Disclaimer - I own nothing, apart from the young lady (although her existence isn't mine, the character I've made her into is).

My police knowledge is based on The Bill so if I don't use the rights words or actions for things then I apologise.

PC Ben Gayle was tapping out a beat on the desk in front of him using two pens. He had been placed in the front office for the evening and was bored out of his mind. Nothing was happening, all the departments were between jobs and what with the a new club opening just on the outskirts of Canley most of the usual trouble makers would be gracing the next towns police station tonight. Ben was so caught up in his drumming that he didn't notice the young red haired woman enter. Her hands were shaking and she was wearing light blue jeans, mud splattered trainers and a mud splattered white shirt. Her hands were clasping a thin brown shawl around her shoulders and a small velvet bag hung down to her waist. Her hair looked as though she had run her fingers through it many times and although she wore no make up under her eyes were purple and bruise like. She looked around the station and seemed to debate about coming in further when she glanced back outside and her face changed. She moved closer to the front desk quickly and startled Ben out of his drumming.

"How can I help you?" Ben asked her quickly hiding the pens under the desk. He studied the young women intently. She looked familiar to him but he couldn't place her face. Maybe somebody he'd arrested before he thought - after a while they all ran together anyway. He smiled at her, hoping to relax her - she looked scared and nervous, wringing her hands together, her eyes darting all over the place.

"Um, I was just wondering….which police officers you have on duty tonight?" Her voice was breathless and she was flicking glances outside.

"Is there somebody in particular you were looking for?"


"Ok, well if you give me their name, I'll see if they're on duty tonight and if they are I'll call them for you."

"No." He looked at her, one eyebrow raised slightly. She saw his expression and hurriedly explained.

"If the person I'm looking for isn't here then I don't want to disturb them. So if you tell me who's on duty and who isn't…." her voice trailed off as she looked outside again. "Look please just tell me which police women are on duty tonight."

"Ah, so it's a women your after is it?" She blushed and looked away as the door that led to the station opened and DS Max Carter walked through it a bunch of papers in his hands. He walked over to the desk, and picked up one of Bens earlier drumming pens before signing off on the papers.

"Yes, it's a women. Please, please." Ben signed and glanced down at the chart in front of him listing all the police officers on duty that night.

"Ok you've got PC Sally Armstrong and PC Mel Ryder here tonight." He looked up at the women whose shoulders had slumped.

"Oh. Never mind then. Thanks anyway." She turned to leave, walking slowly.

"Ah, well then you must be after PC Millie Brown." She stopped and turned to look at him.

"Why…um…why would you think that?" Her hand was clutching her small bag to her side as she turned around, her eyes wide.

"Currently they are the only three women police officers at this station. So, why are you looking for Millie? I can call her if you like?" He nodded his head at the phone but the women rushed back in front of him and shook his head.

"No, honestly, please don't. I didn't think she'd be here anyway what with the date an all but I just thought I'd ask. Please promise me you wont ask her about me, please, I'm begging you." Neither one of them notice Max had stopped what he was doing and was looking at the young lady.

"If someone comes in looking for her, of course I'm going to tell her. And if you didn't think she'd be here why come looking for her? Why not go to her flat to see her? And what's with the date?"

"Look its nothing important all right. I was just passing by and I thought I'd ask if she was working tonight that's all - I didn't think she'd be working cause its been a year since she was kidnapped an all. Please promise me you wont tell her." She was gabbling desperately still playing with the strap on her bag and imploring Ben not to say anything. He sneaked a quick glance at Max at the mention of the kidnapping but knew better then to actually bring it up.

"Alright, alright, I wont tell Millie that a young lady came looking for her, but if she asks I will. Deal?" He noticed her breathe slow down and she nodded once again. She was still fiddling with the strap of her bag when it broke and all the contents landed on the floor. A bright pink wallet, a small mobile phone and a bag containing white powder which skidded and landed on the floor by Max's feet.

Ben heard the door to the cells open and quickly sat down, running his hand over his face and trying to smooth out his smile. Max Carter turned around and locked the door leading from the cells, a bruise on his cheek just starting to show.

"Right, have you found out who she is yet?" Max asked approaching Ben.

"No Serge, I was waiting for you." In truth Ben hadn't been waiting for anything but he had been so busy laughing he couldn't do anything else. When the white powder had fallen on the floor, Max had bent down to pick it up, and the woman had tried to make a run for it. Max had grabbed her quickly and, as she was trying to escape, she threw her elbows out and whacked him one in the face. She had apologized about 1000 times but Max had sent her to the cells for the night to calm her down and decide what he wanted to do with her. He wasn't sure weather or not he was going to press charges or if he'd just let her off - it had been an accident after all.

"Hand her wallet over then, it should have some ID inside." Ben passed it over and Max flipped open the gold catch and tipped the contents onto the counter in front of him.

"So we've got; 21p, some bits of tissue and a plain silver ring." He signed and zipped open the back bit.

"And in here we've got." he fished inside and with drew a small photo, one that looked like it had been taken in a photo booth. The photo was creased and it showed two girls - one in their early teens, one in their late. Both girls had shiny red hair and were laughing up at the camera. Max peered closer at the photo and Ben noticed his frown increasing. Max placed the photo on the counter and turned it towards Ben.

"Who does that look like to you?" He asked. Ben bent closer over the photo and his gaze turned to one of shock.

"Well that's out girl in the cell right there, only slightly younger. And the other girl…well that looks like Millie." Ben glanced up at Max's face to see the DS nodding.

"I think she should call PC Brown don't you?" Max was smirking. What with no ID being found in the wallet, he had thought maybe they would be stuck, but now it seemed that she had a link to Millie. Ben glanced at the phone and wondered if Max knew what the date was. Then he deduced that even if he did know he probably didn't care.

"Call me when she's arrived wont you? And don't tell her what we need her for." He pulled open the door that lead back up to his office and bounded upstairs, a small smile on his face. He wondered briefly if the happy mood he now found himself in had something to do with the fact that he would be seeing Millie shortly - but he dismissed it as he stepped through the door into his working offices. Lucky for him it was late and apart from Jo Masters there was no one in the main offices. She raised an eye at his bruised cheek but turned back to her computer - she was feeling tired and she didn't fancy dealing with him this late at night - or early in the morning, or in the afternoon if she was being frank. She was working on a drugs case but getting nowhere fast. Sneaking a glance at her computer she shut it down and rubbed her eyes. Nodding good bye to Max she picked up her bag and went down to the front office.

As soon as the doors opened, Ben hurriedly picked up the phone and stated dialling Millie's number. When he saw it was Jo he considered putting the phone down, but decided now he'd started he may as well finish.

"Hello?" Millie's voice came down the phone sounding tired as though she'd just been woken. Ben felt bad but he had to get on with the job - after all if she was friendly with this woman in the cells she might want to know about it.

"Hey Millie, it's Ben."

"Ben? Aren't you supposed to be working tonight? Or are things quite and you just fancied a chat?" Her voice was warming up now, and he could almost image her smiling.

"Look, Mills something has come up and we need you to come down to the station." All was quite on the other end of the phone. "Millie. Mills?"

"Yeah I'm here, sorry. I was just grabbing my car keys. I was going out of my mind with boredom thank god you called. I'll see you soon, yeah?" The phone went dead and Ben signed. He doubted she'd be thanking him when she found out why she'd been called down to the station.