"CURSE......YOU.....LU.....IGI!!" King Boo yelled as he swirled into the Ghost catching vacuum cleaner.


Luigi breathed a sigh of relief. It was over........finally over. Luigi was pulled back outside of the strange world, and found himself back in the chamber in front of Mario. Luigi brought Mario back and quickly got Mario out of the painting, and the two brothers returned home. But that was not the end of Luigi's ghastly adventure.

~Six Months Later~

Luigi was relaxing on his front lawn, listening once again to the wonderful melody of the radio. As Luigi listened to the music, he looked up into the sky, and saw the clouds passing by.

A Koopa Troopa shell.

A Yoshi Egg.

A Mushroom.

A Musical Note.

Luigi saw Melody flash before his eyes the moment he saw the musical note, and quickly sat up.

That was odd, Luigi hadn't thought about the mansion at all these past few weeks, so why were they coming back now? Luigi then turned his attention to the mailkoop, KoopaKarry, who had just flown in, with a letter in his hand.

"Luigi Segale?" He asked.


Luigi walked up to that hill once more. The hill that had caused him so much worry for his brother. The hill that terrified him so badly. The hill that.....didn't look that scary in the daytime actually....

Professor Elvin Gadd, or E. Gadd for short, turned to Luigi with a smile on his face.

"I know you didn't keep any of the money you collected, but I didn't have a use for the stuff...so I thought I'd use it to benefit SOMEONE. I already got an upgrade for some of my equipment, but I spent most of it on this mansion. What do ya think?"

"Well, it's great! But, it kinda looks like the mansion did in the first place...." Luigi said scratching underneath his hat.

"Of course! I had it replicated just like the old house! It seemed too good to waste, and the gameboy Horror had a built-in camera, right? I had found alot of the pictures you took of the house on it, and realized there was one of almost every room! So, I decided to have it rebuilt!"

"Wow....but, I thought that your research always moved you around? Are you going to stop moving around and settle down Prof.?" Luigi asked turning back to the short professor.

"Hohohoho, this isn't MY house, It's YOURS!"


"Why not? You seemed to have taken a liking to the house, and all the left-over money was put into the sealed room you found through the chimney! Don't worry my boy, go on! Take a gander!" E. Gadd said, anxious to see Luigi's reaction.

Luigi turned back to the mansion.........no, HIS mansion. As the thought ran across Luigi's head, he couldn't help the curve in his lips. He walked up the hill, past the creepy old fence, and opened up the creepy door.

Luigi relaxed in the library a few days later. The sun had long since set, and it was now going on 9:00 P.M. so Luigi decided it was best time to head for bed and put his book back on it's shelf. He decided to take one last tour of his mansion before heading to bed.

He walked down the familiar halls, before coming upon the door. The door that began the Melody of Doubt in his mind. He opened up the door, and didn't even bother to turn on the lights. The room just didn't have the same charm with them on.

He walked through the room, before coming upon the piano, which had a little dust on it. Luigi put a hand on the piano, before he laid down next to it.

Luigi could feel sleep overtaking him, but he didn't mind. Because the beautiful Melody of Doubt was playing once more. Her long blonde hair resting peacefully on her shoulders, her pink gown covering her slender body, and her fingertips gracefully touching the keys, sending the millionaire into a peacefull sleep.