A Nick Jonas love story. Warning: Very graphic, sad, sexual, adicttive series and will make you cry. Kids only over 14 can read.

Chapter one:

Sommer Autumn Thomas

July, 12 was the first night Sommer's father had called her a Bitch. She was washing the dishes as usually cause it was her chore. Sommer only had two chores to do. That was wash the dishes and fix dinner like every 15 year old girl should do. She was on her last load, and that's when she heard him. He came in carrying two beer bottles in his hand. His eyes were blood shot red from getting high. His breath smelled like acholol that had been stored for five years. Sommer slowly turned to look at him making sure she didn't drop the dish she was washing. "Where's my food?" he asked, now taking another drink of his week old beer. His red eyes were now staring at her, demanding for an answer. Sommer then quickly dropped the dish she was holding and turned o stare at him. "I didn't make it yet." she said, still facing him. She could smell his breath from a mile away. It sicken her to see him like this. "YOU DIDN'T FIX IT YET?" his voice was now getting louder. It then caused Sommer to flinch with fear. He then, slowly moved towards her, causing Sommer to move back. Her back was now pressed up against the wall. Her eyes were wide and her heart was pounding like a hammer. Please don't hit me! she thought. Sommer father has never hit her in her whole entire life. Sommer hasn't even imagned him to hit her. "Then you better hurry up and fix it, you Bitch!" he yelled. His voice was like a knife slicing the air, when ever he talked. Sommer quickly shook her head, and turned around to start making dinner. Sommer father then left.