Finland merely stood, soapy sponge held against a dirty plate midwash and boiling water burning his skin, not that he noticed. Finland was much too busy staring at Sweden and the little boy in the doorway (the child's name being Sealand, if he was not mistaken).

"Su-san...who is that?" Sweden glanced down at Sealand for the first time since they came in the house (as if he didn't know he was there, the jerk).

"Th's S'l'nd. I b'ght 'm off th' 'nern't."

Finland paled. "B-bought him?!" Sweden offered a grunt in response, leaving Finland to stew in his confusion and suspicion.

Sweden was...replacing him? With England's clone? The very nerve...!

"Su-san, what were you thinking?? You're replacing me because I don't want to be your wife? I can still love you even if you're not my husband! Surely a prostitute wouldn--"

"S'our n'w son."


"Y'seem l'ke y'feel l'n'ly w'th j'st us two h're, so I'th'ght we c'uld 've ch'ldr'n." Sweden offered a small shrug as if to end his statement.

"That means you're my new mama, Finland!"

"Our own child...?" He couldn't help the stupified expression that fell onto his face, quickly shocked back to reality by taking note of his scalding hands, Finland retracting them with a yelp of pain.

Sealand scurried to Finland's side, standing on the tips of his toes in order to turn the faucet off. "Be careful! Mama's sure careless, huh, Papa?"

"I-I'm not Su-san's wife!"

Thus, the parenthood of Sweden and Finland begins.