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Bella POV

I strode into the cafeteria, where a hush suddenly descended on the students. To them, I am a new badass girl. I came from Spain, and I take no crap from anyone.

None- most, don't know that I actually came back from Spain. They don't recognize me, whether or not they never have seen me, or were transferred here.

The ones that do know me, well, the wounds run deep.

Which is why I'm here now, striding to the table of several teenagers, the others in the cafe whispering. Not really doing a bang-up job of it either.

The people at the table were Tanya, Edward, Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, Tyler, Mike, Lauren, and Jessica.

Also two other teens, a boy and a girl.

A couple of them I assumed, because they looked nothing like they used to.

I can't believe that popular is a status symbol here in the states. I can't wait until the year is over.

To a real place.

"Hey, what's up?" Rosalie said, noticing me. They all were looking at me awestruck, but I'm sort of used to it by now.

I'm sorry if I seem a little egotistical. I just am used at people looking at me weirdly.

"Nothing much, scooch over." I replied, and Rose scooted so that I could sit down.

"Um... I don't believe we have had the very great pleasure?" Tyler (I assumed), said, leering slightly at me.

"My name is Bella." I said simply, raising my eyebrow at him in disdain.

"Bella means beautiful in Italian, doesn't it?" Edward said, grinning his apparent, erm, swoon-smile? Dazzling? I do not know, but it had no effect on me.

"Si, che cosa, pensi che questo ti aiutera a entrare nei miei pantaloni?" I said to him in Italian. (Yes, what, do you think that that will help you get into my pants?)

Rosalie snickered.

"Oh, you speak different languages Bella?" Alice asked me. "What?"

"I speak French, Spanish, and Italian. My boarding school was majorly concerned with international relations." I said, grinning at her.

"Oh. Cool. Which period do you have Spanish?" Alice responded, looking inquisitively towards me.

"I have it 6th period." I said, when I saw her vibrate. I guess she has it 6th period also.

"I have it 6th period too!"

Told you so.

"Actually," Rose said, looking almost as excited as Alice did, "Most of us have Spanish then. Emmett, me, Edward, Tanya, Alice, and Jasper all have it. I wonder if when you're with us we'll win the contest."

"What contest?" I asked, intrigued.

"Every year," Edward interrupted, leering at me, "We have a contest in the Senior Spanish classes. One out of the four classes go to a place that speaks Spanish."

"Basically," Rosalie said, looking angrily in Edward's direction, "The people in the classroom chooses a person to represent them. Then they have a Spanish test. The representative that does the best has their class do a test. Then each person competes in the class. They do four tests- reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Then they pick six people that did the best in that class, and they choose a place to go, which they go for a week. The representative goes also, but he/she doesn't count in the six people."

"Oh. So um... You can like, order food in Spanish? When you go to Spanish class?" Jessica said stupidly, finally getting into the conversation.

I decided that that was probably the most stupid thing I've ever heard from a person in my entire life, and that includes the stupid pick-up line that totally were picked up from the internet.

I mean, 'Like diarrhea, my love for you can't be kept in!'

Usually Jose and Juan will intimidate or humilate the person that says that, but they were laughing so hard they couldn't.

"Wow." I heard Emmett say softly. I agreed. That someone could actually be that stupid was amazing to me also. Must be them chemicals in her hair.

"Yeah. In Spain, France, Italy, all of those." I said, looking at her weird.

Ditzy girl.

After that little random thing, my mind was whirring with the new information. If I could win that, I could surprise my friends! They could help me have revenge...

Everyone was tapering off in to their own little conversations, when I heard Edward talk.

"If I was in Spain, no girl could resist me," Edward was boasting to Tyler.

"Actually," I said, which caused everyone to look up at me with the deer-in-the-headlights expression. "I lived in Spain, penny-boy."

"Edward." Penny-boy said.

"I care why?" I said, looking at him, continuing my tale. "I lived at a boarding school. The guys there were, um, how do I explain it? Well, penny-boy, you couldn't hold a candle to them."

And the guys were left speechless, thinking on how hot they must be. It's good to have a little humility once in a while.

As I pretended to text some friends, I heard the all the guys except Emmett, Jasper, and the unnamed teen start to whisper.

"She is so hot." Edward said. "Dibs."

"Dude, you can't dibs her! She already rejected you! Kind of. We should all be able to have a chance." Mike said.

"I know she likes me," Tyler said cockily. "I'll go ask her to prom, and I'll bet she'll say yes. She wants me."

"Yeah right." Mike scoffed, openly declaring he didn't think that Tyler was good enough to keep my attention. "She'll shoot you down, man."

"How about a little bet then?" Edward said, looking greedily at me. "The first person to go out, or more, with Bella, not including you making her kiss you, she has to want it, will get fifty dollars from the other two. Deal?"

Both of the guys said deal quickly.

"I'm still asking her to prom, and then I'll be ahead one hundred dollars to use." Tyler cackled, still under the delusion that I wanted him.

