bolton please, this way. Have my suite." He nodded dumbly, stumbling onto the steady deck. That simple act made tears erupt. Great sobs wracked his shoulders. He was safe.

"Sharpay…" he whispered.

"Who? Come Mr. Bolton. Get warm, have some soup!"

He stumbled and leaned against the wooden wall of the hallway, breathing in the stifling air. So hot, so dry. He wondered what Sharpay's hair was doing. All this hot air had to be making it funny. He didn't remember reaching the stateroom. He didn't remember being undressed or led into the bed. He didn't remember being tucked in. He blacked out.


She had been ushered quickly to the Second Class Dining Room, a hot broth pushed to her. She was told to eat, and then was left alone, a thick blanket draped over her shoulders. Passengers and Crew alike were leading frozen survivors to tables, sitting them down gently. The room was alive with a murmuring, which she couldn't understand. She stared at the brown broth for a second, thoughts wandering.

The screams….they had been terrifying, so full of terror and helplessness. They knew how badly off they were. How close to death they were coming. Tears clouded her eyes. Where was that nice stewardess? Was she at the bottom of the ocean? Or…Chad? She sobbed, her hands covering her face as she pushed the uneaten soup away, laying down on the table. She felt someone's arms around her, coaxing her up off the bench.

"Common Miss. Let's go get warm." The voice was deep and soft, a thick Gaelic accent punctuating each word. She nodded softly, as she was led down a set of plain steps toward a lower part of the ship. They were starting to pass other survivors, and she scanned the crowd.

"This is our hull mam, but if your husband is alive, he'll be here. Can I get you something miss to ease the cold?"

She shook her head. She hadn't even looked up once and she didn't think she could now. She took a tentative step, and when she didn't feel the kind man's hands resting gently on her own, she took more purposeful steps toward the others. She would find her husband.


"Sharpay…" he whispered, the rest of the sentence falling short on the tip of his tongue as his eyes opened fully. He was in a stateroom. That much he knew. The bed was lumpy, and not as big as his own had been. The room was smaller, more barren and cluttered. Looking around at the mess, he lightly shook his head. Sharpay would never have allowed him to be that messy. She would have made him clean up.

"Who's Sharpay?" The words startled him, and he stiffened under the pressure of a hand resting softly on his bicep. "I'm sorry…I didn't mean to startle you. It's just…you've been whispering her name ever since you fell asleep. Was she your wife?"

He shook his head no. "Maybe someday…but not now." he croaked out. "She was much too sensible to be married at this age. Well…maybe."

She gave him a funny look. "Maybe, sir?"

He shook his head, turning away. He didn't want to talk right now. "Yes…I understand. Do you…do you know where she is?"

He just shook his head. "We got lost in the water…so cold…" he trailed off, his voice lost as thoughts of that night filled his mind. His body moving heavily through the water as his head whipped around, frantically searching…SHARPAY!" No answer…SHARPAY! SHARP-


He looked up dumbly. "Sorry?"

There's someone at the door. She says she's a friend of yours. Shall I let her in?"

He nodded, and as the door opened, he called out "Sharpay?"

"No darlin' it's just me." Around the door came Molly Brown, her face serious. He had never seen her without a smile before, and with that last semblance of normalcy gone, the weight of what had just happened began to fully sink in.

"Troy. I'm glad to see you pulled through."

"You to Molly." He turned his head, motioning for her to sit. The woman who had been tending to him since he had landed in bed looked unsure. He realized for the first time that this person was not used to being in the presence of a rich person. And now she was a room with two of the richest people she had ever heard of. Molly shooed her away, and the girl obliged gratefully, mumbling as she left.

They stayed like that for a long time. He sitting up in bed, propped up by three downy pillows, she in a chair that looked much too uncomfortable for a woman of her stature. Finally, she broke the silence. "Troy…what happened"

It wasn't a question. It was a statement. That made him feel slightly better. "I don't…I don't even know where to begin."

"Start wherever you remember. When… traumatizing situations happen, sometimes our brain blocks out parts of it. And sometimes, we aren't really thinking about what's occurring. Do your best darlin'."

He nodded. "We…we ran up the deck…toward the stern. The whole…the whole bow was awash…and then we had made it and we were ok. I had her, and she had me. But then…" his face screwed up for a second as he fought back tears and he swallowed hard. "the deck got so steep that people couldn't hold on anymore…and they started to slip. And they…they were sliding. But…I still had her. And then…and then the boat it…" he took a deep breath, as the tears welled up in his eyes. "It broke in half Molly. Just in half. And then the funnel fell and the stern went horizontal. Just…just straight up you know? And the people….they were screaming for help but…but…" he was crying now, the tears burning his eyes and falling hot down his cheeks " I couldn't help them. Not one person. And they would just…fall."

