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It was a time in my life in which everything was simple.

Everything in black and white, no gray areas anywhere.

Everything was yes and no, arguments were argued and then all was forgiven.

In this time, you think your parents are immortal, that the world is white and gold, and everyone is well and good.

It would be a relief to go back to that time.

But unfortunately, we can't get back our childhood innocence. You see now that there are no white and black.

Everything is gray.

The gray is everywhere, seeping through the keyhole, under the cracks, where you are trembling in your room, screaming while having a nightmare.

You now see that the world is a horrid place.

The colors of the world are the hideous gray and black.

You can never go back now…

You know too much about the world for your own good.

I learned it sooner than everyone else.

By that Edward Cullen.

I do wish that my parents had told me about this kind of school, middle school

Everyone makes it a sport to ridicule everyone else.

Of course I was a prime target.

With frizzy hair, acne, glasses, and braces, and with no self esteem, I was an easy target.

You try to be the only one in the school that already hit puberty!

I remember the day I lost it like it was yesterday…


Emmett and I walked to school.

At least now with my brother here, nobody tried to eat me.

I knew that would change when we got to class.

I don't know why they did it.

They of course meaning Rosalie, Edward, Lauren, Tanya, and Jessica.

Also Mike, Austin, and Tyler.

The King and Queen (even if they weren't dating,) and the school sluts.

Emmett being in the year above me knew that someone was bothering me, but didn't know who would do such a thing.

"Well, isn't it Smella?"

I stiffened. I knew that voice. It belonged to my hell on earth.

"Eddie," another girl whined nasally.

Lauren. How I hate her.

"Move out of the way!" Tanya said.

The slut.

They pushed me into the lockers.

I fell, and all of my books scattered to the ground.

I looked up, and saw Edward sneering at me.

He dropped a book, and then all I saw was blackness.

~Flashback Ends~

What had happened was that the books had knocked me out.

This is not the only things that happened to me.

They kicked me, pushed me, taunted me, everything!

It doesn't make sense anymore, does it?

After a while, you think it really is your fault. If it wasn't, why would they pick you? Is it something you did?

What did you do wrong?

I then went home.

I had to get out of here, they were ruining my life!

I told my dad and brother, packed my bags, and lived with my mom.

She gave me some shampoo that cured the frizzyness.

Also some face wash for the acne.

I had contacts, and I took the braces off.

Then of course, my mother wanted me to have an education.

She brought me to Spain.

I was in a boys and girls boarding school, but through a mistake in the records, my roommates were guys.

Jose and Juan.

Two brothers.

Two of my new brothers. And sisters. My brothers and sisters are Laurent, James, Felix,Victoria, Aro, Caius, Marcus, Alec, Demetri, Jane, Jose, and Juan.

They are the kings of the school.

Now, I am right up there with them!

You have to be at your peak physical condition, you might be subjected to attacks of paintball or otherwise.

I was moved at the end of the year, but they still were my best friends.

Now, as I am on the plane to Forks, I look at all the men blatantly ogling me.

I'm used to it, being the international model Clementine Assez.

I'm completely different. I ride motorcycles, I eat what I like, I'm pretty, I have great hair.

I even have a pretty good fashion sense, due to all of the stylists that have been prodding me over the year.

Edward Cullen won't know what hit him.

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"Bella? Bella Swan?" I heard someone say.

I turned around, and saw a police uniform looking through the crowds.

I started walking towards him.

He hadn't noticed me yet!

I touched his shoulder, and he whirled around, automatically putting his hand on his gun.

He relaxed. Thank god.

"Hello. Do you need something?" He asked, looking at me with curious eyes.

What the he double toothpicks?


My daddy doesn't recognize me.

I barked a short laugh.

"Are you Mr. Swan? Hi. Bella needs some help with her bags, could you come to the luggage please?" I said, enjoying this immensely.

"Oh. Of course!" He said, looking over at the luggage thing-ma-bobs.

I followed him over there and he looked at the luggage and put it in the little cart.

Then he started looking for his daughter.

I said, "Wow, thanks daddy! I was really worried I wasn't going to be able to lift it up!"

He looked at me, then at the luggage and then at me again.

I started to laugh.

Sorry, it was just really funny!

He looked almost like a turtle, peering at me.

A turtle?

Well, that's what happens when your cold.

Which I really am.

"Bella?" He asked, stunned.

"Yep." I said, popping the p.

"Is that really you?" He asked.

"Uh-huh. It's really me."