"Sure. Go ask her now if you are so sure." Edward said, goading him.

"I will." Tyler said, and he went around the table.

"So, Bella," Tyler said, leering at me. "Want to go to prom?"

"Nope." I said, leaving it as that.

"Um..." He said, looking honestly surprised. "Why?"

"You're not my type." I said. "And you seem like a type to use and drop girls. As do the other two of the three stooges over there. Especially penny-boy. When you do bets from now on, make sure that the person who the bet is about isn't actually in hearing range. Bye."

And I turned away, capturing Rosalie in to a conversation.

"Rose, have you heard of the Spain boxing championships?" I asked, trailing away.

"So, I don't believe we've been acquainted." I said, looking over the table after I said some inconsequential nothings to Rose.

Or they haven't been acquainted to me.

"Oh, yeah." Alice and Rosalie said at the same time. They looked at each other, scowled, and laughed.

"Okay, so that is Angela and Ben," Rose said, pointing to the two people I didn't know before. They looked nicer than a lot of the people here, and I smiled at them.

"Alice and Jasper," I smiled at them again, waving.

"Edward, Tyler, Mike, Tanya, Jessica, and Lauren." I nodded at them, noting the lustful gazes of the guys and the jealous ones of the girls.

"Of course me, and you know Emmett, duh." Rosalie finished.

"And how would she know them?" Lauren whined.

"Well…" Rosalie said, sounding unsure.

"Of course I would know my own brother and his girlfriend!" I said, laughing. The whole cafeteria looked up at me as my table gasped.

"I think a lot of you people know me," I said to the cafeteria at large. "My name is Bella. Bella Swan. I think that most of us are already acquainted, wouldn't you say so Edward, Tanya, Mike, Lauren, Jessica,Tyler?"

I laughed at the horrorstruck gazes at their faces, got up, and started lecturing them.

"And must I say, I think you all are the same sluts and man-whores I remember! I don't even think I could touch any of you guys without a full battery of antibiotics."

The people laughed, as did Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, and Emmett. Emmett also boomed, "Go little sis!", so I guess I have his approval.

"You guys need to be knocked off your pedestal. You are mean, boring, stupid people that are cruel and don't care about anyone besides yourselves. I came from a place far from here, and they wouldn't care that someone got into someone else's pants here. You guys are insignificant specks, and you need to stop thinking you are God's gift to man. Nobody cares, or can you not get that through your thick skulls?"

And I walked away, towards my next class.

I don't think that it was any braver than what people usually said, but I could hear the applause booming through the cafeteria ten minutes after I said my speech.

I'm pretty good at biology. You'd think that I'm an airhead model, but I think I'm pretty smart. I'd have to be to last in boarding school.

I sat down at one of the black two-seater desks, sighing as I noticed that no one I was friendly with was in this class.

The teacher had looked at my sheet, signed it, and grunted to me that I needed to sit over there.

I sat at one, and it seemed as if I was the only one without a partner. That's fine with me.

And then he came in.

Edward. Cullen.

I scooted farther away from him and his lecherous gaze, looking away as I turned towards the board.

He smirked, as I saw from the corner of my eye, and scooted closer to me.

I swear that he is the most ignorant person I have ever had the punishment of gazing upon!

I stared straight ahead.

By this point, I could almost see steam coming out of my ears.

And then he touched me.

Rubbing circles on my knee, as if he owned me!

I sucked in a surprised and angry breath, but he seemed to think it was appreciation.

I smiled at him, raised my fist, and punched him in the crotch.

He immediately turned white, with blotchy red spots on his cheeks, made the most horrible screaming or whimpering noise, and fell out of his chair.

The teacher stopped his lecture, looking at Edward with concern. "Edward, are you alright?"

"Fine-sir." Edward finally gasped, and lifted himself back into his chair, facing away from me and cupping his crotch.

I grinned, my hair as a shield from his gaze.

As the bell rang, I saw him looking over at me reproachfully, trying to see why I had done that.

'Patience is a virtue Cullen.' I thought to myself, smirking as he wobbled out of the room, making occasional whimpering sounds. 'And I always win.'

After getting my materials for Spanish, I walked towards the class.

"Hey Bella!" Alice said, dragging Jasper along as she came over to me. "Let's walk to Spanish together!"

"Okay," I shrugged, and went back to walking. "It's your choice."

As she tapered into talking about random things. She mentioned my dress, class work, her perverted cousin, scissors, and nail polish in one conversation.

"Yeah," I said, looking at her bopping along clutching Jasper's arm. "Yeah, that's cool. Oh look, the classroom!" That's the end of that conversation… Thank the lord.

"I love music! I like to sing, but my favorite instrument is the flute." I said to Rose as we went to music.

I play that and the piccolo when I'm modeling at special events. It's another of Clementine's trademarks, along with the motorcycle.

"Hello, Bella!" Said the teacher, and I started. It was Laurie!

"You teach music too?" I asked her, thinking of all the extra work that must have caused.