He stopped talking, his eyes closed as he silently cried.

"Then what?" Her voice was horse and thick. He could tell without looking that she was just as shaken as he was.

"It plunged down Molly…just got sucked right down under. And Sharpay and I…we jumped. But she couldn't swim…and I had the only lifejacket on. Cause' she wouldn't let me give it to her. And we weren't moving underwater…we were just floating…and then…we were out of the water and I let go for one moment and she was just….oh God…she was just…gone." He was crying hard now,, harder than he had ever cried before in his life.

"It's OK Troy…it's ok…ssshhhh quiet now." She was crying to, but she was starting to calm now, sniffing once in a while as she rubbed his shoulder comfortingly.

"Oh God…no, no, no….it's not Molly. She couldn't…OH GOD…she couldn't swim…and I LET GO!" He was almost screaming now. "WHAT KIND OF A PERSON AM I?"

"Don't you ask that. Don't you do it Troy. You are a good man. You made a mistake. But, God willing, it wasn't too bad of one. We'll find her Troy."

He just nodded, head down, eyes closed, thinking about her. How much he missed her. How much of an idiot he was to let her go.

"Do you hear me?" Molly jerked his head up untill his eyes were being pierced by her dark brown ones. Sharpay's are so much more beautiful. "We'll find her Troy. I promise."

He nodded his head.

"Common. Let's go find her."

He nodded, before standing up slowly, wincing at the sore muscles in his body. And then after slipping a too-big jacked over himself, they exited, and began their search.


She soon learned that the hull was one big room, with heavy beams holding the deck up above. It was chaotic down here. Stretchers lying all over the room, filled with people being nursed. Some were being dabbed with hot water. Some were just being comforted. Others fed. As she moved deeper into the room, the more confusion reigned.

"Perhaps he's on another ship?"

"We're doing all we can."

"But there can't possibly only have been one!"

She diverted her eyes. Another woman like herself, searching desperately for their family. Only this woman could not seem to wrap her head around the fact that if they weren't on this ship, they were dead. She shivered. Please God. Don't turn me into her. Let me find him.

She continued on her way, stopping for anyone who might hold some clue about her husband's whereabouts. However, her constantly running excitedly over to anybody that even looked remotely like her husband had quickly gotten old. Now she was starting to get desperate. She had almost gone a full circle when she heard a voice.


It was weak, but she knew that voice anywhere. Spinning around almost in a complete circle, she came face to face with the man she had been in love with for five years.

"CHAD!" Running over, she kissed him hard, pouring out her emotions for him in one go. Her fingers ran through his hair, as she clutched his shoulder hard. "You…you made it."

"Of…course….I…did…" he muttered in between kisses. "I had you."

She smiled through her tears. "Tell me everything." And so he did.


They had been looking for hours now. The air had gotten cold faster than he had anticipated, and now he couldn't feel his nose and he knew his cheeks were rosy. Glancing sideways at Molly, he could see the determination blazing in her eyes. They walked a little longer in silence, before she stopped him. "Troy…"

"No. No Molly. I know what you're going to say, but don't. Maybe…maybe she's in the hull. I doubt we checked everyone in that room. There must be someone we missed…some corner…"

"Common Troy."


"I'm sure you're right darlin' but the sooner we check, the sooner we can rule out that possibility.

He sighed, nodding slowly, and following her a few steps behind as she led the way toward the fatalities. They were arranged in quiet rows, about two dozen lying stiffly on the ground with a heavy grey blanket coving their bodies. Quietly, he began to look through them, softly lifting one blanket at a time, his breath catching in his throat each time. His soul was filling with dread. And then suddenly…


He looked up to find Molly crouched over a body, a somber expression filled her face, tears already streaming. "I'm so sorry Troy."

"No…." he said weakly, moving slowly through the bodies untill he reached the one Molly was hovering over. But, there she was. Her maid's uniform clinging tightly to her body, her hair matted to her face. He lips blue, her skin much to pale.

"No….oh God….no…" he cried out loudly, dropping to both knees as he cradled her to his chest. "Ohhh God…no…please don't be dead…please Shar…don't leave me."

"Troy…" Molly said weakly.

"NO! She's NOT DEAD. She just isn't. She's just asleep."

"Troy…please stop…"

"Oh God….OH GOD…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he cried out long and hard, his face burying into her frozen hair when he had finished. And there he cried, rocking slowly back and forth, his face buried in her hair.

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