"Yeah. I like it, because art and music go hand in hand in the grand scheme of things." She said.

She reminds me of Renee, but I guess that's a good thing.

"Hello class!" Laurie chirped, and everyone went into their seats from doing their previous activities. (*Cough* Tanya shoving her goods into Edward's face *Cough*)

"Today, the singers will be testing their ranges, and we will talk about the school musical." Laurie continued, soliciting a groan from me.

A lot of people have tried to get me to sing in musicals, but none have prevailed.

I'm just too stubborn to willingly admit that I wanted to do it once, but was really too busy to even think about it.

Between school, homework, modeling, and everything else, it's really a wonder that I get anything done!

I'm sorry, I'm sounding very cocky again aren't I? I try not to, but I've just gotten used to thinking like that every once in a while. And girls need to have some healthy self-respect.

"So, Alex… Let's test your range, shall we?" Laurie said, drawing my attention towards the singers.

You don't remember me, but I remember you,

I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you…

But you can't decide what you dream, and dream I do…

Dream, no. Nightmares, yes. Wait, is that my phone?

"One moment, I have to take this." I said, getting up.

"Just sit down, we don't think it is rude!" Rose says.

I shrugged and sat back down again, answering the phone.

"¿Por qué cambiar mi tono de llamada?" (Why did you change my ringtone?) I asked, annoyed.

She seems to enjoy changing the ringtones on my phone. I can't believe that she made Evanescence's Taking Over Me her ringtone!

She thinks I'll forget about all of the little people now that I'm here in the states.

"Hey, ¿cómo estás? Y es sólo demasiado divertido no." (Hey, how are you? And it's just way too fun not to.) Pia Johanna said.

I could just imagine her tossing her dishwater-blonde hair over her shoulder, smile crinkling her midnight-blue eyes.

"Estoy totalmente aburrido Pia. No hay nada que hacer en este pueblo estúpido." (I'm totally bored Pia. There is nothing to do in this stupid town.) I groaned to her.

Pia is 6'1, and she is one of the models I frequently work with. On the runway she's my favorite, but my friends in boarding school are always helping me on the runway and off.

"¿Por qué incluso volver? Quiero decir, no lo odio." (Why did you even go back? I mean, you hate it there.) Pia said, the tone of her voice inquisitive.

"Quería pasar más tiempo con Charlie y Emmett. Cuando voy a la universidad en España, no sé cuando voy a hacerlo de nuevo ." (I wanted to spend time with Charlie and Emmett. When I go to college in Spain, I don't know when I'll make it back.) I told her, knowing it is true.

"Así que ... Kailah es , por supuesto, la celebración que se había ido." (So... Kailah is of course celebrating you being gone.) Pia said, snickering.

"Ella? Con su auto de plástico , yo no sé si tiene suficientes células del cerebro para averiguar que había desaparecido!" (Her? With her plastic self, I didn't know if she has enough brain cells to figure out I was gone!) I snorted.

It was true though, Kailah made the airhead model stereotype. Blonde, plastic, and fake smile reminisce of the early Barbie, she is one of the most stupid people I know. Not Jessica though.

"Sí . Ella está tratando de mandar a todo el mundo , es una especie de gracioso. Nadie presta atención a ella en absoluto." (Yeah. She's trying to boss everyone around, it's sort of funny. Nobody pays any attention to her at all.)

"What Cullen?" I snarled, jerking my arm away with, as it must seem to him, surprising force. "It's not like I changed. Sólo la manera en que veo , usted segura de sí misma , arrogante , maliciosa imbecile!" (Just the way I look, you self confident, arrogant, malicious asshole.)

Rosalie snickered behind me, reminding me that she knows Spanish.

"But you have changed, hot stuff." He tried to purr at me. "You…"

I didn't hear the rest of it, because when he hit my butt, I kneed him in the balls.

When he was doubled over, groaning, I decked him.

He spun around twice and fell on the floor, rolling around and squealing, like a little girl.

And I didn't put my best boxing moves out.

Self-centered, malicious, jackass, I thought when people swarmed him.

"What the…" I heard a voice bellow. "Cullen, Swan, what happened here?"

I looked and saw a balding middle-aged teacher look at me and him. I started forcing fake tears out of my eyes.

"Mr. Hatrick," I sobbed, looking pleadingly at the teacher, who seemed scared at my tears. "I turned around and he slapped m-m-my butt. I reacted in self-defense, he sexually assaulted me!" I bawled, leaning in to Rose's should while she shook with badly suppressed laughter.

"Its true sir," Rose said earnestly. "I was here the whole time. He made lewd remarks and made us both really uncomfortable."

"Cullen!" The teacher said, looking red in the face. "Principal's office, now!"

"You should know Cullen," I purred, standing over him. I stalked away, glancing over my shoulder. "I always win."

Homeroom- English D23
History A94
Math B75
Art ARoom1
Biology C18
Spanish D54
Music MRoom8
Gym Gymnasium

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